25.75% Apex System / Chapter 16: What?!

Chapter 16: What?!

Day of departure.

Within this two days, Tian Long didn't try to level up his cultivation at all but instead, trained all of his techniques.

"Ah, it feels great seeing all these techniques would almost never appear in this world, level up. System, open my status page."



Name: Tian Long

Age: 19

Apex Points: 10,000

Cultivation: King Realm Level 3 ( 3,500 / 3,500,000 )


{Ancient Dragon Force Technique} Level 4 = ( 1,400 / 30,000 )

{Universal Body Origin Technique} Level 3 = ( 2,300 / 10,000 )

{Luminous Flash Art} Level 4 = ( 5,800 / 10,000 )

{Nine-Waves Influx Technique} Level 3 = ( 240 / 10,000 )

{Fiery Optic Golden Vision} Level 3 = ( 440 / 10,000 )

{Everlasting-Soul Manual} Level 2 = ( 870 / 1,000 )

(Note: To remind yous, Everlasting Soul Manual is a Divine Grade art so it's hard to level up, just like the Universal Body Origin Technique.)


After taking a look at his stats page, Tian Long stood up and left his room, walking towards Jian Chen's room as they have to meet up with Lin Hui Yin first before heading towards to the Lin Clan.

After a few minutes of preparation, both of them headed to Emerald Pavillion again and went into the same room.

Inside the VIP room, sat Lin Hui Yin, looking as beautiful as ever. Tian Long and Jian Chen went into the room.

Lin Hui Yin stood up and said. "Master Tian, if everything on your side is prepared then we should head out immediately.

Tian Long nodded his head. "Everything is good, we can go right now."

After a few seconds, they left the Azure Dragon City and headed to the Lin Family.


After a few hours.

Inside a luxurious, golden carriage, Tian Long, Jian Chen and Lin Hui Yin were sitting and chatting while the two bodyguards were at the front of the carriage.

Tian Long didn't use the {Eternal Celestial Mountain} for now because he didn't want to let anyone know it for now, also shifting through space and teleporting would need a great amount of heavenly energy so he couldn't be bothered to use it for now.

"Master Long, could you tell me little Chen's identity?" Lin Hui Yin asked curiously as she stared at Jian Chen.

Tian Long nonchalantly said. "Prince of the Sublime Sword Empire and the son of the Sword Emperor. He was kidnapped by an opposing empire however, he was able to escape. He ended up meeting me in the Azure Dragon City and I took him as my first disciple and the first member of my sect."

Lin Hui Yin was shocked as she stared at the harmless looking little guy. "Sublime Sword Empire?! Prince?! The Sublime Sword Empire could be said to be one of the strongest powers in the Transcendent Divine Continent, I didn't even think that Little Chen's background was so illustrious and exalted."

Tian Long smirked. "Hehe, don't worry, I'll take you there in the future when I come and visit my wife."

She was surprised. "Wife? Who?"

"Jian Meili."

Lin Hui Yin was given another shock when she heard what he said. "JIAN MEILI?! The number one genius of the Sublime Sword Empire? Little Chen's sister?"

Tian Long nodded with satisfaction. "Yes, she's my future wife."

She looked at Jian Chen. "Little Chen, what's really the relationship between the two them?"

Jian Chen looked at her and said. "Boyfriend."

She was speechless. "... Then how did the two of you meet?"

"Oh, we met at the Lonely Devilwood Forest when she was out tempering herself and trying to find her missing brother. She's the most beautiful woman that I've ever seen. When we both took off our masks and looked at each other, it was as if our meeting was set up by fate itself." Tian Long had a nostalgic expression as he replied.

Lin Hui Yin rolled her eyes. "Oh, it seems that we're almost at the Coiling Dragon City."

Tian Long and Jian Chen both looked out the window with eyes full of curiosity.

According to Lin Hui Yin, the Coiling Dragon City are where supreme families and powerful sects reside in. There are plenty Life and Death Realm cultivators within and even Saint Realm ones that are overlooking the city. She said that the Coiling Dragon City was around 5,000 miles² which was amazingly huge as it was definitely the biggest city that Tian Long has ever known.


