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Chapter 29: Resolved

"I really am your big bro! If you don't believe me, I'll prove it! I'll say something that only the real Zhou Lei, which is me, of course, could possibly know!"

Zhou Zhenya put down the phone temporarily. She was curious as to what this impersonator had to say. She stared at him long and hard, then blushed of course, but she was still angry.

"Ahem, this bro of yours... knows your deepest, darkest secret!" Zhou Lei confidently announced in front of her little sister. He could still recall the memory clearly in his head.

"Oh, yeah? What is it then?" Zhou Zhenya smirked as she avoided the gaze of this suspicious yet incredibly handsome man. She was confident that he would just spout some random nonsense.

"It's this, you... like to *****[1]!" Zhou Lei blushed a little as he spoke out these words. No matter what, he still had a little shame, and was flustered in saying it out loud.

"Y-you...!" Hearing these words, Zhou Zhenya blushed fiercely! She knew what this suspicious man said was true! She did like to *****! But she would never admit it. It was only when Zhou Lei saw her doing it that he discovered it.

"Now... do you believe me?" Seeing his sister's defeated and utterly abashed expression, Zhou Lei pointed at her with confidence.

"Y-yes..." Zhou Zhenya turned timid as she recalled the embarrassing event. 'Why did he not knock in the first place! If he did, he would never have seen me *****!'

"Haha!" Receiving his sister's confirmation, Zhou Lei rejoiced. He raised both his hands as he liked to do this when he won.

'Ugh, it really is him...' When he blurted out her secret, she was still not sure if it was really her brother. After all, her big brother could have just said it to this handsome man. However, seeing this handsome man do the victory dance that her big brother certainly liked to do, her suspicions were completely erased.

At the other end of the line of 119, the call receiver was blushing. He was listening to the siblings' fight the whole time.

"Oh my God... so scandalous... she likes to do *****..." The man muttered to himself.

However, it was time to end the call, as he heard that it was already resolved.

"Um, hello, miss?"

The man's voice sounded out of Zhou Zhenya's phone speakers. At that moment, both of the siblings turned pale as they realized something.

'Ah, crap! I just said Zhenya's deepest, darkest secret to a random man!'

'Ah, crap! I forgot to end the call or at least put it on hold!'

"Hahaha..." The man laughed awkwardly as he heard the abrupt silence that came from the other end of the call. He knew that it was him that made things complicated.

He spoke quickly. "Don't worry miss, I will not let anyone know about this." He ended the call.

Beep. Beep.

This was the sound that came from Zhou Zhenya's phone as the man ended the call.

The siblings' faces were now somewhat relieved as they sat on the sofa. They wiped the sweat off of their foreheads simultaneously.

"Phew!" Zhou Lei let out a worried sigh of relief. It was clear that he wasn't satisfied with the man's reaction.

"Luckily, the person I connected with was an amicable man. If not, I think I would have gotten blackmailed." Everyone would use that secret of the beautiful little lady to blackmail her, especially because she's beautiful and pretty. Definitely, only this policeman would let it go and forget about it like it was nothing.

Zhou Zhenya was still confused. "How come you became infinitely more handsome than before, while I didn't?... Wait, actually, a similar situation happened to me."

Zhou Lei replied in a joking manner. "What, you want to become handsome, huh? Hehehe..."

The siblings bantered as their relationship was back to normal.

Meanwhile, Zhou Jiahao could not breath.

[1] The number of asterisks doesn't necessarily pertain to the number of letters, or even words, that were censored. This note is for you dirty minded freaks.

SauceMaster64 SauceMaster64

As stated on the previous chapter,

if we reach 100 power stones, there will be 3 more bonus chapters!

Bonus chapter 2/2

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  • Idle_Reading


    Haha their parents must be proud. "Got my children magically hansome and beautiful the nxt day i look at them." 😂😂😂

  • TheFallenWing


    Thanks for the chapter

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    (๑´ڡ`๑)blackmail ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

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