4.54% Cultivator from the Modern World / Chapter 3: Father, are you proud?

Chapter 3: Father, are you proud?

Midnight passed quickly and the birds' chuckling noises could be heard. Golden rays of sunlight shone into Shen Long's room, onto his white, messy desk. His pile of homework was left untouched whereas Shen Long was sitting in front of his computer, staring at his screen.

This time, Shen Long actually was not reading light novel, but reading an article on Qi Breathing.

"This article is such bullshit! Clasping your hands together and imagine yin and yang within the body? If this can strengthen my Qi, I will call you my grandfather! These stupid websites are such clickbaits. Who on Earth would pay 5 USD to read your fake manual!?" Shen Long said angrily.

He gave his alarm clock a quick glance and then decided to get ready for school.

"Mother, What's for breakfast?" Shen Long lazily shouted as he stretched his arms.

"Today's breakfast is your favourite! Remember your favourite dish when you were five? Chocolate with rice?" Lin Qu-er said excitedly!

Shen Long's face turned white. "Not again... I am 16 now... Chocolate with rice? What was wrong with me when I was six??" He thought to himself while he unwillingly walked out to the dining room.

His father was dressed in a dark-grey suit, sitting with his legs crossed, gave Shen Long a glance filled with murderous intent.

"It's ready! Eat up! You can't go to work or school until you finish this!" Mother exclaimed.

His Father walked up to Shen Long, and cursed at him.

"It's all your fault. Now I have to eat your chocolate rice with you. Why don't you tell Qu-er that you don't like it anymore so that I don't have to suffer with you?" Shen Chun cursed quietly into Shen Long's ear.

"I have hinted it to Mum so many times already. She seems to still think I like eating this dish. I am sorry Father... Thank you!!" Shen Long whispered back, but shouted the last two words "Thank you" extremely loudly.

Dad looked at him perplexedly as Shen Long said "Thank you" for no apparent reason.

"Mum, I am sorry I didn't tell you yesterday! I have a test today at 7am! I better get going or I will be late!! Dad said he's really hungry just now, so he will finish my portion for me! I really want to eat with you but I really can't!" Shen Long hurriedly said and immediately left the house.

"You son of a b****... Do I... Do I owe you a debt from my previous life? You..." Tears almost fell out from Shen Chun's face as he stared at the brown, liquidy food.

Spots of brown could be seen on Shen Chun's face. If others didn't know what he had for breakfast, they would probably think he accidentally wiped some poo-poo on his face.


In Shen Long's classroom, Hanwu Academy.

Shen Long, as always, was brimming with a smile, especially after escaping from his mother's homemade, delicious, poop-looking dish.

"Hey cultivator!! Did you kill any monsters last night?" Wu Yehai teasingly shouted, and the whole class started laughing.

"Yehai! Come with me! I have something to tell you!" Shen Long quietly whispered to Wu Yehai with a sincere face.

"Yehai, don't tell everyone I'm a cultivator! Please help me keep this secret! I don't want everyone to know about this!" Shen Long spoke with excitement.

Wu Yehai was completely shocked. He did not expect to hear anything like this. Yehai was even thinking of what to say if Shen Long got mad at him. He just nodded and continued to stare blankly.

"Just what is wrong with him this week? How did he even manage to get top grades with that brain of his? He doesn't even do his homework... Heaven really isn't fair..." Wu Yehai continued to look at Shen Long with envy and also disbelief.

School bell rang and it was time for class again.

"Good morning Mr. Zhou!" The entire class stood up.

Zhou Laoshi (Laoshi means teacher) signalled them to sit down and warmly smiled. Suddenly, he saw Shen Long and his smile immediately disappeared.

"Shen Long! Where were you yesterday when you were supposed to be in detention with me!?"

Shen Long nervously looked back at Zhou Laoshi, not uttering a single sound as if he was dead.

"Shen Long! Give me an answer! And also, hand in your homework now!"

"Yesterday... I saw Junior Sister by the school gate and I completely forgot about the detention... She really is just too beautiful. I forgot everything as soon as I saw her charming smile. Her eyes are so pretty, and her hairstyle..." Shen Long continued to speak, and his saliva started dripping down to his shirt again.

"Shut up! Just hand in your homework to me!" Zhou Laoshi angrily said despite he was almost speechless after listening to Shen Long's explanation.

"Eh... I will give it in tomorrow..." Shen Long suddenly realised he still didn't do his homework last night as he was browsing through Qi Manuals.

"You... See me after school today!" Zhou Laoshi's eyes were extremely red, at the point where the vessels in his eyes were visible.

Time passed quickly and it was already lunchtime.

Shen Long immediately went to the school canteen as his stomach was growling.

"Oh YES! It's my favourite dish! Red Braised Pork Belly!? Now this is real food!" Shen Long bought two plates and his mood improved immediately.

He feasted on the pork belly and finished it within 5 minutes. This was because a cultivator required much more food than normal mortals. Although Qi could be replenished through absorbing essences from Heavens and Earth, food was still necessary, especially for those in Qi Condensation.

"How am I still so hungry? I already ate two plates!!" Shen Long thought as he walked up to the food counter again and got another two plates.

"I didn't bring enough money..." Shen Long realised as his wallet was empty besides some random receipts.

"Hey Dafei! Can you lend me 50 yuan? I will pay you back tomorrow!" Shen Long said to Dafei who was talking to his friends.

"Why? You usually bring 50 yuan to school every day! That's enough for you to buy 2 Lunch! Bugger off!" Dafei aggressively shouted.

"Dafei. Things are different now. Let me tell you a secret. I am now a cultivator and 2 meals cannot fill me up at all. Don't tell anyone though! I will pay you back 60 tomorrow!" Shen Long replied in an honest tone.

"HAHAHA. Cultivator? HAHAHAHAHAHA. If you can prove that you're a cultivator, I will give you 50 bucks for free! Not even that, I will call you my grandpa! HAHHAHAHA" Dafei said in a mocking tone.

"Sure sure! How about I lift up the your bottle without touching it? 50 bucks? Deal!?" Shen Long excitedly said.

Dafei nodded while his friends and he laughed like some crazy maniacs.

"Watch closely!" The water bottle slowly floated towards Shen Long's hand. Lifting a light object for Shen Long now was very easy, as he was now in the Second Level of Qi Condensation.

Dafei and his friends' jaws dropped onto the ground. So did the people who saw the bottle floated in midair.

"What kind of magic is this!? Here, here. Take your 50 bucks! Can you do more of this?? This is bloody wicked bro! Dafei said in his "gangster" tone.

"Who else wants to see? 50 bucks and I will do the same thing!" Shen Long shouted loudly to make sure everyone heard him.


Shen Long was laughing merrily as he earned almost a thousand yuan in an hour.

"This is such a good way to earn money! Father, are you proud!?" Shen Long thought to himself while making strange noises again.

"Woo-hoo! Yeah!!!! WAHAHAHAHAH!"

Meanwhile in Shen Chun's office...

"Who the fuck used my credit card to buy a Qi Manual Guide!?"

WitheringLeaf WitheringLeaf

3rd chapter! Hope it made you laugh!

Comments (39)

  • PixelKid


    Author sama if our MC reads cultivation novel why is he always tell everybody that hes a cult8vator? Doesnt he know the danger he get if he continue to do it?

  • Laozi


    I really hope the dad cultivates and the mom. Then the dad can be higher realm and give his son a good spanking. Please make it like this hahaha

  • Fruittella


    Pfffttt Hahahaha, poor dad..

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