Lin Family Headquarters.

"Where is Yin'er, and why is she taking so long when she just went to an auction at Azure Dragon City?" Lin Zhenin asked anxiously. (Note: Lin Hui Yin's father.)

"I'm sure that she's definitely close and won't take much longer before-" Meng Wu tried to console him but she didn't even finish her words before a servant's yell resounded. (Note: Her mother.)


Both Lin Zhenin and Meng Wu looked at each other and then sped towards the entrance of the clan.

Then they saw a beautiful young woman with a young man and a little boy walking beside her. She was obviously their daughter, Lin Hui Yin.

Lin Hui Yin also saw her parents as she started walking towards them and hugged them.

She introduced. "Mom, Dad, this young man is Master Tian Long and his disciple, Jian Chen. I invited Master Tian as he'll be able to help grandfather pass the tribulation smoothly.

'Oh? This young man is definitely not ordinary as even Yin'er invit-' He didn't even finish thinking before he was shocked by what his daughter said after.

"Dad, Mom, little Chen is the prince of the Sublime Sword Empire and the Emperor's son. Master Long is also the sect-leader of the Eternal Glory Sect." Lin Hui Yin continued.

"WHAT?! Sublime Sword Empire's prince?" Both Lin Zhenin and Meng Wu shouted and thought. 'Also, Eternal Glory Sect? What a domineering and overbearing sect name. This Master Tian is definitely not ordinary.'

Lin Zhenin then respectfully said. "We welcome Master Tian to the Lin Family, we also thank Master Long for helping my father in his tribulation lightning."

Tian Long calmly replied. "It's no problem as me and miss Lin had a deal for this."

"Oh? Deal? Would Master Tian tell us what kind of deal it is." said Meng Wu as her eyes flashed.

"Well, If I'm able to help miss Lin's grandfather pass through the lightning tribulation smoothly, then she'll become an elder of my sect." Tian Long replied.

Both Lin Zhenin and Meng Wu was surprised before they stared at Lin Hui Yin for a few seconds and replied. "Since this is a deal between Yin'er and Master Tian, we shan't get in between, but we would hope that Master Tian could answer a few questions of ours."

Tian Long nonchalantly replied. "Go ahead."

"How many members are there in the Eternal Glory Sect?" Lin Zhenin asked.

"Just the two of us, me and my disciple. There'll be more members soon." Tian Long replied.

"When was this sect created?"

"Just a few days ago, but don't worry as becoming the strongest sect in the world is already set in stone and is but a matter of time." Tian Long calmly declared as he let out some of his Dragon Force out.

Both Lin Zhenin and Meng Wu were shocked by Tian Long's overwhelming confidence as he exuded a god-like aura as if he was the Lord of the Nine Heavens, giving his unquestionable declaration.

The husband and wife really couldn't rebut Tian Long as they were experiencing the might of Dragon Force which he cultivated from the {Ancient Dragon Force Technique}.

Both of them thought. 'This kind of pressure... I don't think even dragons can exude such presence like this. Maybe only the supreme ones could.'

They were going to say something but couldn't even let it out as they heard a deafening roar of thunder. Lin Zhenin looked towards the ancestral grounds where his grandfather was cultivating.

Dark Clouds engulfed the sky above them and roars of lightning could be heard coming from the ancestral grounds.

Their expressions changed when they saw what was happening. "Don't tell me that the tribulation lightning has already come?! How is this possible?"

Tian Long looked serious as he watched the dark sky, it was as if the heavens were sending a calamity into the world as a punishment.

Everyone around him regained their senses when they saw Tian Long sped towards the ancestral grounds.

They all looked towards each other with solemn and grave expression and followed Tian Long.

KingoftheWorld KingoftheWorld

My head is still hurting like hell from the fever but I just wanted to finish this chapter as I couldn't finish it two days ago. I'll try to keep writing bit by bit for the next chapter so the quality doesn't drop.

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