78.04% Grave of Heroes / Chapter 32: Choosing A Mentor (1)

Chapter 32: Choosing A Mentor (1)

Next to Braden's name he saw his scores.

Braden Nolan. Ability Score: 31. Z Virus Score: 10. Combat Score: 38. Total Score: 79. Rank: 107.

"I passed!" He heaved a sigh of relief. Temporarily ignoring his rank, he reveled in the fact that he had passed the exam. Just a short while ago he had been contemplating a future as a non-Super. Now he had successfully entered Khargath City Super Academy. The difference between his future now and his future before was like the difference between night and day.

Next to him Brigid also celebrated. She had passed too. Furthermore her score landed her in the top 50. Liam muttered to himself in annoyance, as he had failed to make the top 50. He could only console himself with the fact that he had accepted a strong mentor. Darragh remained calm. However, next to him, Second Elder had grown excited and even Clan Head knuckled his mustache as he hid a smile.

Darragh Nolan. Ability Score: 48. Z Virus Score: 9. Combat Score: 39. Total Score: 96. Rank: 2.

Darragh had actually taken second place out of all of the Supers in the exam. Merely passing the exam and entering the Academy made you an elite. The top 50 were already considered to be the best of the best with limitless prospects, and now Darragh had placed second.

"The future is secure." Second Elder commented happily to Clan Head. Not only would the reputation of the Nolan clan skyrocket, they wouldn't have to worry about falling out of the top eight clans. They'd finally taken the first step to recover from the disaster that had befallen their clan fifteen years ago at the Tournament.

Braden, Brigid, Darragh, and Liam all stepped forward and joined the line to go collect their StarGear. They weren't quite sure what to expect.

As Braden reached the front of the line and received the device, he saw it was the watch-type device that the man guarding the door of the Academy had been wearing.

Scanning his tracker with the StarGear, it flashed a welcome screen at him before entering a tutorial to set up the device.

Belladonna stood on the stage, and, seeing people receive the device, explained, "The StarGear is critical to accessing various functions of the Academy. First, it will be used to track your training results. It also records your achievements and awards points. For example, for passing the exam you automatically receive ten points. The top 50 receive additional rewards based on their ranking. You can earn more points by completing tasks for the Academy, winning duels against your fellow students, competing in intraschool competitions, and more. There are a variety of ways to earn points, and there are documents on the school forums explaining them."

"Points are used to earn special opportunities such as Academy training spots, use of certain Academy facilities, and weapons and gear."

"Additionally, the StarGear functions as a communication device. It lets you send and receive video messages. For those of you who are receiving mentors, most of them will contact you through the device."

"You will continue to discover the functions of the device as you go. For now, check your messages to see if you received an offer from a professor to be your mentor."

Braden listened to Belladonna and checked his messages. He saw a welcome message from the Academy. Putting that aside for the moment, he checked the next message.

A man's face popped up on the screen. It was Wolf Demetrious.

"Hello brat," Wolf began arrogantly. "My name is Wolf Demetrious. I am one of the physical type Supers serving as a professor at the Academy. I'm giving you the opportunity of a lifetime. You can acknowledge me as your mentor and I'll take care of you in the Academy. You have a decent ability, and a high Z Virus Score which makes you barely worthy of my tutelage. Your combat needs serious work though. If you come under me you might have a chance of earning some achievements later on. You definitely won't get a better offer. Greet me as your mentor during the entrance ceremony."

The message ended there. Braden felt stunned. He was used to arrogance, but he had never seen such an arrogant offer before. "You would think he was offering me a position out of nepotism based on his tone." Braden thought.

Braden did not know Wolf, but he did know about the Demetrious clan. The Demetrious clan was one of the top three clans. In the past, the Nolan clan had been ranked third, but after the disaster at the Tournament they'd fallen to eighth, and the Demetrious clan replaced them as third rank.

The relationship between the two clans was not very good as the Demetrious clan had practically celebrated the downfall of the Nolan clan, their former rival.

Braden couldn't help but be disappointed at the offer. He had not receive any other offers from professors to be his mentor. The issue with most of the physical type professors was that they weren't from major clans. Thus, they didn't want to get involved in clan politics for the sake of status. They would only offer to mentor students that had the same ability as them. Braden's ability to increase and decrease his weight was extremely unique, and none of the professors shared that ability.

"Am I really going to have to accept him as my mentor?" Braden thought. He'd almost rather not have a mentor.

Suddenly, his StarGear buzzed and an alert popped up on the screen.

"You have 1 new message."

Braden found the message and opened it.

An old man's face appeared on the screen.

"Hello Braden," the man rasped. "My name is Everett. I'm a professor here. I have a unique type ability that really doesn't in any way relate to your ability. I'm not from any major clan. However, you impressed me during your exam. You made the most of the ability you had, and used your wits to cover up your weak areas. I'm willing to be your mentor. If you accept, come greet me during the entrance ceremony when they announce for students to choose their mentors."

Braden let out a laugh helplessly. In comparison to Wolf, this man, Everett, had been very polite. He even complimented Braden. He came off as much more sincere. However, he openly admitted that his ability was completely unrelated to Braden's own ability.

Unsure of what to do Braden began to think.

"Wolf, as a physical type Super, knows how to focus my improvement. He also is a member of the Demetrious clan and could provide opportunities for me. But he's also insufferably arrogant and life with him as a mentor just seems like it would be a nightmare. On the other hand, Everett seems like he would sincerely guide me, but I have no idea what he could offer me."

Sighing, Braden went to Second Elder to get his advice.

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Going to release a second chapter today so stay tuned!

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