90% Rebirth of the System Creator / Chapter 18: THE PRINCIPAL


"Arav, come here and solve this question.", Mukesh practically shouted in his irritation.


'Can you be any more unreasonable.', Arav gritted his teeth in indignation and walked up to the board. As Mukesh saw Arav coming towards him, he felt even more irritated. He wanted nothing more than to slap the shit out of this exotic guy.

Just as he thought of this, his expression grew ugly. He quickly circulated his essence energy inside his body, especially the head region and he started feeling calm. When he saw his energy circulation effective his expression grew grim.

He looked towards Arav again and the uneasy feeling crept inside him once again. Mukesh's brows furrowed and he sent his essence energy towards Arav.

Arav could, of course, feel a thin line of essence energy moving towards him but he didn't care. He was busy with the question in front of him.

"Solve: what is the value of cos67°?"

Arav was speechless when he saw the question on the board.

'What the hell is this?'

And at this moment the thin line of energy touched him. Arav remained calm whereas Mukesh's expression turned pale.

Mukesh felt his vision change and saw a feral-like demon watching him closely. Its crimson eyes, saliva dripping mouth and those long horns chilled Mukesh's heart. He quickly called up his cultivation base and wiped away the illusion. He looked towards Arav with some uncertainty.

Arav too looked back at him with a cold face. 'Hell, is this a question for a six-year-old?', Mukesh misunderstood this face as something he did. He just smiled awkwardly,

"Hahaha, Why don't you go back to your seat. I think this question is a little advanced for you."


Arav's expression became even more ugly as he made his way to his desk.

"Oh, one more thing Arav. Come and meet me after this class."

"But sir, I have my club activities.", Mukesh smiled lightly,

"Don't worry about that."


Arav went to Mukesh's office with him with an uncertain expression on his face. After they entered the office, Mukesh locked the door behind them and sat in front of Arav.

"So, you probably know about the Cultivators by now right?"

"Yes, Instructor Rinkal once changed himself into a bear to demonstrate his cultivation.", Mukesh nodded inside his head. Only that brute will think of such a direct method to introduce cultivation o the kids.

"I recall that you were present during the cultivation ceremony too, right?"

Arav nodded, "Yes sir."

"Look Arav, the ceremony is performed to check the talent or affinity of a person towards cultivation. This ceremony is performed at the age of eleven because most of the the children would have already awakened their talents by now. If someone still hasn't awakened himself then he wouldn't be able to achieve much in the path of Cultivation even if he awakens later.", Mukesh took a pause to let Arav digest this information first.

Seeing that Arav didn't have a confused expression, he continued, " There are also many exceptions to this case. A young child can have an enormous talent in cultivation before reaching the age of eleven. These children are specially nurtured by the sects that fund these cultivation school. Do you understand where I am going with this?"

Arav took all the information and processed it quickly. 'So, there are many others who can enter the cultivation world being even younger than me.'

"I think so.", Arav continued, "You mean to say that I am one of the children who have a talent for cultivation before the age of eleven?"

Mukesh nodded, "But to actually determine it, we have to check your talent on the potential scale."

Arav nodded, he remembered that big translucent slab of stone.

"Alright let's go."

They then took off towards the school auditorium. When they entered the auditorium Arav was astonished, he saw a person sitting onto the front row and play video games on a giant Holographic T.V. The size the T.V. was as big as the auditorium itself.

Mukesh wryly smiled and introduced,

"Arav, let me introduce you to the principal of this school."

Author's Thoughts

RebirthDao RebirthDao

Sorry for a little short chapter. But this chapter is supposed to contribute to world building and introduction of a new character

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