73.41% He's The One™ / Chapter 58: Zac and Naomi

Chapter 58: Zac and Naomi

Zac and Naomi helped around the office for a while. Naomi had Alexa set up to sleep on the couch in Alex's office. Most of the staff cleared out for the night, Naomi and Zac sat in the breakroom that was just down the hall from Alex's office. Naomi looked at Zac and smiled softly, "Thank you for helping out with everything." Zac shifted in his seat, adjusting his glasses, before taking a sip of his coffee. "You don't have to thank me. I was happy to help. Kaia is the only one to make Alex smile, Not a fake smile either. A real smile, the one that makes the dimple appear on his cheek," He explained as he sat his cup down on the table.

Zac looked at Naomi and took a deep breath. "Kaia is good for him, just like I think you are good for me, "He mentioned averting his eyes as a slight blush appeared on his face. Naomi blushed quickly swallowing her coffee before she even had the chance for her body to try to shoot it out of her nose. Naomi cleared her throat, "A--are you saying what I think you are saying?" Zac smiled and rubbed his chin lightly before sitting up taking Naomi's coffee cup from her hands. He gently set it down on the table before taking her hand into his. "Naomi, It would be a great honor, if you would allow me to court you," Zac said firmly yet elegantly.

Naomi blushed from the skin contact. She looked at Zac nervously, knowing it had to do with the kiss from earlier that night. Naomi nibbled on her bottom lip lightly as she grinned at his statement. Naomi couldn't help but let out a small giggle, "No Zac. You cannot court me." Naomi said watching his facial expression go from happy to stunned. It was almost painful to watch.

Grinning ear to ear, Naomi leaned forward placing a soft kiss on his cheek. "You cannot court me, but you can date me." She let snickered, seeing his face light back up. Zac smiled and lifted his hand to caress her cheek lightly. "Do you remember when we first met?" He asked smiling.

Naomi smiled placing her hand over his, leaning into his touch, "Of course I do. I was taking some papers to Kaia at the villa, and you were picking up Alex for work."


Years Earlier

Naomi sat in Kaia's chair at her desk pulling out papers that she needed. Kaia was taking time off for her illness and called Naomi the night before. She needed to bring some documents to her. Naomi pulled out ten more files that contained company analytics and carefully stuffed them into her suitcase.

Naomi let the office and got into her car. She was about to pull out of her parking space when her phone sounded. Looking down, Naomi put her vehicle in park picking up the phone." Hello," She called out as she connected her phone to her car via Bluetooth. She left the company parking lot and made her way to Alex's villa.

The voice on the other line began to speak. "Naomi, this is Mr. Crestfall. Is Kaia in? She's not answering her phone," His voice was deep and husky. He let out a few coughs before saying 'sorry' as he waited for an answer. Naomi watched the road as she spoke," Mr. Crestfall. Kaia is taking a few sick days. She's planning to work from home. I don't know why she hasn't, but I will definitely let her know that you called." The voice on the other lined cleared his throat."Alright, Thanks," was all he said before hanging up.

Letting out a sigh, Naomi entered the villa after the extensive security procedures. Good thing Kaia put her on the list earlier. Naomi drove up the road stopping right before the house, a car blocking the driveway. Naomi waited for a second then frowned. She pushed her car door open walking over to the black car that blocked the path. Naomi knocked on the window, slightly aggravated. "You're blocking the driveway! I need to get in," She said looking around. She couldn't see a thing through the tinted windows.

Zac watched her walk up to the car. The first thing that popped into his mind was that she was adorable. Zac smirked with a small chuckled before putting on a serious face and pushing the button to roll down the window. He looked at Naomi adjusting his glasses. "I'm sorry, I'm waiting for Mr. Sabor," He said elegantly and calmly. Naomi glared at him, "I'm pretty sure you saw me there." She turned to point at her car. "I don't care if you wait for him just pull up so I can get into the driveway," She sternly stated seeing Zac's lip twitch upward as he suppressed a smile.

