11.66% Ablackwing / Chapter 6: Crybaby

Chapter 6: Crybaby

I stirred the latte to dissolve the sugar. The devilish dark brown color of the latte grinned to me like it was daring me to drink it. I had made it super strong accidently. Even though I slept like a log whole night, I still felt tired. My mind must have forgot to function while I put coffee without counting the amount. I couldn't have let latte win and have peace with that. So I added extra sugar to mask the bad taste.

On your face, latte.

I sipped a small amount after the sugar disappeared inside the latte. The taste wasn't just bad. It was extremely bad. The sugar didn't mask the bitterness but just added more sweetness. That super sweetness combined with extreme bitterness made the latte undrinkable.

I may not miss my little Lucy for her waking me early in the morning or making me help her complete her projects or her whispering lame jokes in my ears, but I did miss her for making perfect latte. It was her superpower and my weakness.

Latte must have been dancing a victory dance until I got the ingenious idea of adding more milk and making it enough for two.

Brilliant Eve won again because no problem is smart enough to challenge her uncanny mind. I couldn't help but laugh like I was evil.

I could give half of it to that angel I thought. He hadn't ate anything from yesterday. He must have starved through entire day and night. I was such a horrible caretaker. No wonder why mother used to scold me for my carelessness.

I quickly added more milk in the latte and heated it. Soon the warm aroma of coffee spread throughout the kitchen. Rich, smooth, sweet scent captured my senses.My happiness started leaking out of my watery mouth. That angel, perhaps, was my lucky charm because It was the very first time that a latte had such mesmerizing aroma. It sure was as good as Lucy's.

I brought latte to his room. That handsome sleeping beauty was still laying, showing no sign of being tired of laying on same spot. That faint smile on his face was like fixed permanently. His cheeks must be hurting for smiling so much. I shook him a little, hoping he will wake up. But that idiot was not waking up. How was I supposed to feed him.

I pulled him up and made him sit. He was like a tender leaf that bends to the direction of wind. But he needed a stalk. He needed my help and so I wrapped my hand around him, clutching him close to me so he doesn't falls back. It was good he was light or I'd have more trouble handling him.

"Open your mouth." I said to him as I brought latte closer to his mouth. He didn't listen. Why was I even expecting him to listen. He didn't woke up when I shook him hard. But as I touched mug to his lips, his mouth opened. It was good that his subconscious was working fine.

I watched him sipping it hastily and then gulp it down his throat. It was like he was a baby drinking milk from a bottle in his sleep and it was damn adorable. My eyes moved down on his chest. All those scratches and marks that were present yesterday were healed completely. There was no trace of them present. It appeared​ like he fell on a cushion while jumping instead of falling from the height of clouds.

He kept on trying to sip even when he finished drinking. He was still hungry. I had to give him my share of latte too. He left no single drop. I finally make an awesome latte and I couldn't even drink it. My mouth was watering when the aroma of latte filled my lungs but such terrible fate that I couldn't drink it. Poor me. It was so frustrating but what other choice did I have. I didn't have any fruit juice or milk or any other liquid food. I certainly didn't want to leave him alone at my home and go to buy groceries.

I quietly laid him down back on bed, a little contended but extremely proud of myself that I was doing the best I could.

* * * * *

I heard a slight voice when I was washing the dishes after having the dinner. It was very low though, I couldn't make what it was of but it surely came from his room. My parents room I mean. I don't know when I started referring to the room as his room. He was just a guest.

I quickly dried up my hands. I just hoped he was awake. I was surprised how anyone can stay asleep for two long days. His calmness worried me, tormented me, irritated me, frustrated me and at times even killed me.. That relation I had with him was undescribable. He felt like family. All I wanted was to see him smile wide with all his heart and hear him say he is alright.

I opened the door to his room.

Sitting on bed, though still half naked, he was looking out of the window. The curtains were danced along the soft music of the winds. His straight silky hair slightly danced along the winds too. He must have been enjoying the view of the stars and the moon outside. On his face was the feeling of peace.

