86.66% Supreme Shopping System / Chapter 13: Status Bar and Using and Enchanting the Mirage Snow

Chapter 13: Status Bar and Using and Enchanting the Mirage Snow

At the clouds, there was a figure sitting on it. It was a man with curly hair. It was only a shadow with the moon's light. It was a beautiful scenery. Of course, the man was Jett.

"Oh." Jett saw the Scarred Saber Master's corpse in his storage. "System, can I sell this corpse?"

[You should not.] The system replied.

"Wait, what!?" Jett was stunned at the reply of the system.

[It would come in handy in your cultivation.]

"Mhmmm..." Although Jett was skeptical, he still followed the system's advice to not sell the Scarred Saber Master's corpse.

Jett's eyes turned to the ten hulk corpses. "I remember that a mutant zombie has a blood nucleus?" Jett tried to remember the story of My MCV and Doomsday.

Jett took out one corpse of a mutant zombie and looked at it. "It should be in the heart." Jett bought a knife in the system's store called the Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife for 0.00001699. It had a black blade and a wooden handle. It looked pretty slick, and according to Google, it was one of the best knives in the world.

Subsequently, Jett tried to dig the Blood Nucleus in the chest of the zombie. Jett didn't feel flustered at all when he did that, on the contrary, his expression was extremely calm.

It was like watching a predator eating its prey, extremely gory and brutal.

Moments later, Jett found the Blood Nucleus.

Name: Blood Nucleus

Origin: Apocalyptic Zombie World

Grade: Middle Human-Grade Item

Description: A core of a mutant zombie from the Apocalyptic Zombie World. It contains an energy that can be refined to enhance a paranormal's power and an MCV's power through the Starseed. It cannot be used raw.

"Mhmmm..." Jett thought for a while but did not see where it would come in useful in his current situation. "I'll just keep these for later."

Jett then took out the mutant zombie corpses one by one, getting their Blood Nuclei each.

"System, how can I get rid of the bodies?" Jett asked.

[Delete them.]

"Oh, I... forgot about the delete function..." Jett said as he smiled mockingly to himself. "I thought I have extremely powerful memory because of the 100 Memory Base Stats, but I guess it's still not powerful enough..."

Jett willed to get the last corpse on the outside and deleted all of them. But before that, he made sure to ask something. "Can I instead sell these?"


"Eh, worth a try." Jett then finally deleted the corpses.

Jett finally noticed that his vision was different. "I did get an upgrade called 'Status Bar...'" Jett saw a health bar on his upper right corner of his vision.

It said 2,000/2,000 HP.

"I guess that a regular human's HP is 1,000?" Jett asked himself. "The Vitality Base Stat increases my HP by 100, huh?"

Jett also noticed a gray shield looking thing in the bottom right corner of his vision. There was a number inside that said 275.

"I'm guessing that's my defense..." Jett said. "I wonder why the system did not upload the information this time? Is it because it's already common knowledge?"

"I guess 100 is from my Toughness Base Stat, so...." Jett looked down on his clothes. "So I guess these clothes don't provide protection at all? That's to be expected..."

"Oh yeah, I have those robes..." Jett willed to open the information of the robes of the Scarred Saber Master.

Name: Night Wolf Fur Robes

Origin: Cultivation World

Grade: Lesser Earth-Grade Clothes

Description: A black robe that is made from the fur of the ferocious Night Wolf of the Cultivation World. It is an extremely protective clothing that can protect against any attack lower than its own grade.

Enchantments: Fire Immune Enchantment, Stain Immune Enchantment, Concealing Effect

"Woah, that's pretty awesome." Jett took it out. "This is pretty good."

Jett wore it after. It looked like a Hogwarts School Robes to be honest, with a hoodie though. "I can wear this sometimes." Jett said, but he probably won't wear it considering the fact that he has the Myriad Origin Armor.

Jett took out the Leviathan Axe and the Mirage Snow after settling that.

"Damn, these two weapons look sick as fuck!" Jett exclaimed as he looked at the two weapons with shining eyes.

After that, he kept the Leviathan Axe in the storage as he unsheathed the Mirage Snow.

Jett felt an inexplicable pressure, but since the sword is bound to his soul, he was able to withstand the pressure as it resonates with his soul.

Jett went to the store and instantly bought a sword-related skill.