Naomi glared at him once more before stomping off to her car. Zac rolled up his window and slowly moved the car up a bit. His eyes stayed on Naomi as she parked her car. Naomi walked up to the door of the villa. Just before she was going to knock, she turned to look back at Zac's car. Naomi her index finger and middle finger pointing them at her eyes than to him, it was her way of saying that she was watching him. After, she turned to knock on the door with a huff.

After sitting there for a few more minutes, Zac stepped out opening the door letting Alex slide into the back seat. He slowly returned to the front seat and took off to the company. Zac looked at Alex through the rearview mirror. "Who was that?" He asked with his brow raised. Alex looked up from a few documents he had in hand. "Who? Oh! You must've met Naomi, She's Kaia's assistant over at Crestfall Industries. We all went to high school together as well," He explained his eyes going back to his paperwork.

Zac grinned, "She's pretty cute. Apparently, she's watching me too." Alex looked up at Zac and tilted his head, with a look that asked why was he talking. Zac turned and looked ahead pressing his lips together as he drove.


Weeks after Kaia's "death."

It was Naomi's first day at Sabor Sights. Zac was waiting for it, more then what he should have been. Zac stood in the break room sipping on his coffee. He looked up seeing Naomi pass by the door, heading to Alex's office. Zac slipped out of the door walking up with an extra cup of coffee. He nudged her lightly before holding out the cup. "Welcome aboard team Sabor," He said with a soft smile. Naomi stopped and looked up at Zac then over to the coffee he held out. Naomi took the coffee in her hand and smiled," Thanks, Zac."

Naomi and Zac hit it off as friends quickly. They were around each other always, so it naturally took place. One night after work was let out. Naomi sat in the break room going through some documents that she gathered for Kaia. She didn't trust taking them home, she was paranoid with Rose there.

Zac finished putting away some papers in Alex's office, letting out a sigh. He grabbed his jacket and scarf in one hand and a file of documents to take to Alex, who was having his breakdown because of Kaia. Zac ran a hand through his hair as he walked down the hall. He stopped seeing the breakroom light on. He calmly walked up to the door frame leaning on it lightly, watching Naomi work away. He tilted his head then checked his watch," Naomi? Why are you still here?" He asked walking into the room

Naomi quickly looked up from her papers and promptly shut the folder. A look of being caught on her face. "I was finishing some stuff up. It's not for the company, but for a friend. I'm sorry. I'll go," she said quickly standing up grabbing her files. Zac shook his head putting his coat down. "It's ok," He went to the coffee pot making himself a cup of coffee before looking at her. "Do you want some?"He asked waving the pot in the air.

With a smile, Naomi lifted up her cup letting him pour her some. "Thank you, " Naomi bit her lip lightly. She had to pretend Kaia was dead. A friend would be devastated. Naomi looked down gently holding the cup, getting into a dark place. "After Kaia passed, it's hard to go home... We have so many memories there," She looked up at Zac who frowned lightly. Zac set his cup down on the table before surprising Naomi by pulling her into a hug. Naomi blushed deep red, her body stiff.

It was nice. Zac's touch was very nice. She hadn't been held since her husband decided to split. Naomi bit her lip lightly, "T... thank you. I should go, I need to get home to rose."She said moving away from him. Yes, his touch was nice, but it also frightened her. The one person she actually trusted and held her for so long, ended up leaving her for someone else. She didn't know how to take affection anymore. She didn't date or try to. She only took care of Rose.

Zac looked at her and nodded. "Alright, If you ever do need someone. I am here. For both you and Rose, Don't be afraid to ask," He said gathering his things again. "I have to take these documents to Alex. Be careful on your way home... " he waved lightly and left.

Naomi didn't know what to say. Zac was so kind to her even after he learned she had a daughter. Most guys would run if they found out a girl had a kid. Naomi blushed as she thought to herself. She took a deep breath and gathered her things heading out after she placed her documents in her office, in her safe.


Even after Alexa came into the picture. Zac helped when possible. He picked Rose up from school sometimes and also helped Naomi with Alexa. That was when Naomi overall came to the conclusion that she liked Zac. A lot.

IluvbloodNcookies IluvbloodNcookies

I hope you enjoy it. I figured I would give Zac and Naomi their spotlight. They will get more don't worry. This is just how things happened <3 hehehe

^_^ Thank you for your continuous support!

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