30% The Challenger / Chapter 2: Scary Old Man.

Chapter 2: Scary Old Man.

Xiao Feng was on alert. He knew that the next time this old man flicked his fingers it could possibly result in his death.

The old man scanned him head to toe as if pondering something.

"How did you come to Prison Island?" asked the old man.

"... I don't know.," replied Xiao Feng still being vigilant.

"Why was this dead punk interested in you?"

"He thought I had some treasure on me," replied Xiao Feng

"Do you have any treasures?"

"No..." said Xiao Feng


"Last thing. What are those bracelets on your hand and why are they slowly devouring the spirituality from the atmosphere. The same thing goes for the marks on your pet ... and on your back"

"I have a mark on my back? " replied Xiao Feng in astonishment. He put the beast down and started taking off his shirt.

The old man stood there quietly keenly observing Xiao Feng's expressions.

"... Damn. How foolish of me. How could I possibly see my back when even my spiritual sense has become useless." said Xiao Feng sadly.

"Let me help you," said the old man and waved his hand. An image appeared in Xiao Feng's mind. The image was of a Ring-shaped mark. It appeared as if this mark was burning on his back but he couldn't feel anything uncomfortable.

Xiao Feng frowned when he saw this scene. This was the same Ring-shaped mark he saw on the box when he was at the ancestral grounds. It was the root of the cause for why he appeared in the middle of a place like Prison Island. If all of these facts were not enough, now it has latched on to his back. Who knows what bad luck it might bring in the future.

"So? What do you think? Are you going to answer me now?" asked the old man with a tired look.

"I don't know what this mark is. Maybe it is related to why I am here. I have no idea what is happening here. I didn't even know this place was called Prison Island or this place was dangerous." replied Xiao Feng as he shook his head.

"Hmmm", the old man looked at him as if he was pondering something.

"First, let's get out of here. This isn't exactly the place, a kid like you should be staying at." said the old man as he instantly appeared in front of Xiao Feng and grabbed him by the shoulder.

"What..." before Xiao Feng could speak, his vision turned blurry and the scenes he saw moved at a very fast pace. In all the scenes he came across, there was one common thing. Corpses. There were uncountable corpses. Some corpses were so badly mutilated that they were missing more than 50% of their body. It was gruesome to even imagine the atrocity the person went through before they died.

This situation continued for more than an incense worth of time before they landed at a place which was devoid of any corpses.

"Welcome to my place." said the old man as he dropped Xiao Feng and walked ahead.

"...Where is your house?" asked Xiao Feng

"Here" pointed the old man towards a big tree. The tree was at least 100s of meters tall and about 20 to 30 meters wide. In the middle of the tree, there was a door like entrance carved out. Outside the door, it read two words, "Xie Lang".

"Your name is Xie Lang? Are you someone famous?" asked Xiao Feng with a curious look on his face.

"I don't know. Think of it as a signboard, to ward off unwanted guests away. Here, eat these fruits and feed this piece of meat to your pet when it wakes up" said Xie Lang as passed a bowl of fruits and some meat to Xiao Feng.

"Get yourself cleaned after that. There's a river on the back of my tr-- house. Nobody comes here because of me. When you're done, come back and we will talk. I hope you won't be lying to me then." said the old man as he smirked at Xiao Feng and then went inside the tree.

Xiao Feng's heart skipped a beat when he heard Xie Lang. He was now sure that the old man knew something about him. That's why he took him along with himself and interrogate.

"My life has turned upside down in just one day.." sighed Xiao Feng as he caressed his pet beast, who was still unconscious. This pet beast was the only one close to him that was still alive.

"Let's clean ourselves first," said Xiao Feng as he carried kitty in his arms and made way to the river to clean himself.



An hour later.

"Now that we're done, what am I supposed to do next?" muttered Xiao Feng as looked at the sleeping beast in his arms. Escaping was never an option from a place like Prison Island. If one could guess, they would mark Prison Island as a dangerous area, something akin to a prison with deadly criminals. Xiao Feng was not sure of what he would be able to do if he wanted to get out from here.

"Well, you could always tell me the truth, you know." came from behind of Xiao Feng.

"Who.. what.." replied Xiao Feng as quickly turned around and saw Xie Lang.

There he was standing behind him with a smirk on his face.

Xiao Feng was perturbed. Here was this man, who could kill powerful people with the flick of his fingers, but to him, he didn't show the slightest of killing intent. He even brought him back to a safe place in 'Prison Island' and gave him food to eat. He was not sure of what this man wanted from him.

"Are you just going stand and stare like an idiot?" asked Xie Lang in a dismissive manner.

"What I told you was the truth... It's just that I skipped a few parts," said Xiao Feng still being wary of Xie Lang. "But before that, you have to promise me that if you kill us, you will do it swiftly."

Truth to be told, Xiao Feng did was not afraid of death. He lost all his family members in a massacre. There was no one left for him to share his pain and grief. He had a pet beast that was still in an infant stage. He had already succumbed to the fate that dying swiftly wouldn't be a bad option for him.

"That's fine and all but you might want to take a look at the beast in your arms," said Xie Lang as he looked intently towards the beast.

"My beast? What do you me... holy shit what's happening here?" exclaimed Xiao Feng in shock as looked at his pet beast.

His pet beast was in a very bad state. It was convulsing as if it was having some kind of panic attack.

"Kitty.. what is.."

"It's mutating..." replied Xie Lang as he cut off Xiao Feng and narrowed his eyes.

thehobo thehobo

The second chapter of the week. Please do report any editing errors you find. Thanks.

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