Chapter 2: Cats

David woke up to a wet feeling. Someone was licking him, and it was rather revolting. Opening his eyes he was met with red feline eyes that took cuteness to a whole other level. Cats never had red eyes, but this particular cat had a pair of pinkish almost red eyes as it stared at him.

David felt a tug as on his feet and saw two other cats pawing at his exposed feet. It was a rather cute sight and David could not help the smile that came over his face. And all was well with the world until the cat decided to take a bite out of his big toe completely tearing it off, bone and flesh from the rest of his foot. David let out a scream equal parts fright, anger and pain as he pulled back. The cat that had been licking his face hissed at him and David was shown a sight straight out of a horror movie. The cat's tongue was filled with barbs, not to mention it had three not one.

David pushed it off his body and quickly scrambled back as he made his way straight for the main door, but all three cats had him surrounded cutting off and path to escape. David was boxed in and the place on his right leg where his big toe was now missing was still bleeding profusely. It was throbbing and David could not help the feeling that it still had a toe attached to it. David moved about clumsily stumbling on one foot as he tried to gain his balance. The cats were moving closer still hissing and pawing at him. The one who made an appetizer out of his toe had blood dripping off its three barbed tongue as it looked at him like he was an all you can eat buffet of pure human goodness.

The last cat, who as of this point had not taken any considerable action suddenly pounced heading straight for his neck. David made to raise his hand in other to push the cat away from it's target, but his body felt so heavy and all that was left was a mental thought to push the cat away. Suddenly David felt dizzy, and the tiny cat was pushed a little bit to the left, the only thing the cat could do was scratch his ears as it flew past his head completely deviated from its original target.

Without wasting any time David hurriedly went up the stairs with a trio of horribly mutated cats on his tail. There was nothing cute about those monsters, in fact David could not begin to imagine what could have possessed him to think that those fearsome beasts were cute.

When he got it to the second floor, he saw the hole he had fallen through and close to it his mothers room. A few paces down was the door to his room and his bag of guns. But to get to that point he had to jump over a three meter hole. Even if it was before he had his toe bitten off, David was sure he did not have a strong enough body to be able to jump over a hole of that magnitude. But the sound of hisses behind him was enough to not let him think about it. Cats were usually light on their feet, but for some reason this three muscatteers, were quite slow. In David's opinion, they most probably wanted to take their time in eating him alive. He once heard that carnivores preferred the meals alive, something about how the fear made the meal that much more enjoyable. David had no idea about being a meal, but he was quite scared right now so he gave it his all as he sprinted for the hole and jumped over it with all of his strength.

Contrary to his believe he actually made it, he landed just at the edge of the hole, but that edge was probably not structurally sound as the wood creaked and suddenly gave way. David quickly flung his hands out and grabbed hold of the edge with the underside of his arms. He was preparing to pull himself up, when he felt two distinct thuds on his back each followed by a pain so intense that he screamed out.

He hastily turned back and two pairs of pinkish red eyes were looking at him as they focused on making confetti out of his skin. Their claws dug deep into his back, but what was worse was their bite. Their tongues were drilling into him, trying to go deeper as it was boring a hole through his body.

David pulled himself up and ran straight for his bag of guns, he ignored every biting pain and discomfort he was feeling and pulled out a shot gun with a scope and symbols of bird painted on it. He couldn't shoot the cats on his back, so he gave some distance with a wall, then he moved back with every strength his body could muster. The impact was jarring enough to put David through another round of pain and agony, but he could hear a distinct crack as both cats went limp and fell from his back, dust residues from the ceiling fell on his body as he took a deep breath and leaned against the wall, he could feel his blood dripping down his back as it dyed the floor beneath his feet red. At that moment the third cat which had been relatively forgotten made its presence know as it jumped straight for David's face.

He was so exhausted that he did not bother to look as he raised the shotgun in the direction of the airborne cat and pulled the trigger. There was a deafening boom as the shotgun shook and blasted the cat into numerous pieces. But the force from shooting the gun actually dislocated David's shoulder and pushed him back. His naked feet stepped back and fell on the head of one of the two cats that was hanging off his back a few moments ago. With more force than he thought himself capable David actually crushed the skull of the cat into a bloody pulp. David had to fight off an urge to vomit due to the feeling of the cat's brain beneath his feet.

