40% The Nine Lords of Order / Chapter 21: Departure!

Chapter 21: Departure!

Eanred and his team dared not to attack the Lynxes after they stepped back. The Lynxes dared not to move due to awe they felt from the previous aura. So they had been in standing before each other awkwardly for quite a while.

Eanred actually thought Mars had long since reached rank 3. But from the looks of things, that wasn't the case. It just happened Mars possessed a very high ranked path. The whole process of his breakthrough was spectacular and awe inspiring. He clearly saw how Mars own aura beated all the Lynxes into submission.

As for Ena's breakthrough, he was quite shocked by the fact that she possessed dual attributes of wind and lightning. He did not suspect Ena only had the wind attribute a few moments before her breakthrough. It is common knowledge that once a path was chosen, you couldn't change them ever again. Some lucky people might find chances to improve them by a single star rank. Others which were not so lucky and rushed their breakthroughs without enough enlightenment could even regress in star rank. However a change in attribute was completely unheard of.

Although he was curious about why Mars' aura could beat all the Lynxes into submission… He did not ask any questions. Everything related to a warrior's path is secret and shouldn't be asked about. Every honorable warrior accepted this fact. Learning techniques or arts from other people was often useless as well. Some techniques required very specific paths of power and others required a high enough star rank. Mars did not seem to know about the effects from his aura either. So asking was useless as well.


The big Lynx suddenly jumped out from the top of a rock and carefully approached. Apparently this was the leader of this group. Once Eanred and his teammates saw it, they quickly raised their guard. The Lynx leader hesitated for a second before sitting down on the ground.

Mars who was protected within the encirclement watched this bigger cat with curiosity. Although they surrendered a while ago… you never know when a wild demon beast like this one might betray your expectations.

Eanred had killed a rank 3 Lynx before. He was sure he had earned the hostility from these cats. Just as he was hesitating on what to do, he heard Mars' voice coming from behind.

"Eanred, let him in."

After hesitating a bit more, he agreed, "Alright, but you should be careful!"

"Open the formation!"

As he gave the order, his people slowly opened a small gap which was just wide enough for the Lynx leader to pass through. Soon enough the cat warily started to walk again and slowly passed through this gap. The lynx leader kept taking small steps towards Mars direction with its head bowed until it finally stopped five steps away from him.

Mars looked at this creature with curiosity. He could feel there was not a trace of hostility coming out from this Lynx. Although Mars' strength had increased sharply, he doubted if he could match up against this cat.


Mars didn't speak cat language but he guessed it was apologising. Afterwards, the Lynx approached Mars and rubbed its head on his leg showing a very friendly attitude. After turning around the Lynx easily jumped out from the encirclement. Eanred who was watching this creature carefully had his eyes widen. It was only at this moment that he realized that this Lynx was actually far stronger than him. To escape the encirclement without much effort...

If the the battle had continued they would had probably been annihilated.

Luckily we have Mars! He is our lucky star.

Meow! Meow!

While Eanred got distracted for a bit, the meowing startled him awake. In front of them the Lynx leader was waving its tail while meowing at them. 'What does it want? Could it be it wants us to follow him?'

"Mars what do you think? Do you think it's a trap?" Eanred subconsciously asked Mars.

"I don't believe it's a trap. If we think things carefully, we are already inside a trap and in a disadvantageous position. I say we should follow and see what it wants." After a moment of though Mars gave his answer.

"Alright, come on! Follow the Lynx!" Eanred also agreed with Mars and gave the order.

Seeing the group was following them, the Lynx leader meowed and led them into a cave. This cave had tens of passageways. I would be very easy for normal people to get lost in this place. Soon the group reached an open area within the cave. As soon as they entered, everyone in the group had their breaths hasten and their eyes started to shine with bright light.

Countless crystals were embedded within the walls of this cave area. Each one of them

Was shining with a blue hue. Clearly all these crystals belonged to the lightning element. The sight of so many crystals was very beautiful.

End who was hugging Mars arm had her eyes shine the most. The sight before her was like underground sea of stars. If she was here alone with Mars it would be very romantic...

