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Author: drakien

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Chapter 1: God dispute

Heaven, sacred palace of god.

The sacred palace of god was a place for god to gather and decide what to do about the universe, and because the sacred palace was used to gather the god and discuss about the universe it was ussually noisy but this time it was far worse, As two supreme gods was arguing and almost at the point of fighting it out, while the other gods are already cowering in the corner afraid to be a collateral damage because of the fight.

"Creation don't you fucking have eyes!!!, can't you see what the human have done they almost destroyed earth and now they want to explore the universe? What will the universe become hah!!!"

"Destruction please, the universe are vast there no way human can ruin it"

"Hooo, that so, then TIME!!!"

An old man with sand colored hair and long beard slowly walked near destruction, the old man seem to be sleep walking and even though he looked to walk slowly he arrived almost instanly, the old man bowed toward destruction then toward creation.

"Yes your majesty destruction l await your order"

"Show the future if the human started to explore the universe"


The old man than waved his hand and a rectangle mirror with the leght of one meter and width of 70 centimeter appeared, inside the mirror there was an image of many type of gods being put inside somekind of container and being sucked out of their divinity, all the gods in the room including destruction and creation even time itself as the one who conjured the mirror become shocked, destruction looked toward then looked toward creation.


destruction shouted at creation as he point his finger toward the mirror harshly before he tried to go down on earth and destroy all human, creation seeing destruction dissapearing figure looked toward all the other gods and goddesses and the all began to laugh together.

Outside the sacred palace of god was an ordinary looking man in his mid-twenties, the man looked toward the sacred palace of god and shook his head, he mumbled.

"Creation oh creation you really made a wrong choice this time"

The man then vanished into thin air.



Behind the moon there was a humanoid figure, the figure was enveloped by darkness and nobody can see who the figure really is, the figure looked toward earth for before he seem to be deep in thought, the figure murmured.

"I can't use my power or l will ruin the universe, and lf l have to use meteorite without a doubt l will ruin the earth to the point that it can't recover naturally"

The figure kept murmuring to himself when suddenly space shook in front of the figure and then another figure appeared, the new figure was a handsome man in his thirty he have a long violet hair and violet eyes, when the man appeared the darkness that enveloped the figure dissapeared and it show another handsome man in his thirty with a long black hair, the violet haired man looked toward the black haired man and proposed something.

"Destruction l have a proposal for you in regard to humanity"

The black haired man or destruction was not shocked about the appearance of the violet haired man or even his choice to protect humanity, he even thought that they would have to fight it out for real knowing the violet haired man personality but who would have thought that the violet haired man would come with a proposal instead.

"Okay, what is your proposal creation"

The violet haired man or creation hearing that destruction was willing to hear him sighed in relief before he start telling his proposal.

"Okay my proposal was that we should decide humanity fate by their own hand"

Hearing creation proposal destruction sighed 'hais he never change', destruction then released his power and prepared to fight, creation seeing that destruction was preparing to attack him know that he make a blunder so he hurriedly said something.

"Wait wait wait, what l meant by decide their own fate was that each of us will choose human and give them a power and a mission, you will give them a mission to destroy the humanity while those that l choose will save them, how about it?"

After hearing creation proposal destruction was intrigued and nodded.

"Okay, but there would be a limit to how many people we can choose"

"Of course, then let's make a pact"


Creation then held out his hand and destruction was also held out his hand to seal the pact when suddenly numerous gods and goddesses appeared near them, destruction and creation looked toward the arriving gods and goddessed and asked what they are doing here, the god of time then walked out and explained their intention in arriving here.

"Your majesty destruction and your highness creation our intention was to be included in the pact"

Destruction knowing their intention was delighted thinking that he now have more allies and more chance at destroying humanity, while creation looked toward the delighted destruction and smiled before he act as if hesitating, destruction seeing the hesitation on creation face become ven more delighted so he hurriedly said okay.

"Okay, but you guys must choose side"

Creation said with weak tone, hearing creation tone destruction beamed in delight and hurriedly created the pact and urged the gods and goddesses to write their name on the pact and choose side. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Hurry hurry, creation hurry"

Destruction urged them to write their name, but when he saw the pact his face become grim as he looked toward the other gods and goddesses, then he noticed the smile on creation and know he was schemed by creation.

"Creation you son of a bitch!!!"

Creation as if didn't hear destruction curse took the pact from destruction and crush it, the pact then become a particle of light as an ancient voice emerged from the particle of light.


just as the voice end many pact appeared in front of the gods and goddesses even creation and destruction, all of them then took the pact and read it.

The pact consist of:

1.the side that defend human consist of:

- 1 supreme god, 6 top god, 57 high god, hundreds of major god, thousands of minor god.

2.the side that destroy human consist of only the supreme god of destruction.

3.the supreme god can choose of 7 human (note: the one choosen by the supreme god will have a brand based on virtue and sin), top god can choose 4 human, high god can choose 3 human, major god can choose 2 human, minor god can choose 1 human.

4.All gods cannot interfere with human from this day forth.

After all the gods and goddesses read the pact they heaved a sigh of relief with only destruction fuming with anger when suddenly the ancient voice sounded again.


All gods and goddesses was confused at first then they became pale when the ancient voice said it want to side with destruction but then they sighed in relief when the ancient voice said it only gonna choose one human, but only creation that was pale even after hearing the ancient voice will only choose one human while destruction grinned from ear to ear, all the other gods and goddesses except both the supreme gods was ignorant about their plan that was as good as failed because of the ancient voice involvement.


On earth.

All the human was ignorance about their impending doom.....

drakien drakien

My first novel and english was not my native language.

I decide to write this because of ramadhan and used it to waste time while l was fasting and because l have to much time as my work was pretty lax this time around, so don't expect much about the quality.

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  • Daoist_Spell_Star


    happy fasting brother greeting from indonesia :)

  • ShiroiiNeko


    hope for more

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