100% Venture with Anime System / Chapter 8: Infamous

Chapter 8: Infamous

"What nonsense are you spouting you brat! Drop it, we need to get out of here right now!" Luan Mei said as he keeps on urging Luan Jose to go with her.

"No! I'm not going anywhere unless you tell me where you plan to bring me." But Luan Jose steeled himself, adamant in his decisions, brushing Luan Mei hands away.

"Is that 'Ball Crusher'? The one who tends to destroy men's future?" Hearing his newly found friend shouting frantically as if it met a frightening monster, Dazhu who was passionately 'hugging' LuHou turned his head just to confirm his thoughts. It's indeed a frightening monster!

"I heard it too. They say that she was very ruthless that she even had the habit of playing the balls of her victims before completely destroying them." LuHou replied completely enduring the pain he feels as if he fears that he might annoy that certain person.

"Shhhh! Quiet, the both of you! A pair of idiots who don't even know to cherish their manhood! Calling her 'Ball Crusher' is simply disrespecting her! Do you even know the word honorifics!? All of you must never forget the word that emphasizes that she's the only one! The one who had the guts, the strength, and the heart to do those things! Call her Queen Ball Crusher! Right, never forget the word 'Queen' if you still want to live a normal life. Now follow me, my brothers! Let us express our goodwill by giving our best greetings!" Gu Lao look extremely serious with this matter.

"Good day, Queen Ball Crusher!"

"Yeah, the day really seams beautiful with Queen Ball Crusher arrival!"

"I know it! Only the mightiest Queen had the power to cause this phenomenon. The first time I saw those gigantic chickens, I already know that Queen Ball Crusher will certainly go big this time!"

Luan Mei face completely turned red hearing those 'heart-touching praises'. She admits that she only focus on kicking those hoodlums' balls but not to the point of completely destroying them, at worst will be a two to four months' vacation in the hospital. What Queen Ball Crusher? She only defended herself from those perverts! Fortunately, she was literally stronger than those hoodlums, but what about those frail women? Just thinking what would happen if she's not the one who those pervert hoodlums met but some frail woman, Luan Mei unhesitatingly teach those perverts a lesson they will surely never forget in their entire life


"Hehehe, you're really awesome Aunt Mei! It looks like your name has already spread not just here in the Chao Yang district but all over the whole Beijing!" Luan Jose smirked. "You'd even been given the title Queen Ball Crusher. Haha…" Luan Jose still wants to tease Luan Mei but after seeing his Aunt 'ready to beat' face, he quickly disregarded that thought.

"If that's Queen Ball Crusher, then the one who she's talking right now is… her sidekick?"

"Oi Oi, that's not a good joke, you know?"

"Is that really him? If he's really that person then we're surely in trouble!"

"They said that he likes to act like a fool to get the attention of the people around him and once you lower your guard it was also the time to say goodbye to your future!"

"There's also a rumor that he only agree to be Queen Ball Crusher lackey to make him looks weak, truly a wolf disguising as a sheep!"

"It also said that meeting Queen Ball Crusher means being hospitalized but meeting Sidekick signifies a free ticket to Eunuch community!"

"Not just that! He doesn't even want to spare those once beaten hoodlums. One of his victims was a friend of mine. He recounted to me what he experienced, on that day they got a fight with Queen Ball Crusher and as a result, they were completely flattened out, of course with the continues searing pain from their balls. Nevertheless, it's only a matter of time before it healed. They already learned their lessons and planning to change for the good until that person came. That demon beat them all over again, tying them up even with their fresh injuries. My friend paused at that moment, I thought that it was over and that person cruelty had also its limits, but I'm wrong! At this point my friend started crying in front of me, saying that person was a demon, a devil! The more he talked, the more miserable he appeared. My whole body trembled in fright as he narrates me what he witnessed. He said that demon started kicking one of his companion balls. He stomped and stomped never stopping until it cant be recognized anymore."

