90.32% Dawning Of Dusk / Chapter 27: Chapter 27 - Blackrose Training Center

Chapter 27: Chapter 27 - Blackrose Training Center

Still riding off his high, Darrien started to eat this fantastic breakfast without the help of the maid next to him, he could still feel her intense gaze on the back of his neck, though he would just ignore it as he knew that he was better off not getting used to getting treated like a prince.

He finished his meal quickly as he felt stuffed, it was so lovely to have a fantastic breakfast compared to his normal lifestyle, it was so strange but unusual that this was what he could expect if he became successful with magic, he needed to train hard.

"So Karen what is on the plan for today?" Darrien asked curiously.

"Nothing, in reality, we are not involved in the clan's affairs, they are currently going out to investigate the vampires and see if they can dig anything up."

Darrien felt slightly disappointed, slowly wondering what his life would bring now that his magical abilities had awoken, it was rather strange that it had happened at such a time, he assumed it had to do with the Echo, this was a topic he would have to do much more research though hopefully less dangerous than the last time.

He thought for a moment as he looked at Karen, his mouth coming to a smile as he looked at her. "Training session, maybe you could show me how to control these powers better?"

Karen stared for a moment, thinking as she just nodded her head, standing up as she led Darrien out of the room, the room getting cleared up by the maids.

Karen moved through the rooms, stepping onto the landing as she walked across the ground, eventually reaching a cellar, hands grasping onto the handles as she opened the wooden door to the basement, the smell of damp mildew present as both of them slowly entered and went down into the underground area.

Small firefly-like flames crept along the walls, lighting the way as they both descended, eventually reaching a large open cavern, it was entirely made out of carved stone, massive flames around the entire area with large crystals embedded into the walls along this place, magic flowing around the room rather well.

"This is amazing, the room is perfect, and we can do anything here with the wide open space!"

Karen smiled as she pulled out her sword, the rituals placed on the blade lighting up as the flames descended the handle to the tip of the blade. Her entire body was lighting up in flames as she was half covered in the hot flames, clearly getting engulfed.

"Holy, that is powerful. I remember in lessons that the amount of flame represents the power... Wait, Karen!"

He would grow panicked as he watched his childhood friend charge at him rapidly, sword swinging down at him quickly as he barely had time to pool the wind magic, forcing him to back away with his chantless based magic.

Karen smirked as she slashed at the air, barely missing as the flames hissed in his direction. "You are to slow, if you had normal chanting magic then you would have been roasted, slaughtered and killed!" she said hissing, apparently still upset by the earlier taunting by him.

"By flames path, light my way. Scorch all those who defy me!"

She chanted her next spell, shoes turning into flames as she stepped forward, every step she left was on fire, leaving a trail of fire behind her, speed increasing as Darrien barely had time to react, dodging a second blow as he hissed towards the woman.

He started to summon his sword, earth forming below him as a sword cracked from the planet, reinforced with the earth magic he had stolen earlier, water coming up the size of the blade as his earth blade was covered in water, Karen seeming surprised as she rushed him again.

Blades clashing as the stone smashed against the steel, his sword cracking against the weight as the water and fire hissed at each other trying to drown each other out.

"Got you, idiot!" Karen shouted as the flames at her feet surrounded Darrien, even before he could move the fire burst upwards, a collum of fire surrounding him as Karen jumped back, clearly happy at getting some revenge.

"Roasted childhood friend. I bet he tastes bad though!"

She said joking as she felt a rush of wind past her head, small parts of her hair falling to the floor as they had been cut, her eyes going wide as she felt the rage entering into her heart. "YOU BASTARD!" she screamed, he dared to mess with her hair.

Standing in the centre of the flames was Darrien, the wind creating a collum going upwards to direct the fire, the heat still causing issues as he was hurt from that attack, a smile on his face as he burst through the flames towards Karen.

"The same move again, you truly are stupid!" Karen said as she charged forward again, her blade turning from the red flame to a bright blue one, changing in intensity as it grew stronger, the ritual charging to the final stage.

Darrien stopped away from the woman as he raised both his hands, a smile crossing his face as Karen kept charging, two large fonts of water gushing out, almost like a rapid river getting unleashed.

Karen let out a gasp as she felt the water smashing into her, constant barrages as she felt her mind spinning, body getting pushed back as the flames died on her weapon. The rituals running out of power as the massive amounts of water countered her correctly, the fire on the ground getting drenched by the rain that was being just sprayed.

Karen let out a scream as she tosses her blade to the side, looking to Darrien as she said. "STOP IT!" she would gasp out air as she tried to free herself. "Idiot, I told you to stop! I surrender!" she said again, the water dying quickly at this point as the childhood friend she had before had become so powerful.

"You are such a cheat, how did you gain chantless magic, have you been tricking me!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Darrien shook his head, his eyes drawn down to her drenched clothes, able to see everything under it. "Red really?" he said wondering if she just loved the colour red, though he would realise his mistake as he only mentioned the colour of her underwear.

"Shit..." was the last words he could get out before he felt Karen's fist connect to his face.

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