83.87% Dawning Of Dusk / Chapter 25: Chapter 25 - Hidden Valley Beginnings Part 2

Chapter 25: Chapter 25 - Hidden Valley Beginnings Part 2

After a few moments, Sene would cough lightly as she bounced forward, raising her arm like a child in school. "I have some news!" she said laughing and bubbling, her entire attitude rather childish as she seemed to be happy with the situation she was in now, unlike the rest she had not been drained and caged, though she had magical chains which stopped her from changing form, she was used as a cleaner, having to clean up the stonework and blood from the floor, it was a horrible life which she was happy to be free from. Her natural chatty and happy nature returning quickly.

Sene would nod her head as she listed off the magical aspects, slimes naturally had a constitution that was closer to magic than any other, they could naturally give more detailed descriptions of areas, though due to the poor magical regions in the normal world, slimes tended to be rarer or weaker due to that fact.

"Well, looking at the magic in the area, its clear that wind, water, fire and air magic are to a point of oversaturation, I've not seen a single place in the old world with such high levels of magic, even when I was near the echo it seemed almost half of the current amount here"

The others around them seemed stunned, though Meri was confused at one point, she had given the four basic elements but in total there were six basic elements.

"You gave four but what about light and darkness."

Meri asked confused as the slime bounced happily as someone mentioned that.

"Yes, well it seems there is none here, literally zero of it, which is why it seems to be permanently dusk here, almost nothing around, Dawning of dusk!"

Meri would shake her head. "Dawning of dusk? that sounds stupid as we need the sunlight to plant and farm!"

Sene would shake her head again as she smiled. "Well I've been testing that, it seems plants grow rapidly in the ground here, everything that would normally take months to grow now does it in hours, trees grow back at a rapid pace though it seems the forest boundary won't change, almost like its alive, each tree that was cut has grown back in an hour, though not as large as before."

Meri smiled brightly as she nodded to Sene. "That is excellent, we can have a large food structure ready and not have to rely on the forest for the abundance of the food"

Sene would bounce again as she started to speak, everyone else sighing lightly as they had already figured out that this woman liked to speak.

"Well, the funny thing about the forest is that no matter how much we pick and take, within several hours we will have already had a brand new patch to take from, the forests regrowth is as fast as the trees itself, it's amazing. This place is like a garden of Eden!"

Meri and Kane again just smiled as she finished the last of her rant, her words almost like a verbal torrent, the salamander stepping forward as it was her time to speak, she was head of the security division they had made, some people did not have that many good skills to use but had been previous bodyguards or police officers, the salamander was one such person. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"I've checked the area, seems wild animals are present in the forest, though they all seem to be harmless or prey types; rabbits, squirrels, deer and other such animals, we seem to be safe for now, though when the tunnel is finished, I would suggest several guards to help people coming in and also to protect, we still do not know what is outside in the sands."

Everyone would nod, Meri looking to her brother again as she would ask him. "What did you see out there, did you see anything at all?"

Kane bit his bottom lip, how could he describe something so unnatural, it was something he had never seen in real life, his eyes would look to them all, each one understanding as hope soon faded from them.

"Sand, tons of it, it seems to be just everywhere. I think we got lucky in the fact we came to this place, really if that person had not done this then.. we would be starving, hungry and near dead."

People around them seemed to nod and agree, each one looking paler than the last as it was some dreadful news, though confusion had come onto Zara's face.

"Person? What do you mean?"

Kane smiled lightly, he had not told everyone yet, recounting for the strange man flying, able to create this paradise in a matter of moments, stones turning to mountains, grass and water growing in moments to cover the entire valley.

"You make him sound like a God Kane..." Zara said lightly, confused as she looked at him.

"God... Maybe, though he's powerful I would not class him as a god, its only one small paradise in a sandy hell. Maybe a Demigod at best but we must find him, he's the only way we can get everything else we need."

Everyone else continued to nod as the final plans would start to come up to action, groups being assigned to tasks as everyone finally knew what plan to do.

"Thank's for the reports, we will need to continue building up the housing project, I want to get the numbers down to roughly three per home, then we can start working on farming. It seems like crop roation is nearly pointless due to the fact that they grow so fast, we will still need to be aware and keep an eye on the magical side of it all. Who knows when our luck will come to an end, so storage of long-term foods is a priority, though finding seeds will be another issue..."

She had many issues to resolve, though it would only be taken one day at a time, currently the basic homes would do and the larger mud house for storage would be used to remain cool for the storage of food.

In the distance a man with bird wings under his arms would rush in, flying rapidly as he would land onto the ground, skidding a few meters before stopping.

"Meri...MERI!" he would scream, his voice in panic as he would stop at the group.

"It's the sand...The sand!"

Meri would blink a few times, staring at the man as she let out a large sign. "What is it, speak up!"

"Its... It's retreating!"

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