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Chapter 8: Teamwork

Dye rubbed her nose as she took out a piece of goatskin from her 'bag'. It was actually her game inventory, but it might surprise the other two too much so she didn't tell. She also took out a quill called [Never Ending Ink Quill]. It was probably modified by the system because it was a normal quill before. Though, she didn't mind. It was pretty neat after all.

"So, here's the plan," Dye started talking in a hushed voice, but she felt that it was a little weird none of the Loud Love Birds noticed her presence. She started to increase the volume of her voice, but none of the birds gave her a glance.

'That's weird,' Dye thought as she spoke in her normal voice, 'are they bound by aggro or something?'

"Dye, what's wrong?" Ynoir asked, looking at Dye who was deep in thought.

"I want to check something out," Dye replied, "can you reveal yourself to the Loud Love Birds?"

Ynoir's face paled, "are you serious?" If he ran in without a plan, he might die. He was just a level 2 Ninja after all. The Loud Love Bird alpha was at most level 4. He would be killed without knowing how he died.

"Use Vanish immediately after they noticed you," Dye explained, "go back here as soon as you're done."

Although Ynoir harbored a little suspicion about Dye, he still did as he was told. Honestly, both Lin Mao and Ynoir were shocked when the Loud Love Birds stopped minding Ynoir after Ynoir vanished and went back to his original position.

'As I thought, it was indeed the aggro system,' Dye was quite happy the aggro system worked in this world. The plan would be much simpler.

The Loud Love Bird alpha looked at its group members lovingly. The group members cozying up to him, as if they're worshipping him. The alpha was satisfied, proudly staring at the group members like a powerful captain telling his soldiers to go to war.

"Heh," a cold voice could be heard from the nearby bushes, "you look as if you deserve all the glory."

The alpha immediately looked at the voice's direction. There stood a handsome male, a large steel broadsword on his back. He had a smug smirk as he walked to the group of Loud Love Birds. Each step provoking the alpha, at the same time, showing his confidence.

The alpha squawked as it zoomed towards the young man. However, before he could do anything, his neck was struck by two needles. The alpha immediately fell onto the ground. The other Loud Love Birds were terrified when their alpha died. As they tried to fly away, they were met with a young lady holding a pendant.

"Surprise!" she said, "Restriction!"

The group squawked as they couldn't fly as fast, in the end, three out of four were injured by Lin Mao's broadsword. Ynoir immediately shot needles at them, making them fall dead like the alpha. Dye used Earth Mound which hit the last Loud Love Bird unconcious. Then Lin Mao happily cut the last bird's head.

"Wow! It was fun! Why haven't I tried this before?" Lin Mao grinned as they cleaned up the mess.

"Because you're too busy asking for 'gifts' from the village," Dye replied, making Lin Mao chuckle nervously.

"You do know I'm not like that...right?" Lin Mao watched Dye's expression, in case Dye got angry and beat him up again.

"Of course, you're just a battle thirsty person...with almost unquenchable thirst...," Dye smiled Lin Mao's way, "but that's no reason to make your mother beg."

"It's a one time mistake! One time!" Lin Mao muttered.

"Well, let's continue the hunt. We're supposed to clear Lychon valley of all Loud Love Birds, and not a single one should remain," Ynoir, being the most serious person in this group, said.

"Alright, alright old man!" Dye smiled, before suddenly feeling hot all over.


[Congratulations host for leveling up.]

[Please check the inventory for a congratulatory gift.]

Dye was surprised and immediately checked the character interface.

[Name : Dye Red.]

[Level : 2. 15/150 Exp.]

'So killing monsters also gives Exp? This is great!' Dye brightened up, making the other two feel weirded out.

'What's wrong with her?'

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  • irlsgirl


    "She's quite pretty, but she talks to herself too much." ^_^ Thanks for the chapter!

  • irl


    thanks for the chapter! :D

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