100% Calibrated Bloodline System / Chapter 14: Half

Chapter 14: Half

After getting through the that astonishingly painful ordeal, he felt power coursing through his blood, he could fell the so called Body essence.

He could cause some of them to enter his blood and bones for the boost. He didn't use the boost because knew the rebound will cause him to be unable to move or meditate for some time.

As he was thinking he was disturbed by the system.

[Host is ow able to kill Peak Apprentice]

[Unlocking half authority of Apprentice]

[Level upgrade from 1 to 1.5]

[New function include:

- Inventory

- Bloodline extraction

- Main system's consciousness

- Item shop]

[Inventory: -Creates a space in the void able to store objects in.

-Can be upgraded by sacrificing storage rings]

[Bloodline extraction: Using large amounts of blood host can extract the species predecessor's


[Main system's consciousness: Some high level objects can gains consciousness like humans and


[Item shop: Similar to previous shops just sells items

Eric was shocked about the last one, he knew that this could either be good or bad. Maybe the system would question how he transmigrated.


[Damn, you managed to enter the mighty Arcanic world]


[Hmm, so you must have a strong soul to be able to break through the barrier of this world]

[So scanning through your memories you come from a lower world and somehow managed to get

through the barrier and now are in this random youths body]

'Yes' Eric could only say this as he was speechless and shpcked

[You don't need to worry about, it isn't common but it happens every so often]

Eric sighed in relief as one of his main worries was lifted about this system.

[Now, let's get to the important stuff]

[Right now, there are three topics I would like to discuss]

[One, the chip thing as it helped the system in a positive way, I will present you with a gift]

[You can't open it until you take the true path]

Eric was now annoyed and pissed.

'System you keep on blabbering and now you give me a f*cking present I can't open, WTF'

[You need to chill cause if you open it now you can die from overload]

Eric broke into cold sweat.

[HMM, good attitude, next when are you going to take the true path]

'What do you mean' Eric was now confused

[The true path, path of arcane, they are the true rulers of this world, the grand knights can be easily killed by a single move by them. At best, they can be an apprentice's servant]

[The ones, who tread in the path are called ARCANIST]

One could easily see the pride the system has for Arcanist from it's words.

'You mean the arcanist in the term of scholars and magicians'


Eric was now truly excited.

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