50% I Refuse to be Fate's Puppet / Chapter 43: Nightfall

Chapter 43: Nightfall

Sunrise was also known as the Cursed Light. It has such a powerful Energy that it slowly fills the user. It grants the user an increase in strength and speed, while also expelling all negative status effects that are inhibiting the user. It forcefully explodes with Holy Energy within the wielder, and if the person can not use or withstand it, they will become light itself, fusing with the blade and adding to its power. So basically dying. The only way to keep it in check is with an equally powerful opposing Energy. Darkness. That is where Nightfall comes in. It has a powerful Dark Energy that can force the Light back into its blade, then you can safely continue using it until you seal the blade again in its scabbard safely, although it will be weaker after Nightfall has restricted it. Nightfall increases ones defense and attack power, each attack from Nightfall is an explosion of oppressive power, but it must be drawn out by the Light for it to be used. But although it is powerful when you can draw out its power, you must then satisfy the Darkness that you released. To safely return Nightfall to it's scabbard, it must be satisfied through death. Depending on the amount of power it expels, there is a requirement of death that must happen and blood that must be spilled. When the requirements are met, the blade will abide and obey until it is sealed away again.

Arata disliked using these blades as the requirement to safely use them is death. Sunrise is drawn first, empowering him immensely. And then Nightfall comes to contain Sunrise and end the fight. But Nightfall needed death for it to be contained.

Arata only used this as a last resort. Even though he knew that he would need to kill anyway, the way Nightfall torments one's mind to view killing disgusted Arata thoroughly. It involved a seemingly endless cycle of tortured screams and evil desires rampaging through your mind and heart. The weak willed would lose themselves completely and kill without restraint, being consumed by the Darkness. Arata went through torturous mental training, revealing to Azrail the young boy's powerful will. The Clan decided to bestow upon Arata the gift and the curse of the twin blades, Sunrise and Nightfall.

It was an incredible power that grew stronger as you grew, but it was a corruptive and dark power that Arata preferred not to use. But if they were to get out of here alive and successfully finish the mission, this cursed power was needed.

He pulled the pure black blade out. The room was filled with a powerful aura of death. Arata opened his eyes and his left was still all white, but his right eye was now completely black. It was even darker than that as it seemed like a strong black hole that absorbed any form of light. Arata hel the two blades to his side as he spoke.

"Ryouma. Run."

Ryouma felt a shiver go down his spine. Arata's voice had gone deep and had a cold attachment to it. Even though he trusted Arata, his voice, how he looked and the aura he gave off terrified him. He quickly moved out of the way as Arata charged forward. The baby Forest Drake's were screeching in fear as they watched Arata approach. The large Gold Ranked Forest hesitated slightly seeing Arata, fear hitting it, instincts telling the creature to run, before it went serious and slashed at Arata while roaring.

Arata slashed his black blade at the Forest Drake's claw and the Forest Drake was pushed back. This was the first time during their fight that Arata was able to push the Forest Drake back, previously their clashes were closely matched. But now Arata had the upper hand as he followed up with a slash of Light Energy from Sunrise. The Forest Drake was able to use its claw to deflect the Light slash.

Arata leaped forward with a crazed look as he slashed at the Forest Drake with both blades. The Forest Drake did it's best to defend as it dodged and clashed with the blades with it's claws. The Forest Drake was taking small steps back, one by one. The Forest Drake growled angrily as it used Gravity Roar on it's claws as it slashed at Arata. The claws were now much heavier and the force behind them had increased as Arata was pushed back forcibly.

Arata didn't seem to care as he charged back at the Forest Drake. The Forest Drake opened it's mouth as it gathered it's Energy as quickly as it could before firing it at the oncoming Arata. Arata jumped into the Dragon's Breath attack as he struck it with Nightfall.

The Dark blade began sucking in and absorbing the Energy attack. Arata span ariund in mid air as the bade finished absorbing the Dragon's Breath. As he spun around, Sunrise began to glow, a green glow began to shine off of it. Arata slashed the blade and a green slash of Energy was sent back to the Forest Drake. Because of Arata's charge forward, they were already quite close and the Forest Drake didn't have enough time to properly block is, as it folded it's wing over itself.

The slash smashed into the wing, damaging it as the Forest Drake howled in pain. Arata didn't let up as he continued to run forward to attack again. Ryouma was watching as Ryouma dominated the fight now. It was sure that he was going to win. But Ryouma wasn't happy about that as he could see that there was something wrong about Arata.

His crazed expression and manic behaviour was one thing, but Ryouma could see the tears falling from Arata's eyes. He could sense that his Captain was hurting.

"He is hearing the Echoes of Death."

Ryouma went on guard as he turned to find a man standing beside him, watching Arata fight. Ryouma quickly saw what the man was wearing. A Sato Clan Battle Suit. The man was covered from head to toe and Arata couldn't even see what color this person's skin was. The man turned to look at Ryouma with his hollow looking grey eyes.