I don't know how he realized my presence but he soon turned his head towards me.

I saw his eyes dipped in color of green, almost shining like the glassy surface of emerald gem. They looked like lightening was infused in them that glowed bright all the time. They were so beautiful and deep. From one glimpse in his eye, I could tell he was hurt, he was in pain, he was suffering. It was not the sadness that he was hurt physically, just his heart hurt, a lot.

His face went expressionless for a while as he looked at me. It was like he was trying to figure out what was happening or who I was. I didn't care as long as he didn't suffer from amnesia. I wanted to know more about him.

His eyes widened the next moment. Those beautiful eyes of his started trembling. He looked at me so intensely. I wondered what happened all of a sudden. Did I frighten him? He gasped a little. His mouth opened as if he wanted to say something but he didn't have words. But finally he uttered.

"It's really you..." His voice was calm. I expected him to scream and shout, the way he got surprised and frightened after looking at me. But I got opposite reaction. His voice was soft, soft like sweet nightingales giving the gift of awe to listeners, yet deep and manly. I could hear him all day and I mean it. I think that was the magic angels possess.

"Angelheart..." he added. I wondered who or what was that angelheart. He said about it when he passed out and now too. It must be very close to his heart.

I turned around to look if he was speaking to me or someone else. There was surely only me and him inside the house, unless he was able to see paranormal stuff like ghosts. That thought gave me creeps.

"You're talking to me?" I finally asked him.

His eyes slowed their shaking trembling and became a little stable. Moreover, those eyes of his started to get watery.

"I see... You don't remember me..." his voice was chocked up. He was really really on the verge of crying.

What was I supposed to remember when it was the first time I've met him or experienced something like falling angels?

His right eye was first to give in. She couldn't bear the weight of those tears she was trying so hard to resist. Her grip weakened and she let a tear escape. The tear from left eye followed right away. First, then second, then third and so on the tears started escaping. His eyes gave up on holding those tears and set them free.

That angel was crying right in front of me. I must be a very horrible person to make an angel cry.

"Don't cry." it hurt. Somewhere deep within my heart, it hurt. Watching him cry like that made me want to cry so badly. I wondered what I could do to make him stop doing that when he finally spoke up.

"I'm sorry. I never intended to do this, not in front of you at least. But I guess they had to come out sooner or later." he said while gazing at me like he was trying to savor the moment, still crying though.

He was such a crybaby.

I walked towards him, his eyes widened as I did. I sat near him on the bed and held his face in my hands. He didn't stop me. He didn't say anything when I wiped away those tears with my thumbs.

"You know, you're pretty but you look much prettier without them."

He didn't speak. He just placed his hands over mine. I was touching him. Did I overstep my line. I hoped I didn't.

"Thank you." he said with that special smile of his. Though his tears were still flowing and I was trying to wipe them all before they reached his cheek.

"For what?"

"For everything you have done for me." he said as he closed his eyes firmly, yet softly.

And he smiled. That smile was just undescribable. Sun gives light and warms the earth. The same way his smile was warming my heart. Even though his tears were still flowing out, his smile made me feel alive inside. It touched me the way nothing else ever did. That sweetest smile made me feel like I was dreaming.

Dream, my mind repeated. The image of that kid dressed in black flashed in my mind. The way he looked at me, crying yet smiling. I thought that in a way, both that kid and this angel looked alike. Both of them wore same black coat, same long silver hair, same emerald eyes burning with green fire and exactly same smile.

I saw countless dreams. I even daydreamed same thing many times. But I never imagined it would happen in reality. Neither I wondered about the possibility that it could be more than a dream. My mind wanted to dismiss that thought about him.

But in my heart, I knew that angel in front of me was the same angel from my dreams!

Lovelesss Lovelesss

This chapter may have a few or more than a few errors. Forgive. I'll edit them as soon as I get time..

I've exams and I'm also working on another story too. Too much to do and too little time...

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