Name: Iaijutsu Skill Book

Origin: Earth's Human Abilities

Grade: Lesser Regular-Class Skill

Description: First time use: Unlocks the Iaijutsu skill. Main Effect: Adds one point to Iaijutsu skill, which increases the proficiency of the user in the Iaijutsu Sword Art that emphasizes speed and counter strikes.

Price: 1 SC

Requirements: 100 Agility, 100 Dexterity, 100 Senses

Jett quickly bought 100 of it and used all of it.

[Ding~ Iaijutsu skill unlocked. +100 Iaijutsu Skill]

[Subskill Unlocked: Quick Draw]

[Extra Effect Unlocked: Lightning Speed]

Host: Jett Valdez

System Level: 2

[Base Stats]

Strength: 100/1000 +175 - Extra Effect: Perfect Strength Control

Agility: 100/1000 +175 - Extra Effect: Perfect Speed Control

Stamina: 100/1000 +175 - Extra Effect: Nonexistent Exhaustion Signs

Toughness: 100/1000 +175 - Extra Effect: Iron Bones

Dexterity: 100/1000 +175 - Extra Effect: Ambidextrosity

Intelligence: 100/1000 +175 - Extra Effect: Easier Learning

Charisma: 100/1000 - Extra Effect: Natural Leader

Endurance: 100/1000 +175 - Extra Effect: Pain Endurance Up

Memory: 100/1000 - Extra Effect: Adaptive Muscle Memory

Reflexes: 100/1000 +175 - Extra Effect: Quick Thinking Speed

Vitality: 100/1000 - Extra Effect: Slowed Aging

Wisdom: 100/1000 - Extra Effect: Perfect Usage of Knowledge

Fitness: 100/1000 - Extra Effect: All Physical Stats Increase

Charm: 4/1000

Looks: 4/1000

Senses: 100/1000 x2 - Extra Effect: Accelerated Perception

Luck: 0/1000 +1000


Confidence: 100/100 - Extra Effect: Embarrassment Immunity

Godly Senses: 100/1000 - Extra Effect: Sensitivity

Vocal Chords: 100/100


Electronic Gaming: 100/100 - Extra Effect: Multitasking Gamer

Communication: 100/100 - Extra Effect: Silver Tongued

Rubik's Cube Solving: 100/100 - Extra Effect: Master of Speedcubing

Parkour Mastery Skill: 100/100 - Extra Effect: Stunt Master

Marksmanship Skill: 100/1000 - Extra Effect: Absolute Precision

Guitar Mastery Skill: 100/100 - Extra Effect: Perfect Blind Guitaring

Desolate Heaven Fist: 10/1000

Piano Mastery Skill: 100/100 - Extra Effect: Hand Speed Increase

All Martial Arts: 100/100 - Extra Effect: Physical Stats Increase

Iaijutsu Skill: 100/100 - Extra Effect: Lightning Speed ↑

[Secret Skills]

Amalgamating Martial Arts

Lightning Speed

Type: Extra Effect (Active)

Description: An extra effect that allows one to make a type of sword play that is extremely fast that it can't be seen with the human eyes. If used with Quick Draw, the opponent will be killed instantly and one can also quickly follow up with infinitely more slashes at the same speed, at least until the user's stamina is drained.

Quick Draw

Type: Subskill

Mastery: 100% Mastered

Description: A part of the skill Iaijutsu. The Quick Draw is an extremely fast drawing of sword attacking the opponent. It is a famous move in many anime movies as one-hit sword kills or counters.

Maximum Speed: 10 Times faster than Agility Base Stat (50 times faster if using Lightning Speed) + 50 Agility because of Hand Speed Increase Extra Effect of Piano Mastery

Slashes per second: 10 slashes/second

"This is literally overpowered..." Jett was speechless of the power of Quick Draw and Lightning Speed.

Jett upgraded the Iaijutsu skill for 1,000 SC.

Jett checked the store after that.

He found out that the price doesn't increase if the grade of the object isn't going to increase, so he bought 900 more Iaijutsu Skill Book.

[Ding~ +900 Iaijutsu Skill Book]

[Subskill Unlocked: Swift Counter]

[Extra Effect: Vibrating Blade]

Vibrating Blade

Type: Extra Effect (Active)

Description: Makes the blade of the user vibrate (600 vibrations per minute). The Vibrating Blade Extra Effect allows one to quickly destroy weapons of enemies and go straight for the kill instantly. It is an extremely powerful extra effect.

