67.74% Dawning Of Dusk / Chapter 20: Chapter 20 - I hate Mystery's

Chapter 20: Chapter 20 - I hate Mystery's

Sam felt like punching herself, straight into her face as she watched the cameras flash, how was this a mission when the half angel partner of hers kept posing and showing off her wings. Everyone now knew that a half angel was here, angels themselves were a rare race indeed when one did not have the angelic aura then one was classed as a half-angel with wings and powers. Ordinarily, divine powers did not show up when one was a half angel; the angelic aura was proof that the person had real potential.

Angels were a rarity in the modern world, with so many different creatures, only around a thousand or so angels were active, with half angels bringing up the total to around one hundred thousand, they were a shallow population group, each member, bringing up the count and power level, angels themselves always had some mighty energy.

Angels themselves had to be careful, depending on the purity of the power then they would attract demonic entities due to the power that rested in the veins of the angels.

Demonic creatures customarily feasted on the blood of the angels, causing issues and rifts to occur naturally between the races, the fragile population of the angels getting hunted like cattle while the demonic races wanted a small taste of divinity. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The stronger the power of the angel, the stronger the scent and drive of the demonic races. Werewolves, Vampires, Demons and Devils all wanted a taste, and on the black market, some vials of the blood could fetch an astronomically high price.

The Union regularly stomped down on these practices though it was like playing whack-a-mole with the dealers. Most of the dealers had faked the blood; sometimes they had the real deal which caused more prominent issues.

In the demonic world the issues could not be resolved, part of the treaty forbids them from entering into the demonically controlled areas and stopped them from even attempting such a thing. It was causing much tension since the angels never wanted to be a meal but many lives were at risk due to this fact.

She would shake her head, looking at the half angel, clearly still annoyed that the cameras continued to flash, each second that passed was getting wasted. She would slowly step forward, about to stop this whole process before she heard the question, mouth dropping as her ears slowly drooped.

"Ms Angel, Why is the Union here. Is it to do with the missing Echo?"

Sam felt her heart leap, slowly pressing closer as she needed to stop her partner from saying anything that would cause an issue.

"No, I'm here as a scouting agent, looking for potential angels who have yet to awaken!" Menna said with a large smile, slowly nodding her head as she looked around at all the reporters.

"I'm sorry to say that all of you have no angelic or celestial natures about. I can say that none of you has the angelica aura or any potential to be angels."

The crowd seemed cheery at this point, some laughing at the well-natured woman as they would finish up the interviews before going away. Sam was rather surprised as she would just continue to watch Menna smile and talk to a few more people, evening doing some smaller interviews and just generally being very good at her part of the job.

After everything was said and done, both of them would head further into the city, heading to the museum. Stepping up the stoneworks, Sam would speak softly to the woman, ensuring that the conversation would reach the fewest ears.

"Surprised at how good you are at handling the press, I'm not cut out for that. They are just annoying buzzards trying to scavenge anything to make a decent story"

Menna would continue to smile and just make her way up the steps, wings attracting attention from people as they would enter into the museum.

Menna's head would tilt slightly to look at the woman next to her, smiling brightly to Samantha as she would just nod. "Oh I'm rather good at that, the main reason I got sent here. Maybe my first mission but I'm already used to the spotlight. I used to do walkway modelling before I changed!" She would smile with a confident note, nodding to her new partner as they.

Sam was rather surprised as she would continue to head up and into the main area, the location for the Echo had been locked off, metal gates holding down the area as a massive crowd would press and push against the grate, Union Security holding the area as they would approach, one of the guards noticing them as he would quickly pull them away to the side.

"Please this way, I got the message earlier and was expecting you." The young man would repeat, he looked rather human, though the light tint of blue skin would hint to his own celestial nature, having some sort of family relation to the celestial union.

"Looking at the footage, it's the strangest case I've ever had to deal with, it simply vanishes into thin air!" He would continue to speak as he led them into the private security area.

Slowly moving to the controller, pressing a few buttons as it would turn the machine on, footage slowly continuing before the screen would light up, showing the Echo floating normally, soon the time clicked to the next day.


Suddenly the Echo would light up, flowing with magical energy as the camera would start to grow fuzzy, the device becoming surrounded in light, eventually fading to nothingness as the Echo was simply gone.

Sam stood for a moment staring, the officers just shrugging as they were clueless, though Sam was analyzing the contents of the entire footage, slowly messing with the dials as she would smirk.

"Oh, I know what you have done!"

She would press the button as the footage played back slowly, the device still glowing brightly, though this time it was clear to see the device started to shrink rapidly, before being about the size of a palm, eventually getting sucked through a portal and disappearing.

"Someone shrunk and teleported the device"

The others seemed shocked but proud that Sam had found this out.

Sam was annoyed as she knew this was a problem.

The magic used was clearly Celestial magic, someone powerful could only do this, someone either from the Union or Demonic areas.


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