70.45% The Idle System / Chapter 31: The Overzealous Assassin

Chapter 31: The Overzealous Assassin

On the way to the mansion, John turned Life vision on but told the system to only turn it on in his right eye's vision and the left eye's for Night vision. This disorientated him at first, it was like looking at a 3D TV without the glasses, you see the red and blue version at the same time. He was seeing the life of the person while seeing the details of the Night vision inside it, or he could see the outline of a person behind an object while his night vision just saw the object. after a few minutes he got used to it.

John looked around town, getting more comfortable with the 3D vision, and eventually arrived near one of the watch-towers around the count's mansion. He saw the whole tower as if it was daytime. It was made of wood and in the middle, behind the floor of the tower, he could see 2 guards with Life vision, they're in a sitting down position. He looked around and no one else was near this tower, so he took his boots off, put them into his storage space and reached out towards the towers leg, then used Crush Grip but only for a little, it allows him to get a good grip to climb up.

Half way up the tower, he held his breath to make as little noise as possible, with Lung Capacity level 25, he's able to hold his breath for 75 minutes, the blood cells carrying oxygen multiplies the result of this skill. John was now dangling just below the railing on the other side, his fingers ripped into the wood for better grip.

John could see what was in the tower now, there was a few monster core powered lanterns that were alight around the tower, the light was dim though, so the guards could see inside and when needed, outside too without being blinded by the darkness. There is a big bell on the other side of the tower from where John's hanging, and the two guards were playing what looked like a card game on a table in the middle.

John could see the one guards face, he's one of the targets but John can't see the guy towards his left, so he should knock him out before checking his identity.

Just as John was about to leap over the railing to get onto the tower's floor, the guard on the right stood up and walked to John's left side railing, the guard was looking over the railing trying to find something, John leapt over the railing and ran towards the left guy, grabbed the back of his neck with his left hand and used Crush Grip, while kicking his right foot towards the sitting down guard's head.

'Congratulations for getting your first Human kill with the system in place, we have given you a one time reward of 5 skill points to place anywhere you choose.'

'Congratulations for getting your first rank D monster kill with the system in place, we have given you a reward of 1 skill point to place anywhere you choose.'

'Congratulations for getting your first rank C monster kill with the system in place, we have given you a reward of 1 skill point to place anywhere you choose.'

'Congratulations for getting your first rank B monster kill with the system in place, we have given you a reward of 1 skill point to place anywhere you choose.'

John ignored the system for now and checked the ID of the guard he knocked out, one of the targets, so he crushed his wind pipe too. He got 1 day's worth of Time Pool for each of them, he couldn't believe it. That's the same time John calculated that an SSS monster would give. He's got over 150 targets to kill here, he just became even more motivated to slaughter these people now.

He first took care of all the guards on the outskirts of the mansion and in the other three towers, with his Life vision he could pick them off one by one without any mistakes.

After 20 minutes, only three people were left alive in this whole mansion. John got the maids, butlers, those 11 innocent guards and anyone else not on the hit list, to evacuate quietly.

John looked at the room where the only Life aura's were left, there were 3 people. Two people, are the count and his bodyguard, this John knew, but who's the 3rd person? He better wait and see just in case. He was hoping for someone who he can prove was with the counts criminal group, he wanted to keep killing for more time. John could see a few life signs underground through Life vision, maybe those are the girls? He'll have to go free them when he's done. Hopefully they run to the guild or somewhere that will help them.

While he was waiting he opened the system up, put all 8 skill points in Max Idlers and then put the 8 new Idlers into Blood's Capacity.

The 3rd person walked out the door soon after. John used analyser on him but only shows ??? For his name still, he doesn't recognise him either. He's got no proof, even if he had friendly talks with the count, he might be innocent so John let him go.

When John got close to the door that person just came out of, he concentrated on listening in, his 3rd Senses skill kicked in, Hearing.

"Cancel all orders and bring our people back in, we've got to shut it down." The voice sounded a bit panicky, and sounds quite low.

"Father, why should we? The 3rd Prince said that the Sider isn't anywhere strong enough to start wiping family's out yet." This stunned John, that guy was royalty, and they were talking about him too!

"Doesn't matter! We have to clean up our acts now before anyone gets wind of it and the Sider hears of it, the whole operation is being shut down, NOW!"

"Very well I'll shut it down, hopefully this Sider becomes a Demon, that way he might just join us."

"WATCH YOUR MOUTH!! No one in this whole damn world wants another Sider becoming a Demon, a Saint would just kill off our operation and family but a Demon would kill off the whole town if someone sneezed out of tune."

'Hmm, so the only difference is the amount of people Siders kill? Well, I get time for every kill, so I want to kill as many people as I can but only those who's crossed my bottom line. It's not like I'm going to go round killing off towns if a shop didn't cook a steak the way I like it.'

"What of the girls?"

"Kill them and dispose of the bodies."


'knock knock' John decided to stop them now, they might have a secret tunnel getting to the girls before him.

"Come in." This made John smile, he opened the door and ran quickly, rushing at the bodyguard whose back was facing him, but was quickly turning around to face John.

John threw a very weak left punch towards the bodyguards face, by instinct the bodyguard put both of his hands up to block him, that's when John's left punch stopped and he turned his body, his left sidekick slammed into the bodyguards stomach. The man was launched, hit the wall, but carried on, leaving a 6-foot by 3-foot hole in the wall. John double-checked the Time Pool, the time was added, no life in Life vision. So he's definitely dead.

John turned around and looked at the count. "Hello count, I'm sorry about my rude entrance but had to get rid of the idiot, so we can chat, you understand right?"

"Who are you?" The count was pale and sweating, he fell on the floor due to panic, his legs would not work, he was backing up as fast as he could by his hands. All the count could see was a black and silver mask staring at him.

"Doesn't matter, you're going to die tonight and nothing can change that, I'm just giving you a bit of time first, got any last confessions you want to get off your chest? We already know about the girls though so don't try to use them as leverage."

For the next 2 minutes John kept staring at the count, but the count didn't say anything, John sighed and picked up the count by his neck.

"Which way to the girls? I know they're underground but not the way down, if you tell me then I'll grant you a quick death."

The count pointed at a bookcase that was in the room, John dragged the count with him and tried opening the bookcase, it wouldn't budge. Slightly pissed off, John punched the bookcase and it crumbled to pieces and hit the wall to his right, a few pieces of wood lodged into the solid wall because of the speed. There were stairs behind the bookcase leading down.

John killed the count and tossed him out the window so the girls won't see a dead body up close when they come out. He went downstairs and saw 25 girls in cages, little bits of rags on them. A bit of hay as a bed in the corner of the cage and 2 bowls where food and water would go.

When John saw this for the first time, he clenched both fits tightly and a thought of destroying the kingdom suddenly crossed his mind for a split-second.

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