Swift Counter

Type: Subskill

Mastery: 100% Mastered

Description: An evolution of the Quick Draw. It is mainly used for countering other attacks. Although the Quick Draw can also be used to counter, one still has to time it, however, with Swift Counter, one can just use it instantly. Other than that, the Swift Counter is also faster than the Quick Draw, 10 times faster.

Maximum Speed: 10 times the speed of Quick Draw.

After that, Jett bought a training dummy for 0.0000001 SC. He placed it somewhere in the hand. Just then...

[Ding~ Looks Base Stat +1]

[Charm Base Stat +1]

[Ding~ 604,800.001 received]

"Fuck!" Jett was startled. "I thought it was another Spatial Rift opening..."

"Anyways... It's already 12:00 AM, huh?" Jett looked at the status bar at the upper left corner, it was the country, region, city, and time in that specific order.

"Meh, I can deal with it." Jett has been through much worse. Sometimes only getting three hours of sleep, sometimes even two, and sometimes even one!

Such is the life of a student from MSA (1).

Jett calmed down and placed the sword, which was in its blue beautiful scabbard, anf made a Quick Draw stance.

In a blink of an eye, the dummy has been split into 5 pieces. Jett's face still had the same expression, a tranquil one. As for his eyes, a large surge of killing intent was emitting from it.

If someone was there with him, they would surely see Jett as a demon instead of a 15-year-old youth as there was too much killing intent.

"That's enough testing for now." Jett said as he put his Mirage Snow into his storage.

Just before he put it inside the storage, he remembered one thing.

The Enchantment Function!

Jett sat cross-legged on the large hand again as it drifted in the clouds.

The moon was just overhead, and because of his Godly Senses, he can see a myriad of stars.

Yes, normally, only poonts of light can be seen on the night sky of the Philippines, but in Jett's POV, it was something else.

Jett unsheathed the Mirage Snow, and it glowed with resplendent light from the moon. It was extremely beautiful, plus with the seven lights shining on its blade, it was even more beautiful!

Jett opened the Enchantment Function.

[Uploading instructions...]

[Ding~ Upload complete!]

Jett now knew hoe to usee the Enchantment Function.

The way to use the Enchantment Function was by buying enchantments from the Enchantments Store, which came with the Enchantment Function itself.

Unlike the actual SSS though, it is not limited to Jett's current world. Jett Can even create enchantments himself!

Enchantments can also upgrade the weapon's grade. The weapon's grade also affects how many enchantments it can hold. This only counts on External Enchantments. As for Innate Enchantments, Enchantments which came after the item or equipment was created, it can hold infinite. An Artifact-Grade Weapon has 4 External Enchantment Slots.

The enchantments that Jett will enchant on something must also be compatible with the weapon's nature, for example, you can't possibly enchant a weapon like Mirage Snow to have Fire Authority, can you?

That's all for the Enchantment Function

Jett created an enchantment that will make the Mirage Snow more powerful as it tastes the blood of his opponents, and can also refine other swords.

Jett called the enchantment, "Devour."

Jett created another enchantment that allows him to absorb energy from his own movements, and his opponent's attacks, and any of the sort. This stores energy inside the blade, and it can even contain a blast from a nuclear warhead, and even the Tsar Bomba. Of course, this was only possible because the Mirage Snow is an Artifact-Grade Weapon, if it was a regular sword, it will only be able to contain an energy from an RPG rocket.

This enchantment is called "Absorption."

The total cost of these two enchantments are 10,000 SC. Jett did the enchantment.

A flash of golden light shone on the Mirage Snow, then it quickly disappeared.

"I'll test the enchantments tomorrow." Jett decided and descended from the sky.

Jett wore his Myriad Origin Armor again before going back to sleep.

Total SC Remaining: 623,598.79606552 SC


1. I've been made aware that it is bad to reference real places, so I changed Makati Science High School into Makati Scholastic Academy. For mobile readers, remove then re-add to see the change on chapters where MakSci was previously mentioned.

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I am once again breaking a promise :( It's been a long day for me, so I'll only be able to post one.

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If possible though, I will try...

Thanks for the support, and, woohoo, we made it to the Top 30 on the Originals!

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