80% Dark Soul / Chapter 20: A nightmare after another

Chapter 20: A nightmare after another

The golem turns she it sideways, it closes its fist and with all its force pushes it in the face of Michelly, but it is stopped thanks to the veil, but unfortunately the veil disappears after three punches.

Michelly had bleeding nose and mouth she turned her face in my direction moved her lips as her voice did not come out and tears streamed down her eyes _ I'm sorry Jim, but you're going to have to find your purpose alone.

_ Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggg _ I punched and punched and punched again until my fists bled, but still did not break the barrier, the tears came through my eyes when the golem's fist hit the Michelly's face.

But when I heard the sound that made her face be struck by the punch, my vision blackened my fist that was now showing the tissue beneath my skin once again closed and broke the barrier like glass.

I ran towards the golem and with the same fist I hit her head that made her disappear and made him fly away from Michelly.

I looked in Michelly's direction and my anger grew even more when I saw the state of that beautiful face, at least her face had been buried inside her skull.

The now headless golem got up and ran towards me and punched with all his might.

I returned the punch and when our fists bumped from his fingers until his shoulder disappeared, but still had not finished with his other arm tried to punch me.

I swerved down and touched the sword at my waist, it was remarkably shaking, I unsheathed it and when it came out a very faint blue fire was contained in its blade.

I branded it and a trail much stronger than the one of the bridge came out, cut the golem like butter and not enough still divided a cloud that was in the sky.

I was not satisfied the anger in me still burned I looked and covered towards the Aleck and again brandied the sword and the same trail flew towards him he diverted, but where the wave of fire flew burned into, the forest in the distance was not exception.

My conscience was adrift, I saw all as enemies and marked the sword once in each of them and they all deviated.

After that I blacked out and in the darkness that I saw when Michelly was dead I saw a bright blue flame I saw screams and deaths, I saw wars, but the flames were there in each of them, the guns were different, but they all had blades , one as I wielded his swords, others swung axes and created tornadoes, but in the end the same result appeared.

Those who touched became ashes and flew in the wind.

A voice sounded like an echo in a cave and she said _ Son, the flames burn everything you touch, so try to warm yourself away from them_. It sounded like the voice of an old man trying to warn something.

_ Do not worry, Dad, I'm already fine grea... _ The voice did not end when another came _ if you use this sword, it will end up being cut.

The voices came and went, but they all had something in common and it was someone on their side with tenderness, doing their best to protect it.

_ ... son one day when I leave will be your turn, so do not get lost in the flames of revenge and anger because there lives your greatest enemy ... _ this was incredibly my father's voice.

But he was not talking to me, but to another boy before I saw his face my eyes flashed and I saw blue sky my head was blank the fragrance of the grass surrounded me, the icy breeze touched my sweaty skin and I remembered that this does not It was a dream.

I was so few seconds before a great shock to wake me from stupor and this shock was the memory of Michelly's face.

I looked to my sides and I was surprisingly there were only mountains or forests only an infinite field.

It was very far to see that there was a wall and probably a city.

In the distance the sound of the horses could be heard at high speed, I quickly approached, and upon arriving there, I saw about fifteen knights in armor involving four humans in ragged clothes.

There were four people a man and a woman, along with two girls who are probably his daughters.

_ Where are you going?, the elder of the town said that someone's departure was forbidden.

_ We are just plain plebeians, please can not we be handed over to the alchemists as guinea pigs _ the man knelt and begged.

_ And do you think commoners have any other motive for living in cities instead of villages?, You are the cattle we need for the research of the master alchemist.

The man who spoke wore a helmet different from the others I believe is his leader _ kill the women the man will be taken back to the experiment.

The man clutched his two daughters as he cried out loud.

"Chief, it is an immense waste. We must give them the honor of serving noble knights like us."

The chief knight looked in the woman's direction and then looked at the children and only after a few seconds did he nod.

Laughing laughter was released by those bastards as they climbed down from their horses and headed toward the women.

I went down the hill which I was watching and ran towards them, but that's when I noticed that although we ran a lot our distance did not decrease and I could only run without leaving the place.

The **** to follow was the most horrible thing I have ever seen, woman cried the children cried and the worst of all was that they made the man watch everything happen.

He was being held by a soldier who ended up letting go and it had come his turn to '' use '' the woman.

The man tried to save his wife and daughters, but he did not have enough strength in his body and as if it were not enough they still crossed a spear in the man's calf to make him not move anymore.

I must have vomited two or three times, all '' used '', but the leader just turned his back and did not notice just waited for his men.

It was hours of torture that followed only after all fourteen were satisfied that they did not do it.

_ His wife was great, better than her only his little bitch, until I think she ended up liking him in the end _ he laughed and his friends laughed together.

The man was not tied then in a frenzy of madness he jumped and punched the soldier and after falling he continued punching, pity that after some punches others held him and beat him.

The soldier had one eye swollen and the mouth bleeding he ordered the man to be held and brought his wife to his front.

The woman was naked and with many bruises and bruises on her body, she looked lifeless as the soldier grabbed her by the hair and brought her to her knees, brought her sword and tucked it into the woman's head.

The man screamed and tried to loosen up except that they held him even stronger.

The next was the eldest daughter she was thrown to the ground and lay as a lifeless doll on the ground this lasted a few seconds before the soldier came riding on her horse and ran over her many bones were broken but unfortunately she was alive he went from back and a sound that broke was heard and that sound was that of the skull.

The latter saw her mother and sister die and screamed and kicked for her father.

The soldier punched her heavily in the stomach after he lifted her by her hair and put her eye to eye with her father.

_ see what happens when a commoner touches a nobleman _ from his palm came fire and burned the whole child but she did not die immediately but rather kept screaming in pain while slowly dying.

The man was already lifeless and unable to stand, his eyes were blurred, and he repeated the names of his wife and daughters.

_ Esther, Miraleyne, Donathas _ from the man's back a glow appeared after the glow a blue flame burned.

The leader shouted, _ Stand back if he's a wizard_ , but it was late, the fire spread and burned them all, the plain before green was slowly turning black, the fire spread all over the plain and seemed to have no end.

Time passed, first hours, then days maybe months, but the fire was already everywhere.

The city in the distance did not escape the scope and also burned, but that did not stop it and it only made it burn more miserably.

The body of man was the center of everything.

He never stopped repeating the name of his family, one day an angel with black wings descended from the sky he was exactly as I became but had his changes.

The horns were not on top of the head, but yes on the sides as if they were the goat, its wings were a little shorter and had a gray color, its armor had different patterns and shapes.

He came down and stuck his sword in the back of the man _ Your resentment and vengeance will never be forgotten my good man, so here I declare that to those who come after me will see how miserable you suffered and will know how powerful you were.

_ Your soul will never rest or reincarnate, you will be the weapon that my descendants will use to kill their enemies and only when all their thirst for vengeance will die your soul will be released and you will be reborn with the same women who once appeared in your life, this I promise you by my lineage.

Every flame was sucked into that sword and he lifted it up to the sky and a stream of blue flames burned the sky _ here I baptize these blue flames like flames of the renaissance for everything that touches you turn dust and dust you can be reborn and join again with your family.

A voice echoed in my confused head _ its power is boundless as long as I know how to control it, but if I lose my hope it will be consumed by these flames and become fuel for the next generations to be stronger just as many others have been.

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