36.53% Beyond the Scene / Chapter 18: Direction

Chapter 18: Direction

For the following few weeks the boys frequently went to Underground Arena's to use and try out the new Flux Hybrid's they had made and they began making a name for themselves. It became known throughout the Underground community that Big Hit was creating a Renegade team called BTS and that Adept's in the team were all extremely powerful Underground Adept's that repeatedly dominated in the Underground Arena.

During the day, they all continued to train at Big Hit Academy, each striving to improve and better themselves. They were also all aware that no one was confirmed as being in the official team. They currently had a place in the team but that was a certain thing, so they all aimed to become stronger. They supported each other but they also knew that they were each other's competition. It was a breeding ground for growth.

Hitman Bang had been observing the rate of growth in the team and was thoroughly impressed. But he also felt like they weren't fully stepping into everything that they could be. They were still lacking in many areas. He knew of all the Flux Hybrids that they were making and he was impressed by them. However, he also knew that they had a lot more to offer if pushed and challenged in the right way. He debated back and forth about the direction he wanted to push the team.

He had become stumped as he talked with his team about how they would help the boys reach a point where they could make significant change. He knew the boys wanted to change the system and allow Adept's to break free from the controlling hand of the nobles, but it would be a hard thing for them to do and it would be a long, harsh road with no certainty of them succeeding. Also it would be a lot harder for them to change the Eidos system as Renegade Adept's as they would be on the outside of the system.

He knew that to properly fulfil the mission he gave the boys and to see their dreams as well as his own come to fruition, they couldn't do it as Renegade Adept's. Hitman Bang sighed. He knew that this wasn't going to go down with the team, but he knew that it must be done.

The boys were in the workshop. Yoongi was taking a nap on the couch having spent the night building a new Hybrid Flux. Hoseok was off to the side practicing with his Synergy Blades. Hun-cheol and Namjoon were at a table discussing a new idea they had come up with. Ikje and Donghyuk were sitting at the table eating.

Hitman Bang walked in and they all stood up and bowed, except Yoongi who was asleep.

"Would you all please meet me in my office in ten minutes? I have some things I wish to discuss with you all."

They all nodded and bowed as he left. Donghyuk turned to Hun-Cheol.

"Hyung, do you know what this is about?"

Hun-cheol shook his head.

"No clue. Can someone go and wake Yoongi up?"

They all looked at Yoongi and hesitated. Namjoon pushed Donghyuk forward.

"Your turn, Donghyuk."

Donghyuk looked up in fear and glanced at Ikje.

"Ikje hyung, can you go wake up Yoongi hyung?"

Ikje shook his head.

"No way. I did last week and I still have the burns to prove it. I think its little Hoseok's turn."

All the boys turned to Hoseok and nodded in agreement. Hoseok looked at them with a face of shock and fear before sighing. He walked over to Yoongi and said quietly.

"Um Yoongi hyung? Uh w-we need t-to go to Bang P-Pdnims office."

Yoongi didn't respond. Hoseok turned around and looked at the others who all gestured him to carry on. He inwardly cried.

"Um Yoongi hyung?"

He built up his courage and tapped his shoulder. Yoongi's eyes snapped open and he stared at Hoseok who was instantly filled with terror as his instincts were screaming at him to run.

"We have to go to Bang Pdnims office. Let's go."

Hoseok spoke as fast as he could and ran right past the others, out the door and headed towards Hitman Bang's office. The other boys glanced at Yoongi and quickly followed suit. Yoongi got up slowly and walked to the office yawning. As he arrived the others were outside the door waiting for him.

They all walked in and bowed to Hitman Bang. He nodded and waved from them to sit down. They all sat down with Hun-cheol in the middle. He spoke first

"So what did you wan to speak to us about, Bang Pdnim?"

Hitman Bang sighed.

"This isn't going to be an easy thing to discuss. The staff and I have been talking. We have discussed the future of the group. The goals and missions of the group. What we hope to accomplish and what we wish to stand for. We have also been discussing the restrictions and limitations that we are currently facing in helping you not only grow as Adept's but also what path would be best to walk for you to see the vision for the team come to pass. Iron, RM. Do the two of you remember the goal and the mission I wanted you to accomplish?"

The two boys nodded. Hitman Bang continued talking.

"We have found that with our current path and direction, we will not be able to accomplish our goal."

Namjoon and Hun-cheol looked shock. They both spoke up.

"Believe in us Bang Pdnim. We will make this a reality."

"We can do it! We will increase our training if we have to."

Hitman Bang smiled at their eagerness and shook his head.

"No, that isn't the problem. I'm perfectly happy with your individual rates of growth as Adepts's."

"Then what's the problem?"

Hitman Bang hesitates for a second.

"The goal won't be accomplished as a Renegade Adept group. The influence you have will be too limited to the bring about the change we want. There is only one way to accomplish our goal."

Realization hit the group. They all looked nervously at each other. Ikje spoke up first.

"I'm not going to be an Eidos."

Hitman Bang sighed. Donghyuk nodded beside Ikje in agreement. Namjoon turned to Ikje.

"Hyung, listen. I know that you don't want to be an idol, I also don't want to. But this is still an opportunity we can't just pass over. The mission and idea Bang Pdnim has for us as a group is important in the long run. Don't dismiss it so quickly."

Ikje stood up.

"This isn't why I became a Magic-Channeller. I refuse to be a figure head for the noble's to promote themselves through. I won't be used like a chess piece."

Namjoon stood up as well.

"Yes there are things we don't want to do that Eidos Adept's do. They act cutesy for their fans and it goes against the rugged power of the Renegade Adept's, I understand that. But it is a small trade off to share our magic with more people. To gain influence and change the system. We can fight the nobles from the inside."

Namjoon understood immediately the reason for the change and where Hitman Bang was coming from. Hearing Namjoon say all this, Hun-cheol also understood Hitman Bang's intentions, but he remained silent as he was still thinking things over. Yoongi wasn't against it just yet as he still had the goal of being a Power Designer so this didn't affect him as much. And he wasn't as hateful towards Eidos as the others, although he still would prefer to not be one.

Hoseok sat there calmly. Unlike the Magic-Channellers, Battle Mages had a different view on things and they didn't look down on Eidos so he was OK with the news of the change. But Ikje wasn't having any of it.

"I can't pretend to be something I'm not. If this is the direction, then my direction is somewhere else."

He bowed to Hitman Bang and walked to the door. Namjoon stood up to stop Ikje.

"Hyung! Don't be so rash!"

Ikje ignored him and walked out of the office, slamming the door behind him.

The boys sat there in silence. Namjoon stood there staring at the door in shock. They didn't expect for Ikje to just walk out like that. Hitman Bang sighed. He had a feeling that this would happen so he was hesitant with saying this. He looked over to Hun-cheol.

"And what are our leader's thoughts on this?"

Hun-cheol looked up. The others were all looking at him to see what he had to say. He paused before looking at Hitman Bang.

"I know your intentions and why this needs to be the way for the group. We will continue to train with this new goal in mind. I do think that we all need to process things a bit more. But if this is the decision, then we will abide by it."

The others all nodded. Hitman Bang nodded as well.

"OK then. You may all go. You are dismissed for the rest of the day. Head back to the dorm and go over everything in your own time."

The boys got up and bowed to Hitman Bang and left quietly. As they walked back to the dorm, they were all deep in thought. Namjoon particularly felt down. He and Hun-cheol were the first two to arrive in Big Hit. They had seen people come and go. And now they had lost Ikje. Namjoon sighed as sadness overwhelmed him.

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