14.15% Battle of Ascension / Chapter 45: Auction (3)

Chapter 45: Auction (3)

Azure-colored saber with length 1 meter. This the item all people waiting for, although they could not afford the weapon they still wanted to look, what looked like Legendary weapon was.

"The name of the saber is [Azurewrath Saber], increase attack by 45%, +40 Strength stat and the last is the equip effect Wrath Burst. Wrath Burst Give 3% chance to deal double damage on attack and the last one, this is Exceptional Legendary grade weapon. The Superior Legendary weapon, at least has 2 equip effect while Legendary weapon without the equip effect is an Ordinary Legendary weapon. All right I will not explain further, the starting price is 6,000,000 Gold and every increase bid at least 100,000 Gold,"

"This weapon is ours, Dragon Dynasty. 7,000,000 Gold," Shouted playful voice from private room number 5. Zhang Hao was the one did the bid from Dragon Dynasty.

"Heh, let's see who will get the item, 7,200,000," Ryou Tokugawa sneered while raised the bid.

"7,500,000 Gold," Deep voice could be heard from private room number 6.

"8,000,000 Gold," Immediately Zhang Hao raised the bid after just the private room number 6 threw their bid.

Many audiences sucked a cold breath air after heard the price bid, it instantly shot toward 8 million from 6 million.

"This is the real main show tonight auction,"

"Yeah, look like the private number 7 really didn't intend to compete for the Legendary weapon that is why they buy the material because they know could not compete against this big boss,"

"I thought the private number 7 is another giant, look like they are not,"

The bid continued while the people discussed who will get the weapon.

"I think Eternal Shogunate will get another Legendary weapon,"

"Yeah, Eternal Shogunate is guild established by one clan with support four clans, while the Dragon Dynasty is founded by 7 families, there is no head in the Dragon Dynasty and the profit from the member also divided into 7 families while Eternal Shogunate did not, they put the their treasury in one place,"

"Not necessarily, maybe there is conflict inside the Dragon Dynasty but when they fight against their enemy they will become united, face the enemy together,"

There were many arguments but it didn't affect the auction.

"15,000,000 Gold," Zhang Hao increased their bid with a playful tone.

"16,000,000 Gold," Ryou Tokugawa also kept increasing the bid.

Meanwhile, the private room number 6 already gave up to get this Legendary weapon and only left Dragon Dynasty and Eternal Shogunate which competed for the Legendary weapon.

Private room number 1, three people resided here. They wore a black cloak, covered all their body and wore a silver plain mask on their face.

"Let's go, the price for this weapon already overprice, it's not worth,"

Didn't know who the one said that, but three of them stood up together, walked out of the room. They didn't even care who would get the Legendary weapon.

"17,000,000 Gold," Zhang Hao still increased their bid.

"19,000,000 Gold," Ryou Tokugawa raised the bid instantly 2 million. This was all the Gold he took from the treasure guild, he thought the Dragon Dynasty doesn't have Gold more than 19 million so he just raised the bid by 2 million. But he guessed wrongly, Dragon Dynasty brought more than 19 million.

In the private room number 5

When Zhang Hao wanted to raise their bid to 20 million but Tang Ren, the one who has a rough voice prevented him. Zhang Hao looked at him with a puzzled look.

"Just raise for 100,000 Gold, for now, I think they don't bring more than 20 million," Long Xinya the woman who hugged Zhen Yi before the auction started the one who told Zhang Hao.

Zhang Hao nodded his head and shouted their bid with his playful voice,"19,100,000 Gold,"

Ryou Tokugawa heartbeat became faster after he heard they still increased their bid and looked at Hideki and Mitsugi before he said,"How much Gold do you guys have? Look like Dragon Dynasty at their limit but I only have 120,000 Gold and I only bring 19 million Gold from the guild treasury,"

"I have 200,000 Gold," Mitsugi answered.

"I have 310,000 Gold," Hideki answered.

"Alright, it's enough," Then Ryou press the red button, but before he shouted their bid he mocked the Dragon Dynasty first,"Look like you Dragon Dynasty already at the limit, better give up if you guys don't have the money hahahaha. 19,200,000 Gold,"

"19,300,000 Gold,"

"19,400,00 Gold,"

"19,500,000 Gold,"

"19,600,000 Gold," Here Ryou Tokugawa became nervous, he cannot believe that Dragon Dynasty would have more than 19 million.

He looked at Hideki and Mitsugi before asked,"How? They brought more money than we thought. Let them get the item?"

Hideki Kyou and Mitsugi Akechi contemplating after they heard what Ryou Tokugawa said. After a few seconds, Mitsugi Akechi bright and said,"I have an idea,"

Ryou Tokugawa and Hideki instantly looked at the Mitsugi Akechi.


Meanwhile, in the room private room number 5

"Look like you are right Xinya, they are run out their Gold, we just need to raise the bid one more we will get this Legendary item," Zhang Hao said in a playful smile.

But Long Xinya didn't answer him, she just dazed, looked at the saber yet her eyes were void and unfocused.

Zhang Hao didn't care, he pressed the red button and said,"19,700,000 Gold,"

He thought after he threw this bid, they will get the item. But something unexpected happened, the Eternal Shogunate so desperate to get this Legendary weapon.

"19,000,000 Gold and 1 set Legendary armor,"

Uproar, all people on the outside private room shocked by this bid.

"WOW, The Eternal Shogunate will get this Legendary weapon,"

"Yeah, they even put a Legendary set armor,"

"Dragon Dynasty really could not compete in the wealth against Eternal Shogunate,"

There was a cheer from the member of Eternal Shogunate on the outside while the member of Dragon Dynasty just bowed their head gloomily.

Meanwhile, in the private room number 5, Zhang Hao instantly stood up when he heard the bid from the Eternal Shogunate shocked and his smile became stiff, Tang Ren face also turned darker, while Long Xinya still in dazed like thought about something and another man with them, Ye Shaoyang still put an expressionless face like he didn't care at all.

"Sorry mister from private room number 9, I need to confirm from the owner saber first. This weapon is not ours, the Auction House. So we need to confirm from the owner if he agreed you can use your set armor as bid," Isa explained. Because he didn't know Randy want to trade with set armor or just only want Gold.

"Alright, you could ask him," Ryou Tokugawa replied confidently. 19 million + a Legendary set armor worth 6 million, how could the owner saber didn't agree.


Isa ran toward the appraisal room, Randy already leave his private room and didn't watch the rest auction.

The door of appraisal room opened and Isa entered the room, he saw Randy slept on the couch with his head on his wife's thigh, his wife also closed her eyes. Seeing this, Isa hesitated to wake Randy or not, luckily his wife opened her eyes not long after he entered the room.

"Hello miss, I want to discuss something with your husband, can you wake him up?" Isa asked Zhen Yi with a smile when he saw, she opened her eyes.

Zhen Yi looked at Randy on her thigh, he slept soundly. Afterward, she looked back to Isa and said,"Just say it to me, what is it?"

"It's like this miss..." Isa explained about the auction before he asked again,"So you want to take the offer or not?"

Zhen Yi fell silent for a while as she thinking about the decision. After a while, she answered,"No, we just want the Gold and..." She whispered something to Isa. Isa nodded his head and walked back.

After Isa went out, she closed her eyes again and murmured something,"...this is my last gift,"

HotIce HotIce

A surprise chapter from me :)

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  • _Blank_


    No NTR please!!

  • potter909


    Great chapter left us hanging good and thanks for the chapter loving this book

  • Dragonwine


    Isnt a surprise if it's one chapter, barely can be one if there are ah least 2 chapters wahahaha Thank

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