33.33% Apex System / Chapter 21: KNEEL!

Chapter 21: KNEEL!

Throughout his childhood and adolescence, he had always been treated with importance in his clan which resulted in his arrogant behavior. Experiencing Tian Long's indifferent gaze which looked as if he was looking at an ant, Cheng Bo obviously couldn't take being looked like that.

Cheng Bo's eyes flashed as he clenched his fist and gathered a destructive amount of heavenly energy, preparing to strike.

Tian Long, with his extraordinary awareness and divine sense, had obviously seen everything from Cheng Bo's contorted face through his preparation to attack.

'A perfect way to demonstrate an excellent act. I really need to thank this guy for giving such a chance.' thought Tian Long, his beautiful golden eyes full of mockery.

In his eyes, Cheng Bo was merely an ant that he could squash to death if he wanted to. A mere King realm Level 2 cultivator dared to actually attack him.

Bai Feng and Long Zhong didn't stop Cheng Bo from striking since they were also angered by Tian Long's indifference even though they didn't show it on their faces

Cheng Bo immediately struck out after building up the needed heavenly energy.

A tyrannical fist attack gushed out from him, capable of destroying any obstacles in its path. Cheng Bo ruthlessly attacked Tian Long, intending to cripple him.

Tian Long, watching the incoming fist attack, he didn't even react towards it and simply stood still.

Everyone in the venue either had an astonished face, a pale face or an amused face. They didn't expect that Cheng Bo would actually strike Tian Long just because he ignored him.

Lin Hui Yin had a rare mischevious smile on her face as she thought. 'Let's see how you're going to resolve this one, sect master.'

Jian Chen also didn't expect this attack from Cheng Bo, but either way, he knew that it was nothing in his master's eyes. He sneered and gave Cheng Bo a look of mockery and thought. 'You will regret doing such a dumb thing, you idiot.'

Tian Long, amidst the reactions of the crowd, simply stood there as if he wasn't the one being attacked by such a powerful strike.

Activating the {Fiery Optic Golden Vision}, Tian Long's golden eyes shone as he sent out a mental attack paired with 20% power of Dragon Force.

"Kneel!" He said.

His golden eyes flashed as a terrifying but silent attack rushed towards Cheng Bo. The fist attack didn't even reach his clothes before Cheng Bo's body stopped midway.

He had a pale face and his body was stuck on the spot. He felt as if his head was being smashed inside out as he knelt down, clutching his head in pain. His eyes were closed yet blood flowed down from them and his teeth were clenched so hard that they might very well break.

Everyone's eyes almost popped out of their sockets when they saw what just happened. Just by speaking one word, a young genius at the King realm, albeit a bit sinister one, was howling in pain and kneeling before him.

What a powerful young man! A true dragon amongst the masses!

Tian Long still had his hands behind his back as he stood still in the same place, indifferently looking down on the kneeling Cheng Bo, befitting a king.

This scene, paired with his perfect looks, all the women's eyes heated up with desire as they looked at Tian Long with obsession.

Cheng Bo's body could be seen to be trembling throughout because of the immense pressure that was suppressing him.

Every cultivator below the Emperor Transformation realm had ashen faces and their bodies slightly trembling. Even those old foxes, Emperor cultivators, had solemn faces as they felt the suffocating aura Tian Long was emitting.


On the 5th floor of the hall, Lin Zhou and the other False God Realm cultivators had shining eyes as they looked at that peerless and perfect figure, standing in the middle of the crowd.

Lin Zhou smiled bitterly. "Tian Long has a high cultivation for his age, he can surmount Emperor Realm cultivators, he can incapacitate those at the same cultivation as him with but a word, he's a sect master at such a young age and he has a perfect face and body. This continent would be too small to contain him in the future."

Bai Xuefeng nodded his head emotionally. "He's indeed a hidden dragon, about to soar to the Nine Heavens."

The other False God Realm cultivators nodded their heads respectively and sighed in admiration.


Both Bai Feng and Long Zhong had shocked and pale faces when they saw what just happened. Immobilizing a King realm genius with the same cultivation with just a single word could be said to be impossible throughout the history of the world.

Besides that, they could also feel a suffocating pressure around them which was driving them crazy.

Meanwhile, Tian Long still had the same indifferent expression on his face since the start, as if what just happened had nothing to do with him.

He then said with a calm voice. "Since we're at the Lin Family's Main Hall and are celebrating a joyous occasion, I shall ignore the actions that you just did. But let me just remind you, with your meager strength, I can kill you without yourself even knowing it. Let alone just you, even if you asked all the King Realm cultivators present, it still wouldn't be enough, trash."

His words were like sharp knives which pierced Cheng Bo's heart one by one, destroying his pride and arrogance. However, at this moment, he could only choose to clench his teeth and endure as he couldn't even open his mouth to say something let alone move his body.

Even though Tian Long's voice wasn't loud, everyone present still heard every single word that he uttered. They were left speechless and insulted at his bold claim that all the King realm cultivators present wouldn't be enough to stop him. But of course, they didn't say anything and chose to stay quiet as it wasn't the right time to argue further.

And obviously, the geniuses within the King realm had their own pride and arrogance therefore when they heard Tian Long's words, their eyes landed on him with sharpness as if they wished to fight him at this moment.

Lin Hui Yin and Jian Chen's mouth were wide open when they heard what Tian Long had said and thought. 'How arrogant! Indeed worthy of being the sect master of the Eternal Glory Sect! Confidence is needed if you wished to become strong and keep treading on the path of cultivation.'

After saying his sharp words, Tian Long waved his sleeve and lifted off the pressure from Cheng Bo and walked away as if nothing had just happened. Both Lin Hui Yin and Jian Chen followed behind him and took a glance at Cheng Bo who was lying on the ground pitifully.

After making sure that he was gone, Cheng Bo stood up with difficulty and glared hatefully at Tian Long's direction yet he couldn't do anything at all. Also, he could feel the eyes of everyone present staring at him with mock and disdain.

He clenched his fists and walked away, towards the exit of the Main Hall. He only wanted to leave quickly since he didn't have any face at all to stay in this place.

All the eyes present followed Cheng Bo's figure who left hurriedly while limping. After a few moments, everyone began to laugh as they mocked Cheng Bo who was usually very arrogant and overbearing. It was very refreshing seeing him get put on his place since his reputation wasn't good at all.

After the mocking words directed towards Cheng Bo passed, everyone once again talked about the mysterious and peerlessly handsome young man, full of curiosity, trying to guess his identity and his origins.

The banquet continued on and the atmosphere once again became that of joy and celebration.

KingoftheWorld KingoftheWorld

As I was away since I went with my mom to the beach I was delayed from releasing this chapter and since there wasn't any wi-fi or signal for my 4G, I couldn't post this chapter...

Anyways here it is and enjoy! And as always, thanks for reading!

That's all for now. Peace out!

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