100% Even If Heavens Divide! / Chapter 32: Case of Wei Chin 1

Chapter 32: Case of Wei Chin 1

The person ran through the alley, his qigong allowing him to strafe with ease. I followed him behind while running across walls. The man was tall and stocky. His muscles were firm, the dagger that I threw at him was lodged in his left forearm but he didn't mind it. His pace was fast as we crossed the building-lined alley. He stomped his feet, he spun and launched an attack on me. His Qi rumbled and thundered as it tried to push me away. There was no need to intercept it so I gathered strength in my legs and leaped up. I cast the spell mold earth on the wall and used it as a foothold to pounce at the enemy.

He sprinted with his qigong, growling like a tiger. He was leaving blood droppings everywhere so it was easy to follow him. His scent was so strong that it was rather easy to follow him through the alleys without a problem. The man that I am chasing was a rogue cultivator who killed an auspicious man. The man killed two merchants and ten soldiers within the month. I was told to find and either drag this man or decapitate him and bring his head to the constable office.

The man ran out of the alley and leap down the river. His qigong allowed him to sail through the river like a sailboat. I didn't follow him down and I just race through the streets while keeping an eye on the bounty. He was trying to lose me through the curves and tunnels. The blood trail and the ripple he leaves behind betrayed him. I followed him throughout the entire river canal until we reach the middle of the city. He was running out of Qi while I was maintaining mine to confront him.

He stopped his tracks and drew his shortsword, his Qi rumbled and gathered inside his dantian. He was aiming for my heart, his eyes that of hawk that was about to snatch his prey's life. I pressed my palms together and cast mold earth around my body. The weight that formed around my body allowed me to dive down the water. His Qi was a like sharp blade that split the water apart as it went past my head.

I swam to where he was standing and grabbed his shin. I pulled him down the water and strike him in the liver. This stunned him enough to allow me to raise my body out of the water and handstand on him. I cast the spell shocking grasp and electrocuted him. His body quivered and his eyed rolled back as he steadily floats up. I gathered Qi on my heels and grab the man's collar. I leap out of the river and put him down. I was soaked to the bones. I tried to heat up my clothes with my Qi but it was useless.

The people were looking at my direction. Their eyes glued to the unconscious man and the soaked me. I didn't enjoy the attention so I put the man on my shoulders and carried him to the constable offices.


The room was stacked with shelves of books. A square table with books piled up on top. There was also an ink stone that was near a cup with a feather pen. A long-haired man was writing on a scroll, his left hand pushing his cheek. His eyes moved towards the direction where I was standing, and then it landed on the man who I was carrying.

"Stop right there!" He pushed his hands on the table. "Not a single step, Constable Song Tu. Don't you dare try to drag that man inside this place."

"Constable Tang He, I've caught Wei Chin," I declared. Constable Tang, He frowned heavily. He sidled towards me and pointed his finger out of his office. "Letting that soaked man inside a room where every document matters is an absurd thing to do."

He mumbled something as he closes his door. The corridor has wooden walls, the floor matted with sturdy wood taken from the northern mountains. Constable Tang led me down towards the dungeon where we entered this windowless room with a wooden table that has different tools use in persuading a criminal. It smelled blood and the walls were stained with dry blood.

The man named Wei Chin was strapped on a wooden chair. Constable Tang He snorted and folded his arm. He looked at Wei Chin and then back to me. "Why is he soaked in the first place?" He asked with his brows meeting. I said, "He ran on the river. Threw a sword Qi strike on my heart so I have to dive down and pull him down on the water."

"And why is he fried?" He observed.

"I electrocuted him under the water," I wheezed. He eyed me briefly before staring at Wei Chin. "Trash like him should have been killed on the spot. But we actually get some confession from this man. Good work, Constable Song, just try not to come inside the Constable Office with clothes so wet. There are many materials around the office that is valuable."

He babbled. Hus jaws tightened as he does. Wei Chin who was strapped on the wooden chair squeezed his eyes open. He scanned the room and then glared hatefully at my direction. His eyes were bloodshot and his killing intent was overwhelming.

"Brazen!" Constable Tang He's right hand met Wei Chin's right cheek. Wei Chin's head jerked sideways as he glared hatefully at him. "You are in the custody of the Constable Office! Show respect and we might be lenient on your death!" He jeered. His face turned towards me. "You can leave now, Constable. I'll call you if this trash spoke anything about his murders."

I nodded. I went out of the room. A constable passed by with scrolls tuck on his elbow and armpit. I sauntered out of the Constable Office and sat on the stone steps of the Constable Office. It has been days since Brother Zhang left with Brother Pan. My duties have increased lately and I've been chasing after criminals like a bounty hunter. Wei Chin was my target and I believe that this case wasn't simple because Commander Xiao told me to take the case.

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