19.35% Dawning Of Dusk / Chapter 5: Chapter 5 - Magical Basics

Chapter 5: Chapter 5 - Magical Basics

Professor Scris had been an average human for most of his life, boring office job with a lacklustre family life, till the echo had become active, sending magical energy into the entire land. He was one of the first people to get turned, his height drastically altered and he becomes very small, thus his trip to the theme park in the summertime was ruined, shame he really enjoyed going on the Splash Hills ride. He kept joking about the last part as his marriage fell apart and his own children had branded him as a freak, at the end of it, all that mattered was the bloody theme park rides he could never enjoy again!

He had become a Professor after he discovered his own powerful magic, he was known as a twin caster as he could both cast earth and air magic, he was at the advanced stage for air magic while Intermediate magic for earth magic. He would begin the lesson as normal, the free introduction lesson was given every few months and tests would begin, it was an arms race to find and develop magical talent for all countries. He had only found a few people of worth in the past few years, most people tended to have very few magical capabilities. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Ok, So let me explain the basics to all of you fledgelings, Magic is broken into stages and power. Depending on the stage you could have something very powerful, though I doubt any of you will have anything of note!"

He would then write down the basics of each level. The most common magic was known as the core elemental magic.

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Light, Dark.

These six magics formed the basic, while the Light was the centre power and the rarest for the common powers, Earth, Fire, Wind, Water surrounded Light to form the common attributes which almost everyone had, in fact, it was impossible for someone not to have at least a few per cent in one category, Lastly was Dark which surrounded the Elemental magics like a ring around them, this was the most common magic type and tended to be the weakest out of them all, though most people would have better skills in this than anything else. This was all classed as Tier 1 magic, it was the weakest but most common.

Tier 2 magic was categorized as Mind magic, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Telepathy, Precognition. These were all known as Psionic powers though commonly known simply as Mind magic, very few people in the city would have access to this magic, he had only found one person with this ability in the decade he had worked in this city. He even had a tint of jealousy at this person.

Tier 3 magic was categorized as Celestial powers, angelic creatures and even certain fallen creatures had this, it was a rather unknown magic that he did not even understand himself, he had never even seen someone use it himself, he only knew that in the Celestial Northen Empire over in North America had a few angels, this power was strong enough to wipe an entire city from the map in the blink of an eye, this power had terrified most countries mainly due to the lack of knowledge, this was also the reason the Celestial Peace Keepers had taken route so well, no one dared to oppose them unless they wanted to court death.

Each tier of magic had subcategories as well, He was an advanced Wind mage, he had trained for nearly ten years to get to this height, though his own power would be unable to advance without spending a bunch of crystals to pay for his improvement.

He would begin explaining the basic ranks to the class, most looked super confused, he would note the male with the red tips in the front who looked the most confused. "Idiots, why do I both" he would mutter as his back was turned.

Basic, Lesser, Centre, Greater, Advanced, Ancient, Godly.

Seven tiers of power which could be something that would determine someone's power level, a fire mage with basic skills could create a small flame about the size of a lighter while a Godly fire mage could create a fireball about the size of an entire city block with the damage to back it up, each level was also connected to a percentage level of compatibility along with it.

"So, With those there. We will be testing percentages with the abilities, Testing kits for both Elemental and Mind powers will be tested and stuck onto a testing rock, these will be sent to examine, I will have a basic review for myself straight away to let you know on the spot if you pass or fail... More likely fail!"

One student would raise a hand. "Sorry Sir, What are percentages in regards to this!"

Scris would turn to the student, his eyes giving a deadly vibe as all the windows in the classroom would slam shut, the wind making his anger evident. "Next time I will kick you out!"

He would sigh internally as he better answers the questions, he did not want the dean getting on his back again about his attitude, though maybe if the students in question had better luck and skill then he would not be as annoyed.

"We can test the potential in students, depending on how closely tied you are to an element the higher the chance of becoming someone much more powerful. If you have less then twenty per cent in a category then we don't even bother, you will never pass Lesser ability if you even can get past Basic!"

He would write down on the board the power levels and percentages require roughly. While this was not a fully accurate it tended to be correct for the average person

Basic - 15% to 25%

Lesser - 25% to 40%

Centre - 40% to 55%

Advanced - 55% to 70%

Ancient 70% to 90%

Godly 90% to 95%

No one had even gotten past the Godly tier, the highest was the current head of the entire magic education board who was a water mage with over 92% affinity for the element. He even had some Telekinesis powers, though these tended to be around the 35% mark which still made him a fearsome opponent.

Many people would start to nod as he pulled out his testing kit, he had finished his basic lesson and would begin testing, if he hurried the testing then he would get out for lunch nearly thirty minutes early, he would be able to get an extra long lunch which was something he was much more interested in.

He started to crush peoples hopes and dreams, one by one as he continued shouting.

"Terrible, Horrible, Worthless. Hurry up I don't have all day!"

Next up was the same red tipped male that seemed confused earlier, this was going to be another boring and easy day.

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