It took a while for him to gain control of himself, and when he did he noticed that one of the cats was still alive. Smashing his back against the wall was enough to injure those cats, but it could do nothing more. The last surviving cat was breathing erratically as it tried to moved its furry limbs. But David was having non of that, much in the same manner as it's friend, David raised his foot and brought it down hard. This time around he actually vomited everything in his stomach. After a few moments of dry heaving, David shakily stumbled to his room, but before he could take more than six steps he completely collapsed on the floor, his energy totally spent and his body completely exhausted.

David woke up with a groan, he ached all over and at that moment he wondered if he was dead and if this place, this whole world was hell. Forget about a typical Nigerian kid, even a boy Born and bred on Pangea where things like dragons was actually a regular sight, could have been prepared for the bizarre amount of bullshit Pangea has not had a choice but to experience for the past six months.

His entire body ached, and his limbs felt extremely weak and it was not helping that his stomach chose that time to remind him about his apparent hunger. It was growling with such intensity David wondered if his stomach had also mutated, but hunger seemed to be the least of his worries at the moment.

David had no idea where those cats came from, there could be more of them, or the unspeakable, something a lot worse than three cats with three long barbed tongues, there could be a donkey or a vampire.

David rolled over his back and could not help the sharp groan of discomfort that came out of his mouth as his face distorted in agony. He had no idea how much damage his back had received, but for what he could feel, it must be pretty intense. David resolutely sat up with such suddenness that he could feel his wounds contract and expand.

It was a stupid thing to do, but getting up slowly would have taken forever, besides it was better to just get it over with. David drew the bag of weapons closer to himself as he let his memory lead him through a session of rummaging. He emerged from his search with some sort of bread wrapped in a brown paper bag, and a bottle of blue water that was half filled. Without standing on ceremony and a complete disregard for any table manners or eating rule established, David tore into the bread with everything he was worth, taking huge chunks of the bundle of flour and letting huge gulps of the water slide down his throat.

When he was done eating, he felt a stream of energy at the pit of his stomach, he felt it spread through much of his body before settling down. Most of his wounds stopped bleeding, and the little scratches that could actually be ignored healed had closed up like they were never there in the first place.

Memory tells him that the water he just drank was made from a particular combination of high energy renewing compounds and elements, and about 2% of Mana water.

Mana was an energy that was mainly used in the practice of magic. It was illegal for it to be used without a license, so it was mostly used for industrial purposes. Mana was the most dangerous, or one of the most Dangerous energy found within the planetary makeup of Pangea.

It users and absorbers had that ability to manipulate nature and reality in a way science can not really explain much of. It was unpredictable and declared highly dangerous. The use of Mana is watched closely by the twelve fathers and mothers. This people were the rulers of the twelve city states, with each governing a single city.

Mana manipulators and absorbers are also called magic users, due to its unpredictability Mana manifest in different and unique ways, but sometimes the degree of uniqueness is quite widespread.

Mana had a variety of classes affiliated with its use. There were mages, sorcerers, magicians, summoner and many more. In Nigeria there was only one word for a person who used Mana or any kind of ability really. They called it witchcraft and it was dubbed the devils work.

Such sight will get a person lynched and beating to death by a lot of people if that person is caught practicing 'witchcraft.' Well witchcraft or not, Mana users had strict laws governing their existence and their use of Mana. So due to that, any company that deals with any kind of magic or Mana either had to have deep pockets, or get in well with the higher ups in the chain of command. Magic was a forbidden practice, but much like those who develop natural abilities, the government also had a school for people with magical abilities, and it was a school that had David's elder sister Rose as a top student.

The water seemed to breath life into his body, but David was still pretty much injured and any sudden movements would probably cause a great deal of pain for him. But for the moment there was nothing he could do but sit there, his house was not secured and any variety or type of mutated animal could just as easily waltz in like those cats and make dinner out of him. But he needed to get himself into the right mindset before he could really make any sort of move.

He was not sure how long he could stay here, their house was too big a place for him to defend alone, not to mention he doubted that there was even enough food in this house to help him survive. And the island was still in danger of being submerged. But staying here was safer than going out there, even if the odds seemed somewhat stacked against him.

Staying here guarantees his death, albeit slowly but he would still die eventually. Going out there meant he had a 95% chance of dying, it was not that much different than staying in his house, the only difference was that he would die faster. The remaining 5% meant it would take a miracle for him to survive, but he would live, maybe he would be missing an extra limb or two, but he would live.

