77.41% Dawning Of Dusk / Chapter 23: Chapter 23 - Desert Stranded

Chapter 23: Chapter 23 - Desert Stranded

Meri felt the wind echoing around her, the air dry and harsh as she continued walking forward. She had recently been taken from the vampire's lair, chained and caged with many marks on her skin due to the draining of her blood with tubes; her life had hit rock bottom, her mind broken though she was one of the lucky ones, able to keep a fragment of her mind. When she felt the air shifting around her, light filling her eyes as she appeared in this strange desert, no sun or moon, never light but also never dark.

"This world is strange, the entire world covered in sand with nothing else in sight... Brother hurry up!"

Meri would watch her younger brother trailing along behind, coughing and sputtering as he was weaker than herself. Both of them had faced captured around the same time.

Meri and Kane were both Dark elves, skin closer to charcoal then what was usually possible, dark red eyes that seemed to glow in the pale sky. Their heights seemed to be roughly the same at 6'01 with grey hair, Meri's being longer while Kane's seemed shorter with a more rough look to it, each of them looked malnourished due to many years of mistreatment and blood draining.

"Look! Someone is flying!"

Meri would quickly spot the flying man, moving in the sand as she walked towards the person, she saw Darrien flying, his being looked rather majestic with a massive aura of power surrounding him.

"I'm the master of this world!"

The man would shout in the air, both Meri and Kane looked to each other surprised, it would not be long before the ground started to shake, wind flashing past them as the sand got blown past them and away. Mountains were beginning to form around them as they would then be in a basin without sand, the air becoming more relaxed around them. Water was starting to trickle past them as the stream began to form, growing a river rapidly and then a lake at the other end, the forest sprouting up on the northern bank of the river and the sounds of animals and other creatures starting to become more active. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Is this god?" Meri would mutter as she noticed the paradise around them, the grass under her feet and the smell of water, which she would quickly go and take a drink, the soothing water blasting through her mind as she felt her poor beaten mind starting to grow stronger again, more dominant thoughts coming back to her as she looked at them.

"This place is perfect, unlike back home with no family and just torture... I hope we can stay here forever" she said lightly, Kane next to her nodding his head as they both looked up into the sky, thousands of lights showing, many people floating along into the valley though most of them landing outside of the area. Both of them looking at each other in surprise as they would nod to each other.

An hour would pass, nearly four hundred people had been gathered next to the river, drinking the water had cleared all the previous mind control that had affected most people, water magic was great at fixing and removing mind issues through the water in this river was much more potent then anyone had ever expected.

Meri came back with a massive amount of berry's and nuts in her shirt, using the hem of it as a container as she would start allowing people to grab some nuts and berrys to feed themselves, she could see entire families here and many others, Kane would come up to take some and speak to her sister.

"Everyone is in the same boat as us Sis; no one wants to go back to the other world with vampires who want to enslave us, most of them don't have anything to go home to and the ones that do only have issues."

Kane and Meri would nod together as they took a seat next to the river, drawing in the dirt as they made a plan to set up a small village here to get everything.

"While that person created this basin and we managed to come here, I'm sure there are many more outside, so I'll stay here and start sorting out some houses, with magic we can construct some basic wooden and stone homes and then some storage areas for food. We need one group to make a tunnel out to the desert area so we can go look for other survivors."

She would nod to Kane as she stood up quickly. "Kane. Take a group and anyone with earth magic, make a tunnel to the desert outside and then look for survivors, we do not have anything to carry water, so make sure to drink as much as you can before leaving, do not stay out to long only four hours maximum as the heat is still strong without the sun."

Kane nodded his head as he would start to address the group, many people nodding and following orders as several people began to walk towards the west side of the mountains, starting to use earth magic to dig through the stones, mud and earth to create a pathway to the desert, others would begin to sort out the food and the final group would begin to use magic to cut down trees, shaping the wood into planks before allowing earth users to use mud and stone to make homes, they would be very basic but it would be fine, leafs with planks would allow for makeshift beds.

"Leader Meri we have finished the next home, that makes four, but we will need many more."

Meri would nod her head as she would look up into the sky, she knew the person had saved them all but Meri dared not ask for more help, she was not a greedy sort.

"We will need to look to our own power to solve this issue, make sure people eat and rest as well, there is no light or darkness, it's just a strange middle so make sure people rest. The homes will have to be crowded for now."

The people around her nodded, she had the appearance of a leader right now, and the town would form slowly over the next few hours.

Darrien had yet to figure out all of this had happened, though anyone would feel strange to find out that he had become not only a saviour to these people, he also became worshipped as a god by a few of them.

He had not even done anything himself, at least not in his view.

Cddizzym Cddizzym

Hi All!

Thanks for sticking with the novel so far.

Currently, we see slow but steady growth!

Thanks for all of the power stones as well!

If we get to 25 power stones, I will release an extra chapter, and then for every 25 more, I will upload more!

Thanks again!

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  • TheRedHand


    They are both good.

  • TheRedHand


    Are your books two different scenarios or are they going to connect to each other eventually?

  • Joshkam


    The god of this world darin

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