70.96% Dawning Of Dusk / Chapter 21: Chapter 21 - Meeting the family

Chapter 21: Chapter 21 - Meeting the family

The main hall of the Echo had changed since the last time anyone had been inside; large curtains hung from the windows to cover any natural light, the walls around would be covered with plastic sheets to mind the dust and to protect any evidence. The entrance to the area had been blocked off with large metal grates and more plastic sheets, in the distance noises could be heard from the news stations as they tried to enter and gain an exclusive view.

Sam would enter from a side gate, looking around the room as even she could feel the natural energy from the place, it was a place that held the magical device for almost ten years, it contained a place in many peoples hearts. It took but a moment to notice the magical spells latched onto the walls, ceilings and floors.

"I can see magical mental blocking spells, many of them" she would lightly comment, looking around to the woman who was watching her, the half angel in awe at the surrounding as she came up.

"That's right, I heard from my history class that a crazy man touched the device and activated it, a few others went insane when nearby or when moving it.

Sam just nodded to this as she began her work, slowly pulling out magical items, chalks and other such extra's. It would only take a few moments before she had an entire small shops worth of supplies.

"Ok, I need everyone not to touch this area for the next month or so; otherwise you will ruin the spell."

She had done this spell many times in the past. It was a basic ritual spell she knew to combine both air and water magic, and this spell was a sight based spell to show the elemental magic in the air, this was useful when the devices were concerned.

"This spell will allow us to see the activity in the air, this will allow us to see if they have moved the Echo far away, if we still have a very active magical area then the Echo will still be close, otherwise magical energy will drain from this country and the mages here will be doomed to lesser magic"

Her hand would start to draw the symbols, using her vision to correct any slight issues as she then began to use her telepathy, chalk started to move quickly as the entire circle finished in under ten minutes. This single person finished the elaborate ritual that had a high place of failure if done incorrectly in such a short time.

"No wonder you are called the ritual master... Amazing" Menna would mutter under her breath, her eyes wide as a smile came across her face.

Sam pulled the chalks back to herself, placing them into her rucksack, opening another pouch as she pulled out the crystal, inside the blue crystal was the winds of magic flowing rapidly around inside.

This crystal was one of the more stable versions of magic that was currently on sale, the combination of both was around thirty per cent for both which was just enough for the spell, it would last around a month when used as well.

Her hand moved forward as she placed the thick stone into the centre of the ritual, power spreading quickly through the entire circle before air currents would rush out into the whole space around them, her eyes looking at the area around them.

Thousands of small lights would start to float around, and six different colours could be seen dancing in the air rapidly, floating or even swimming around.

Red, white, blue, green, black and yellow masses were just moving around rapidly, they looked almost like a strange cloud of insects moving erratically around the room.

Sam would feel her lips tugging into a smile; she had some good news as she turned to Menna.

"The Echo is still in the country, better news its still in the city. This reading is almost the level as the device being in this room!"

She still had a chance to get the device back, and one city was better then in the demonic kingdom, the worry was still rather high with the fact that it was someone with mighty celestial powers.

She would find the person who took it, then report it back to her superiors, and only the Archangel stood any chance against a person with this power.

"Maybell let's hope you can solve this issue; otherwise we are in trouble."

Darrien, Drax and Karen sat cramped inside the clown car, though it was more like Drax cramped and Karen and Darrien felt emotionally uncomfortable with this setup. It would only take thirty-five minutes to drive out of the city, into the country and arrive at the large manor house, the land around it all owned by the same family.

"Holy hell, you told me your family had money, but this was stupid! Why do you live in a rundown apartment next to me!"

Karen blushed as she moved slightly in the seat, looking away as he just shook his head.

'She must be unhappy about spending her parent's money' He thought.

'He would hate to know that my parents asked me to look after him' She thought.

The car would eventually come up the drive, twelve men and women dressed in maid and butler uniforms standing outside to greet them with one older woman at the head, her eyes full of respect as she bowed for Karen.

"You Mistress Blackrose, welcome back." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

All of them would bow as Karen would bring both herself, Darrien and Drax into the central area, the whole style was closer to a Japanese style as they walked along the wooden side.

"Wow, maybe I should have taken that offer to move in with you, this is nice!"

Darrien said joking as he smiled at Karen, though that smile would not last long as he felt her hands on his face, pushing him back fast.

It would not be long before Darrien fell from the walkway into the centre garden, body landing into the large pond that glowed bright blue, becoming soaked completely.

"Very funny Karen!" Darrien said rolling his eyes, Karen laughing loudly before a voice interrupted.

"What is funny Karen?"

Coming around the corner, having seen everything was Karen's father.

Seji Blackrose, his features more eastern as he appeared to be not pleased with the actions of his daughter, fire around his cheeks and shoulders as the rage simmiered and the flames acted on his emotions.

"Karen get him out of the pond right now! Do you understand we have guests and that pond cost almost as much as this entire home!"

Darrien was stumped, getting out of the pond, who was worth more, him or the fish inside this pond.

This was his first and more interesting time at the Blackrose Manor.

Cddizzym Cddizzym

Hi All!

Thanks for sticking with the novel so far.

Currently, we see slow but steady growth!

Thanks for all of the power stones as well!

If we get to 25 power stones, I will release an extra chapter, and then for every 25 more, I will upload more!

Thanks again!

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