In the end his choice was already made for him the moment he woke up all alone in this house. David very much liked being alive, and he still had two family members that he needed to go see. Not to mention, its going to suck a lot if he died a virgin.

David pulled the bag of guns closer with his left hand, his right was already dislocated from the bucking of the shotgun when he fired it. David had a lot of experience with fire arms, it was a passing obsession that came and went as it pleased. and that was mainly because his father was an ability user who worked for the military as a personal contractor, or a mercenary. People like him were called hounds, both as an insult and a form of praise. They hunted for the government, killed for it, lived for it, and died for it. His sister was one of them, but that was the only way she wouldn't be to prejudiced or prosecuted about her abilities with magic. It was also part of the reason why they were both not around when the apocalypse started. They were in the city of iron carrying out his sister's first mission and their dad was actually her commanding officer, so he had to carry out on site inspection of her abilities.

With his father working for the military he had grown up around guns, he was never to interested, but his father had made it a point emphasis that they all had to know how to use firearms. Not everybody is lucky enough to be able to spit fire from their lungs or being able to magically curse an enemy to an excruciating death. And besides there have been cases where abilities and magical powers malfunctioned, so it was in everyone's best interest if they could use a gun.

The bag had another shot gun, with four boxes of shot gun shells, two assault rifles that were limited edition Yizart 66 elephant series. Those guns could shoot an average of ten bullets in a second. It was an old version, very old from back before his father was a boy. So both guns were actually antiques from a by gone era. The newer versions could spit out 28 bullets a second, and each bullets were always a compressed form of a particular kind of energy or element. It could be plasma, solar, or even electrical. They moved just as fast, punched bigger holes and had more effect than the by gone era of when the Yizart still used alloy bullets.

There was also two handguns, they were both still under the Yizart brand, but this two were from the lion series also issued in the same year Yizart released the elephant series. Both handguns however have undergone some heavy modification courtesy of David himself. Now they had more power, speed, and used an isolated solar ion battery with self recharging abilities as a field generator for its ammunition.

If David had used this gun instead of the shot gun, he would have burnt a hole through the cat, and created a path of burning holes through every house in a fifty meter radius. Of course the intensity of the shots could be readjusted, the previous damage can only happen at it's highest setting. Though even if both handguns were set to stun, they would still leave a rather nasty burn on a person.

Moving on there was also parts of a sniper rifle, the sniper riffle was from a different brand. However unlike every other gun in this bag, this sniper rifle was not vintage. In fact it was not even in the market yet, if the apocalypse had not happen, then the company that manufactured the sniper rifle would have released it as part of their new brand of products four months ago. The only reason he had one now was because it was given as a gift to his father almost eight to nine months ago. Just before his father left with his sister. They left the gun behind. The Artemis Sky wolf 98, was the ninety eight entrant of the sky beast series. For ninety eight years, the company behind the Artemis guns released a new better version of the gun every year. There was still a variety weapons and vehicles under the Artemis sky beast series, in total there was twelve other guns, or explosives, or tanks, cars and bikes and also a fighter jet.

The company made billions of credits every year from their weapons manufacturing business. And if memory is to be believed, they were actually family friends with the current head of the company. Which meant having a sniper riffle with the ability to use satellite imaging, radio waves and telecommunications tower as a targeting scope was not much of a surprise. The sky wolf could kill someone kilometers away and shot each of its bullets at the speed of sound. The materials the gun was made from was a metal mined from one of the three moons that orbited Pangea. The metal was precious enough that a piece of it would generate enough money to feed a poor family comfortably and lavishly for six months.

The sniper rifle was 30 million credits, and that was just a rough estimation. It's bullets had an explosive capability that just left someone with shivers. It could turn a seven floor apartment into rubble in seconds leaving nothing but dust and heat.

Included in the bag was two boxes of its six inch bullet, each box only contained four. One was missing so David can only use that sniper rifle seven times before it becomes totally useless to him. There was a belt of grenades, they were actually unfamiliar to David, since he was not one to dally with explosives. Finally there were two gleaming twelve inch long daggers with a serrated edge, and a metal cylinder about five inches long.

That metal cylinder was actually a multipurpose battle blade with four different forms. It could be a spear, a sword, an axe, or just a long iron. Staff. It was standard equipment for every military personnel and fighter who was worth their salt. Bullets in the end were finite and will always get finished. The battle blade makes sure that the person is not unarmed. There wasn't much it could do against flying bullets, but there were actually people capable of moving fast enough to deflect bullets with the battle blade.

