96.77% Dawning Of Dusk / Chapter 29: Chapter 29 - Crimson Burning

Chapter 29: Chapter 29 - Crimson Burning

While Darrien was having some fun with the Centaurs, another group was preparing, making sure to get ready for the upcoming battle that was about to happen.

Drax felt like someone had punched him in the gut, he felt butterfly's from the chance to go attack his enslavers, though Vanessa had left which made this revenge less sweet. He still knew of the other vampires, each one of them deserving this punishment.

He had been permitted to issue the warrant, though he knew it was just a pretence as he was going to slaughter all the vampires, they all would resist arrest, so it was the best plan to exterminate them all without trial.

He walked into the club as he noticed many vampires around laughing and drinking, no humans in sight as this made things easy for him, he smiled gently as he whispered his incantations, the wind curling around him. He was an advanced wind magic user for a reason.

The younger brother of Vanessa looked up with a smile; he had been drinking the entire night celebrating, his eyes catching Drax who had returned.

"Where have you been Drax! Someone had broken into the underground sanctuary!"

His body swaying as he started to moved towards him, the bottle of vodka in his hands spilling on the floor as he wobbled over, it was clear this vampire had ingested a massive amount of the substance to even get to this stage.

The stench was horrible as he smelled like decay, blood and alcohol, his smile almost creepy as he looked over Drax with a laugh. "If you want to see your daughter again then you need to be a good little orc pup and obey me. Vanessa has left putting me in charge!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Drax started down at him with a smile. "Oh, so you are in charge now?"

"Damn straight I'm in charge, no one else has the backbone to do such a job!"

Drax smiled as he pulled out the warrant, showing it to him, though he would still read it out as he knew the other party was drunk.

"By order of the country of Albion, you are to surrender at once and come in peacefully. Crimes are the slaughter of many, magical abuse and imprisonment."

The vampire just stared back at him like he had gone insane, laughing loudly as he looked to the other monsters. "He's gone nuts! he's playing this joke!"

"Hey, is it April the first Drax, must be because I may have to enjoy your daughter..."

This was the last words that came from his mouth, the sizeable two-handed bastard sword swinging thanks to the aid of the wind magic rapidly, cleaving the vampires head and neck from the rest of his body, the rest turning to paste on the floor due to the force.

"It's a shame that you had to resist; this is going to require more paperwork and interviews from what I was told... Small price to pay anyway."

He smirked as the other vampires stood in rage, each one snarling as one would step forward. "Drax have you gone insane; this is treason against us! You will die alone, and we will enjoy your daughter!"

Drax stared at the vampire for a moment, apparently confused as he said. "I'm not alone. My friends are right behind me!"

The last part was said with force, the doors to the club behind him opening as men and women dressed in all black walked in, black roses covered them all in design. After a minute almost fifty of them entered the room, swords drawn with flames raging across the blades.

The vampire who spoke before took a step back, all of them in pure fear. It was easy enough to see who this was. The Blackrose clan was the elite force of the country when it came to magical issues, any problems that needed special assistance would have them get called in. Some even speculated that they also ran the country because they could get away with many things.

"Blackrose clan... Drax what have you done, how did you have this kind of power?"

Drax simply smiled brightly; he planned not to allow anyone gets out of here alive so he did not mind spreading some information.

"It's not me but that bartender that was hired by Vanessa, he stumbled onto the secret you have, and well, it seems that this is the end... Wait you are all resisting, you don't want to get arrested. Well, I guess that settles things, everyone slaughters them without rest, like they slaughter the innocents who just wanted to help them."

"Wait, Drax Ill surrender, please don't kill me... Ahhhhh!"

His scream echoed as the wind covered blade sliced through his neck, Drax taking a single step but moving forward as he had teleported, crimson blood staining the floors and seats as the other vampires started to scream. The warriors of Blackrose marching forward as the flame-covered blades carved down into vampire flesh, no resistance was given as the monsters tried to flee.

It was a slaughter to the very last person, every moment causing pain and screaming as the entire vampire clan was destroyed in a matter of moments, only one of the group remained as Vanessa had fled the previous day.

This was the last day of the clan as the entire area was cleaned, one vampire at a time.

Sam sat inside the security room, checking through security footage as she needed to gain any hint she could, anything missed. Sitting next to her looking slightly bored was Menna watching the TV with an almost tired look to her gaze.

"News report. The Blackrose clan has raided crimson, the vampires inside had been capturing, draining and then killing people. Over five thousand missing person reports in the city have been linked to this club. While the people are still missing it is thought that they all have perished. All the vampires have been killed while resisting arrest. More news at two."

Menna would whistle as she looked at that TV. "All of them resisted, not even one person surrendered, that is amazing. They must have iron wills."

Sam pushed her glasses up, shaking her head at the stupidity of this woman. "It's not that they all resisted, it's that the victor writes the history. Blackrose clan is the rulers of this country, and they can do pretty much anything."

Menna stared at the woman with confusion. "I thought the government was in control."

Sam just laughed as she looked at her. "Sure Menna..." She would shake her head as she smiled gently, her eyes catching something as she saw a male touched the Echo, a small light coming from his hand.

"I think I've gotten something, whoever this male with red tips in his hair must be our person."

"I've found you."

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