"I'm just here to observe."

The man turned back to Arata and the Forest Drake. Ryouma understood that this must be one of Azrail's Shadowguards, so he looked over to the battle as well.

"What are the Echoes of Death?"

The man paused as he watched before answering.

"The Shadow Realm contains the darkest thoughts, emotions and desires. Although these emotions and thoughts can strengthen you, they can also pollute and corrupt you. The Legendary Blade Sunrise is a weapon that is connected to the heart of the Light Realm. It channels Energy inti the wielder until the wielder can not contain it anymore. If they continue using it, the Light Energy will overwhelm them.

"To suppress the Light, you need Darkness. Nightfall is connected to the darkest depths of the Shadow Realm. Where the cruelest and worst parts of humanity and all that lives in this world collects and festers. The Heart of the Shadow Realm. The Light from Sunrise pulls out the Darkness is Nightfall until the two blades reach a balance. Yin and Yang. Stabilizing the Energy within Arata."

A cold air around the man gathered as he paused again.

"But with Darkness comes desire. That desire must be satiated for Arata to gain control over the Darkness. The Echoes of Death are the voices and urges that pound inside someone tapping into the Heart of the Shadow Realm. For Darkness to be satisfied, death is required."

Ryouma watched the crying Arata fight. He had guesses that he was in pain but he never knew the extent of his torture.

"Right now, Arata feels the resentment, hatred, sadness, pain, suffering, fear and anger of the countless people who have been hurt, tortured and killed. He hears there voices. Feels what they feel. And he must satiate those tortured souls."

Arata continued to throw attack after attack. He was completely oblivious to qhether or not he was injured or had been hit by the Forest Drake. Right now, he couldn't even properly see the Forest Drake. He could only feel the need for death. Blood must be spilt. He could hear the voices of the bodies in this very room.

"They destroyed our village. Women. Children. Everyone!"

"They killed me and my family. Why couldn't they just take me?"

"I failed as a Warrior. I couldn't even protect those that I loved."

"Kill them! We beg you! Avenge us!"

"Avenge us!"

"Kill them all!"

Arata was yelling in rage and pain as he sent waves of attacks at the Forest Drake. He was in a crazed rampage as he slashed barbarically with his blades. His speed and strength seemed to have risen as he waa in this berserk like state. Ryouma made a guess on what was happening.

"He seems to be in a berserk state, throwing aside technique and logic for a primal, instinctual attack method, thus his overall power has increased as he has become numb and is using pure power."

The man nodded.

"You are partly right. He is in a berserk state. His defense is at a level where he no longer feels the attacks the Forest Drake is sending him. But that isn't because he is numb. His mental and emotional pain is at such a high level that he can barely feel the physical pain. He fights to primally to get rid of the pain he feels."

Arata was pushing the Forest Drake back. The Gold Ranked Forest Drake was panicking as Arata was pushing it closer to the young Forest Drake's. The Forest Drake's whole body began to glow as it opened it's wings. It reached to grab Arata in it's claws. Arata began to struggle as the Forest Drake flapped it's wings, sending to flying up.

It raised Arata above it and slammed Arata through the ceiling of the nest. Arata slashed at the Forest Drake's claws, but the Forest Drake wouldn't let go. When the reached a height, high abive the nest, the Forest Drake threw Arata into the sky and began charging a Dragon's breath.

As Arata began falling down, the Forest Drake fired at him. Arata yelled as he slashed at the Energy attack, it exploded as he made contact with it. The Forest Drake had fired a second smaller attack that caused the attack to explode right away. The Forest Drake floated as it looked at the explosion.

Out of the smoke, Arata came shooting out, hitting the Forest Drake in the chest, both of his blades piercing the Forest Drake's chest. The Forest Drake screamed as it was pushed down by the force of Arata hitting and piercing it.

The two shot down towards the nest, smashing through the ceiling and landing on the ground hard. The Forest Drake was bleeding profusely and clearly extremely injured. It weakily roared as it tried to move, but it couldn't.

Cries came from the baby Forest Drakes in the corner. Arata was still grasping the blades in the Forest Drake's chest. The screams in his head and heart were deafening. They needed more blood. Craved more blood. Demanded more blood.

Arata got up sluggishly as he pulled the blades out of the Forest Drake's chest. He roared loudly. Ryouma felt the pain in the roar. Some of the baby Forest Drake's ran over to Arata and the dying Forest Drake. Arata looked over to them and he began to shake.

He jumped off of the Forest Drake and rushed towards the defenseless baby Forest Drake's. He swung his blades around, blinded by rage and pain. He was no longer himself, as he attacked and cut down everything before him, unknowingly leaving a path of blood behind him as he moved through the young Forest Drakes.

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