"They also said that he was cruel enough that he even castrated himself!"

"I also hear that sidekick was just a fake alias of him. He had many names known to the gangs in the city, as far as I know, he was also called 'Balldozer'!"

"Also as 'Balls-eye!'"

"Ball Reaper!"

" Eunuch King!"



"Ball Wrecker!"

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"Ball n' Tear!" (Volunteer hahaha)

The whole area was filled with Luan Jose's different alias, enshrouding Luan Mei fame. Even those bystanders earlier who were only watching at the sidelines when the trio commented on Luan Mei join. As if the fame which Luan Mei built up was just a tiny speck of dust before Luan Jose.

Luan Jose choked up hearing those words. Thoroughly ashamed on himself. How the fuck he got those ill aliases? One can even tell that some were just made up names. Lies, lies, lies. Luan Jose decided to thoroughly end this fart and clean his name, Luan Jose quickly face those scandalous crowd.

"Those were not true! It's not what all of you thi-."He didn't even finished his what he wanted to say when the crowd burst in an uproar.

"It's his signature move! A wolf disguising as a sheep! Run for your balls!"



"Mommy save me!"

"No not me, im still a virgin!"

"Im married!"

"Im Devourced!"

"Im a single Dad!"

"Im gay!"

Is your civil status had an effect on protecting your manhood? And why all of you were running while covering your 'thing' down there! Alright, it's understandable for men, but why even you girls! Luan Jose cursed in his mind.

Luan Jose gazed around catching a sight of LuHou, Dazhu, Gu Lao, rooted in their place. Indeed, even a newly found friend is still a friend, after all, no matter what happened he thought. The edge of his lips curled into a smile as he slowly walks near to them, deciding to explain the truth to them first.

But to the three that smile was just a smile of a demon! The aura that person emits make them want to piss in their pants.

"Ah, I almost forgot! I still need to throw those meatballs in our ref, I also just remember that I'm a vegetarian. Goodbye guys!" LuHou who keeps on struggling to get away to Dazhu earlier instantly freed himself. Indeed it's true that one can surpass his limits in the face of danger.

Luan Jose turned to Gu Lao as the latter face suddenly paled from fear.

"Don't be afraid brother, everything they said was not true." Luan Jose said.

"Afraid? Me? Ahhhh, I'm frustrated. Right, right! I think I'm also sick. I need to go back now." Gu Lao walks away while waving his left hand above the air, while the other in his thing.

DaZhu didn't even wait for a second as he spoke. "You're indeed right brother, I'm sure the virus had spread all over my body. Ahh, the virus is acting up again I need to get back to home immediately!"

Now only he and Luan Mei who's laughing while clutching her stomach left in the area. Luan felt on the verge of crying, he was indeed infamous without a doubt.

Luan Mei doesn't want to miss the chance to strike back to Luan Jose but after remembering something, she quickly composed himself and spoke in a solemn voice. "We already wasted a lot of time. Let's go! Everything had already been arranged at the car, we need to get out of here right now!"

"Tell me what's happening first, did you offend a big gang?"

He intended to steel himself until he hears his aunt explanation, but he forgot one thing. Luan Mei was already strong before, what more being a cultivator right now.

Luan Mei decided to just drag Luan Jose along with her, explaining to this fool everything would only make things worsts.

Luan Jose felt highly nauseous while being dragged by Luan Mei. He can't help but think to himself how strong his aunt right now.

BrokeonVodka BrokeonVodka

Hello guys, I'm finally back! Sorry for the super delay chapter, because of the typhoon Domeng that struck to our place. Sigh, my father can't work for a month because of this, resulting in our family to be placed in a difficult situation.

Fortunately, a new opportunity unveil to me! I know I'm already late to join the Release that witch fanfic event but I will still try my best! Please help me by voting my entry titled "Release that Bird" I'm completely sure you will enjoy this!

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