"We are rich!" The yellow clothed man who was called Mike yelled excitedly.

This place was hidden extremely well. They had gone through countless passageways in order to arrive to this place. Apparently the Lynx was well aware of why humans would travers the Lightning Valley. It was to search for treasures! Although the Lynx considered this place as important… It wasn't that important. It knew of countless similar places. Furthermore due to the high concentration of worldly energy, more natural treasures appeared frequently.

Previously they had offended these humans. Offering a gift as compensation was a good idea. However this Lynx also had an objective in doing all of this. As it thought about it, the Lynx leader shot a glance towards Mars.

Previously he had felt its very own origin shaken by the aura Mars excluded. At first he thought it was a treasure the humans were hiding. But that wasn't quite the case. It was a human who owned that kind of aura.

Although he was very powerful among rank 4 demon beasts, he was well aware if he decided to fight against this young man his own prowess would probably be severely restricted. Maybe he wouldn't be able to use 20% of his original power. He could barely resist that aura because his strength surpassed the youth by a lot, if the other members of his litter were to face him…

Mars of course did not know he could suppress lightning attribute creatures. If he did, he would be pleasantly surprised.

Shaking his head the Lynx watched how these humans plundered all the gemstones in this place. 'They sure are quick…'

After a few hours all the gemstones within the cave walls were removed and stored within spacial bags.

The Lynx leader meowed and guided them into another direction.


In the next month the Lynx would lead them to all sorts of hidden areas. Each one of them holding precious materials used for crafting, plants, gemstones, and even energy crystals. They even managed to enter many dangerous areas with the aid from the Lynxes.

It was only when they felt all their spacial bags were already full that they reluctantly stopped. Eanred also took the initiative to increase Mars share to 50%. He had proven to be far more useful than he had initially thought.

Although demon beast were not capable of speech, they could easily understand what humans were saying. Through the journey they had also asked about the reason why the amount of lightning had suddenly increased in the past few months. The Lynx leader just pointed to the central areas with his tail. That probably meant that it had something to do with the deeper areas within the valley. However they were too weak to go there. Over there a single lightning bolt could kill a rank 6 being!

So they gave up the idea of further investigating the matter.

Eanred thought about asking Mars to join his faction, but decided against it. They had gotten so much treasures, once they exchanged them for merit points, they would have enough for many of their rank 4 members to ascend to the floating islands. After all, they had been collecting merit points for many years. Although some of them couldn't ascend anymore due to their age, the new resources would be a huge help to boost their own power. Their faction would be severely weakened after all the veterans left.

Since they were ascending soon, it was fine if he increased Mars share. In fact, they already felt embarrassed to take 50%. Eanred quietly decided he would stay down below for a while in case Mars needs his help.

He was very righteous by nature. He already felt his actions were shameless when he 'asked' Mars to go with them. However he could still accept it since he was also helping out Mars in dealing with every other danger inside the valley.

However when they were attacked by the group of Lynxes… If Mars had not been there, they would had been wiped out. What would remain of them was just another story from a greedy group who overestimated their own abilities and died in the Lightning Valley.

Afterwards they had even received a windfall!

If he did not help out Mars, he wouldn't feel right with himself. So he decided to stay in the city and pay back the favor the best way he could.

After a week, battlecrest finally decided to return to the city. However Mars still had things to do. Although Eanred was not willing to let him stay alone in this place because it was dangerous, he ended up agreeing to separate when he saw Mars' insistence on staying. The Lynxes were protecting Mars as well, so no harm would come to him.

Mars also told Louis to go back with Battlecrest. He and Ena had the lightning attribute, although Louis was often useful, he would only be a burden if he followed them right now.

Louis was fine with parting. He also had the task to look for a residence while Mars and Ena were gone.

In the end, only Mars, Ena and the Lynxes remained.

"Uff! We finally got rid of them! However they are not so bad..." After taking a breath he turned his gaze towards the Lynx.

"Lead us deeper into the valley!"

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