82.69% Beyond the Scene / Chapter 42: Defensive Hyungs

Chapter 42: Defensive Hyungs

Hoseok flew forward in a gust of wind. Those that were standing behind him at the edge of the arena, could all feel the powerful wind push at them. Hoseok charged towards his opponent, who was also running forward. Hoseok seemed to be going faster and faster as he neared his opponent. Just as it seemed like they were going to clash, Hoseok vanished.

His opponent had swung his blade and hit nothing. He looked around confused. The trainees watching were also confused as to where Hoseok had vanished to. Suddenly, the trainee was lifted rapidly into the sky. He looked shocked and terrified as he was flying into the air. He slowly stopped rising as he came to a stop in the air.

Those watching were shocked to see the trainee jolting from side to side, like he was getting hit and attacked by something. The trainee was being hit and beaten by, what looked like, the wind. The trainee tried to slash around him, but it was futile. He continued to get hit repeatedly before getting hit hard and flying down to the ground.

He landed with a loud crash on the ground, completely unable to get up. The wind rushed towards him and slowly formed into Hoseok, who stood over the trainee with his foot on the trainee's chest. Hoseok looked down at him with a fierce look. The look disappeared from his face as he took his foot off him, stretched his hand out and grinned.

"Let me help you up."

The trainee stared in disbelief at this smiling young man that defeated him so easily. He sighed as he let Hoseok help him up. The others all grinned seeing Hoseok pull off an amazing win. Jungkook and Jimin grinned at each other. They were both fired up after that match. The staff quickly moved along to the next battle. After a couple matches, it was Jimin's turn.

As he walked up, Hoseok called out to Jimin from the side.

"Jimin-ah! Test out the new strike."

Jimin stopped as he turned to look at Hoseok. He stood there quietly for a moment before grinning and nodding. He turned back to his opponent. A young trainee was hopping, like a boxer, warming up and getting himself pumped up. He called out to Jimin.

"C'mon, little kid. I'll make this nice and quick for you."

Jimin smirked.

"Nice and quick? Let's do that then."

The staff came on and initiated the fight. The trainee rushed forward aggressively, yelling as he charged forward. Jimin stood still, completely calm, holding his blade in it's sheath. As the trainee neared him, Jimin slowly placed his hand on the blade.


Jimin disappeared as a bright flash of light blinded everyone watching. As everyone's eyes adjusted, they discovered that there was ice covering the stage in a straight line. Within the ice, the trainee could be seen frozen with a look of terror on his face. Jimin stood there with his blade sheathed, elegantly standing beside the ice. The cold seemed to dance around him as he calmly looked over to the staff.

The staff was so shocked, like the rest of the people watching, that he forgot to call the end of the battle. Jimin had won in a couple of seconds and the other trainees were instantly filled with fear. There were only two Battle Mage's that had smiles and were cheering. Hoseok shouted happily.

"Nicely done, Jimin-ah."

Jungkook chuckled as he clapped his hands.

"Too easy, Jimin hyung."

Jimin came over and joined the two with a smile. They happily congratulated him and the three casually began to chat. The other Battle Mage's were all stunned at the overwhelming difference in strength of the two Battle Mage's they had witnessed. They all stared curiously at the young boy standing with them. At the moment, Jungkook's name was called out.

Jungkook looked nervously at the arena. Jimin and Hoseok gave him some encouragement, which Jungkook replied with a resolute nod. He steeled himself to do his best to stand proudly beside his hyungs. He walked on to the arena. His opponent was three times his size and was wielding a giant hammer. The large trainee laughed mockingly.

"I have to fight a kid? At least give me a challenge. I'm going to look like the bad guy defeating this little child."

As he laughed, a cold air rose off of Jimin. A powerful wind surged around Hoseok. An intense heat emanated off of Yoongi. Time slowed around Seokjin. A dark glow came from Taehyung. Lightning cracked off of Namjoon. Hitman Bang turned around to see the intense look in Namjoon's eyes. He then sensed the powerful energies coming from the others. These were some protective older brothers. And this trainee had unknowingly offended them all. Hitman Bang chuckled as he looked at the taunting trainee.

"Even if you beat young Kookie, you still lose. But I don't think you will even be able to do that."

The trainee couldn't hear what Hitman Bang said, so he continued laughing at Jungkook. Jungkook felt the energies of his hyungs. He felt them all pulsing. It comforted him as he closed his eyes. They were behind him. He opened his eyes with a new confidence. The trainee was even caught off guard by the look in Jungkook's eyes as he stopped laughing. The trainee raised his large hammer.

"OK, kid. Show me what you got."

The staff initiated the battle. The large man ran forward with his giant hammer in hand, Jungkook, on the other hand, walked forward calmly. His eyes fixed on the hammer. He sent energy into his hands and his gauntlets grew as they were activated. The large man reached Jungkook and slammed his Jungkook down towards Jungkook.

Jungkook quickly raised his left hand as he caught the hammer, bringing it to a stop, as he stepped forward and sent a simple punch to the large man's stomach. As he hit the man, the large man's face changed. It distorted to a look of shock and pain as the man stood there, frozen in disbelief.

Jungkook pushed forward, making the man fall backwards. As he hit the ground, Jungkook seemed to push his hand into the ground, as if it was water. He closed his hand and pulled it up. He seemed to move the ground like it was a blanket, as he covered the man in a liquid rock he pulled from the ground, leaving his head uncovered. As Jungkook let go, the ground instantly solidified. The man had now recovered from the hit to the stomach, but now he couldn't move as he was stuck in this rock.

Jungkook placed his hand into the ground again. This time when he pulled his hand up, he was holding a sharp rock spike. He pointed the tip at the large man's face. The large man looked at Jungkook with fear in his eyes. Jungkook grinned.

"This is what I got. Is it enough for you?"

The man cowardly nodded his head. On the side, the staff ended the fight. Before any of the staff could come forward to help the large man and reset the arena, a few figures stopped them. Hoseok and Jimin appeared behind Jungkook. Hoseok looked at the man angrily.

"A least give him a challenge."

Hoseok placed his hand on Jungkook's shoulder and led him back to the side. Jimin crouched down to look at the large man. He had a cold look in his eye which terrified the large man.

"If you say anything about our maknae again..."

Jimin placed a hand on the ground covering the trainee as ice covered it, completely freezing it over. The man felt a stinging chill enter him. He looked at Jimin in horror.

"I will be the least of your concerns."

Jimin looked up. The large man followed his eye line and saw four young men standing there staring at him. They had powerful energies coming from them which terrified the large man to where he passed out from shock and fear.

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  • danieltumitit


    Its really cute defending litle kookie

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