With all his inventory made David gave a deep breath. There was no more food within the bag which meant he had to check the pantry to see if he could get any supplies. In Pangea his father had prepared for worst case scenarios like this, on earth his father was never home so David was pretty much raised by his mother and elder sister.

So even though he was a skinny sickly looking nerd on Pangea, the stereotype he currently lived as, enabled him to have the capability to survive harsher environments than all those ordinary or athletic jocks. So which meant the Hollywood movies were mostly right, when the going gets tough, it's the nerds who step up to save the day.

David blinked a few times before he pulled his regulator to his face. It's silver surface was smooth and polished and he could see how much of a banged up state he was in. He let out a sigh as he swiped his finger from one end of the it's surface to the next, then he made two small loops. It was a security gesture of sorts, the regulator did not just serve as a monitor for energy or evolution, it also served as a credit card, a phone and some times a flashlight. As seamless as it might look the machine could actually be hacked and funds could be transferred from it. The twenty first century earth had everybody crazy about smartphones and computers, the twenty first century Pangea had regulators, super heroes and wizards, there's also a gladiatorial event every year where people kill each other for a huge sum of money. Pangea just seemed to be a mishmash of earth from various eras.

The regulator blinked twice to show that it was online, then David spoke choosing to use the voice activation package that was a part of its function.

"Show current stats."










David scrunched his brows in contemplation. His physical ability had experienced an increase, which sort of explained why his body has been feeling sort of heavy. It would take him a while to get used to it. His agility experienced little change, that was mostly due to influence from his physique improving. He got a little faster, but not fast enough for it to be noticeable. His mental ability on the other hand experienced a huge growth. For some reason it was still level one, but it seems that a stat has to reach at least a percentage of five, before it can be considered level 2,and from then on it doubles. So to get to level 3 his mental ability has to have a percentage of 15 and above. That was actually the required threshold for mental ability users to be admitted into the Hollywood School of Abilities in the city of angels. That seemed like a long shot and an unreachable dream for David. It was really hard to improve mental abilities, most people never go beyond level 2 in the entirety of their lives. You had to be gifted from birth to reach level three. Most mental ability users are born at level 2 or really close to level 3 so crossing over would be quite easy for them. Abilities usually manifested at the late stage of level 2 and the early stage of level 3. So it came quite as a surprise for David to see that the predicted telepathic ability was already active and at level 1. He was well aware how bizarre and not normal that was, having an ability with a level one mental ability could be dangerous. At level one his mental abilities were not strong enough to generate the energy required for him to use his ability.

He could drain himself of energy and at least develop some really dangerous mental issues or in the worst case scenario his head could explode like an oversized tomato thrown at a wall with the speed of sound.

His molecular restructure ability was also still level 0,that was an ability that relied mainly on his physique, so until his body got stronger he would not have the ability to make his bones as hard as steel, or regrow any missing body parts. At that thought he wiggled his right foot feeling the painful absence of his big toe.

And then the next surprise. Telekinesis, it was almost impossible for any body to have more than two mental abilities. The strain on the brain could be too much for that person to handle, so most ability users only trained one mental ability, unless of course that person had a strong enough body, or an alternate energy source that could power their ability. It was why most ability users have personalized equipment or suits that help them channel their ability better.

David did not really feel any different at the moment, but that could be mainly attributed to the fact that he felt like crap after all the mauling he had to go through from three cats. Cats!, he could not begin to imagine what would have happened if he had woken up to dogs instead of cats. David would have loved to get off his ass and make some sort of sensible move, but he was still so damn weak. The Mana water was still working its magic within his bruised body, thankfully all of his wounds seemed to have stopped bleeding, and as long as he did not agitate them, everything should be fine. But until such a time that he was required to run for his life, David was keeping his ass planted in that hallway so that he could regain his energy. Inside or outside he was still going to die anyway, he would rather do it with dignity or on his own terms. Most people would argue sitting down and waiting for death was not dignified, but who asked their opinions. (Those people 'amebo'(1) too much).

Anone Anone

(1) Amebo is a Nigerian slang for gossipers.

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  • AbsoluteReader001


    The vampire I get, but why the donkey?

  • Physik


    He is Yoruba and I'm also Yoruba

  • Anone


    I have three other series set in the same universe. One is a vampire, and the other is about a guy stuck in a tower with a metallic golem and a talking donkey librarian.

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