12.9% Dawning Of Dusk / Chapter 3: Chapter 3 - Restless Dreams

Chapter 3: Chapter 3 - Restless Dreams

Late during the evening, the apartment complex buzzing as the magical lamps churned lightly with a magical glow, Darrien ascended the stairs as he felt a cold breeze press against his skin, he lived on the fifth floor which was the top, room number 507 on the left side of the building. Arriving at the door, he would slowly let out a small yawn, pulling out the pass from his pocket as he would swipe it across as the door flashed green while a shadow slowly crept over him, the female shadow engulfing him as he turned and shouted.

He felt fear pressing at him as he turned around, the woman smiling to him before she burst into a fit of laughing.

"Karen, that is not even funny! I thought I was going to get mugged!"

His apartment complex was a rather large block of cheap flats, each unit being more like a sardine can for people to live in, though the rent was cheap that was the only redeeming quality, the area was rather poor, not anything dangerous but still not as safe as other higher tier apartment centers. His sense of worry as he was entering his home at night was due to being mugged, though his wallet was almost empty, his worry was pissing off the muggers with nearly nothing and ending up dying to a stab wound or a magical blast.

"Oh Shut it. You should be thanking me. Oh thank you Karen, you are so thoughtful to come and check up on me! I'm such a low scum who will always need yo... Hey!" she said yelling as the male had turned around to enter into his home.

"Let me at-least finish before you walk away. Do not dismiss me like some common house pest!"

Standing around 5'09, long wavy red hair that seems to be as wild as herself, Karen always kept a cheeky grin plastered across her face, her entire attitude was strong willed as she knew what she wanted and always got her way most of the time. She had been Darrien's neighbor since he moved in almost four years ago. She event went to the same university that he did. She had taken a liking to him and became a friend, one that was as annoying and buggy as a typical old childhood friend. He always looked so worn out, unhappy and depressed years ago, she credited her own personality for his upswing lately.

Darrien would eventually shrug the fiery redhead away for the evening, he knew that she would be back again tomorrow to pick him up for university. Forbid him for even trying to take a day off, she would just drag him along while scolding him, entering into the small tuna can sized apartment, his hand picking up the remote as he sat down on the small torn leather chair, the TV buzzing before it eventually and reluctantly turned on, showing some programming on, unlucky for him as it was during the advert slot, many things had changed in the many years but advertisements never changed.

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He would chuckle as he would drink the same brand water, slowly shrugging his shoulders as he flipped through the channels, eventually just shutting the thing down, he would look at the bed with annoyance, this was the least favorite thing. He had been having strange dreams, more towards nightmares during his nights, he took his time before sliding into the bed. Hopefully he would have a peaceful night.

It had only been twenty minutes before a dark shape appeared on the Balcony, the apartment she looked in was something appalling. "How do humans live in such cramped living areas, one room with a bed, kitchen, living area..I assume that is the bathroom in that room near the door." She said shaking her head, her body slowly turning to shadows as she pulled herself through the door.

She took a few moments as she examined the male laying on the bed, his brow furrowed as it seemed he was dreaming, her excitement growing as she moved closer as the blood called to her like a sirens call. "Oh my. I doubt I will be able to hold myself out for long. Give me permission my prince or I will get permission another way" She said licking her lips, slowly pulling herself out through the door, her eyes looking to the moon before she turned to see a woman standing on the balcony next to her.

"Oi, If you have touch any hairs on his body, I will gut you vampire"

The fiery redhead looked serious as she held a long bladed sword in one hand, flames licking up the blade as the runes seemed to glow in the moonlight, enough power displaying that the vampire would simply giggle, normal vampires would be gutted by this warrior but she was an ancient, she had powers that dwarfed her.

Vanessa simply stared at Karen for a few seconds before shrugging.

"I'm just checking up on my employee. I can simple spend more time with him later!"

With that the vampire simply faded to shadows, skirting along the building before vanishing, Karen frowning as she would stare at the retreating shadow.

"Darrien, what have you gotten yourself into..."

Darrien felt his mind wander, the endless cycle of dreams slowly shifting around him, he would groan as he felt his mind playing tricks, slowly pressing mind forward as he was stuck in a deep white fog, eventually pressing through as he entered another white area, though with less fog.

The area was rather large, cathedral like with tall ceilings with designs of olden buildings from hundreds of years prior, everything pristine white. He would walk forward as his eyes forced on the only strange thing that was in the room, the large orb that he had touched the day before.


The words escaping his lip as the orb seemed to light up, white light filling all the indents and lines on the orb, it would pulse as he felt his mind hurting. He felt his soul getting pulled further to it as he would slowly advance on it, his hands moving up as he layed his fingers on the strange orb, scattering thoughts as he would feel himself flying, the air around him cold as he looked at the world from the air above, his surroundings changing in an instant as he looked at the sea below him, endless water as he just flew.

"Holy hell! I'm flying!"

He said screaming in pleasure as it was a perfect moment, most dreams rough or horrible, this one seemed to be a pleasant, all dreams must come to an end as he felt his flight getting halted, his body turning heavy as he fell to the water below.


He felt his face crashing against the water as his dream ended.

His eyes would shoot open, water drenching him and his body as the cold tap water covered him and the bed, Karen standing over him with a glass in her hands.

"Morning sleepy head! Seems you slept in... Again!"

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