36.36% Apex System / Chapter 23: Unparalleled

Chapter 23: Unparalleled

With Jian Chen and Lin Hui Yin following him, Tian Long walked past both Bai Feng and Long Zhong and went towards Lin Zhou.

"Grandpa Lin." said Tian Long as he cupped his hand and smiled.

Lin Zhou smiled and stroke his beard. "Long'er, I know that you're a very capable young man with endless potential but I just wanted to tell you to not thrash them too much since their families are here. After all, those old folks are still False God Realm cultivators."

Tian Long obviously knew this and replied. "You can relax, Grandpa Lin, I'm not an impulsive person so I can restrain myself. It's inevitable to have pride and be hot-blooded since they are still young after all."

"Good, good, unparalleled talent and temperament paired with a good sense of mind, your future is undeniably limitless." sighed Lin Zhou as he smiled.

"You flatter me." smiled Tian Long.

"Well, I shan't say much but I know that you are a capable young man with an unlimited potential. Stepping further in higher cultivation realms will only be a matter of time." said Lin Zhou.

Tian Long only smiled in response and didn't say anything.

Lin Zhou also smiled. "Well, just don't overdo it in this battle, after all, your cultivation is still insufficient right now."

Tian Long nodded his head, expressing his agreement.

After saying what he wanted to say, Lin Zhou went back to his seat amongst the other False God cultivators.


Half an hour later,

Bai Feng, Long Zhong, along with the other young men were talking amongst themselves.

"That arrogant fool actually thinks that he's invincible, how funny." said Long Zhong with sharp eyes.

"We'll give him a taste of beating to remind him of his place, actually challenging this many of us? He think too highly of himself." said Bai Feng coldly.

Another young genius laughed. "Then should we make this quick or should we make him suffer slowly?"

Bai Feng icily replied. "I want you all to use everything on him, I don't want to see that arrogant expression on his face after this battle."

(Note: what arrogant expression? O.o)

The other young masters looked at each other and nodded their heads to express their agreement.

"Then we shall do this. It's time, let's go."

They then headed towards the arena with an imposing and confident aura.


Tian Long remained indifferent at the approaching fight as he carefreely chatted with Jian Chen and Lin Hui Yin.

It was as if he wasn't the one that was gonna fight but someone else. Well for him, this couldn't really be called a fight.

He then saw Bai Feng and the others looking at him with a mocking expression as they walked up at the arena.

"This won't take long." said Tian Long

Tian Long then stood up and strode confidently towards the arena with the same indifferent smile on his face.

Both sides then stood at the arena, staring at each other.

There was a total of 45 other young men standing alongside Bai Feng and Long Zhong and they all menacingly smiled at Tian Long with disdain in their eyes.

Similarly, in Tian Long's eyes, these people were just a bunch of frogs in well that doesn't know that there's always a sky above a sky.

(Note: Basically, it means that there are always people out there that are better than you.)

Bai Feng stepped forward and said to Tian Long with piercing eyes. "I hope that you didn't regret your decision earlier."

Tian Long carefreely replied. "With just this amount of you? Even if there were a thousand of yous it still wouldn't amount to anything."



"Who do you think you are?!"

Shouted the young geniuses as they gnashed their teeth and looked at Tian Long with eyes that seemingly wanted to devour him whole. The people watching were also surprised at the young man's arrogant claim.

Long Zhong's face darkened. "It seems that the only solution to this is to fight." he then took out his weapon which appeared to be at least a mid-grade King Ranked sword after saying that.

(Note: go back to the glossary to recheck the treasure grades if you've forgotten.)

Bai Feng, as well as the others, took out their respective weapons.

Of the weapons that they had, the lowest grade amongst them is a low-grade Earth ranked weapon while the highest is a high-grade King rank.

All the audiences gasped as they watched this large group of people took their treasures.

"Amazing! is that the mid-grade Earth ranked Shadow Claymore?!"

"Look at Long Zhong's sword, could that be the King ranked Blood Fury Sword that was auctioned in this city a few months ago?"

"Bai Feng's spear is radiating such a fierce aura, it's definitely a high-grade King ranked spear."

They all were in an uproar after seeing such a number of great weapons in front of them.

One of the young masters arrogantly laughed. "If you kneel and kowtow to each of us then maybe we could spare you. What do you think?"

Another one of them sneered. "I agree as well. Just kowtow to us then we can stop this now. Or else..."

The rest of them laughed in disdain as they thought that Tian Long was overestimating himself. However, their laughter soon died down and their faces couldn't help but tighten

It was because as Tian Long started walking towards them slowly he was releasing a terrifying aura as if a devilish behemoth has been unchained after countless years, about to deliver its wrath


Bai Feng, Long Zhong, and the others readied themselves while having a grim face as they stared at the slowly walking Tian Long.

They were being suffocated by the terrifying pressure he was emitting.

Tian Long still had a smile on his face as he released 70% of his Dragon Force. The ones closest to him felt like their knees were giving out.

They refused to kneel under his monster-like aura yet their legs couldn't take it as they started kneeling one by one.

Tian Long didn't even look at those people as he walked passed each of them.

The audience gasped as they watched Tian Long walk like an immortal while the others were simply a bunch of mortals that fell one by one from his presence alone.

Tian Long's eyes suddenly shone bright gold as he activated his {Fiery Optic Golden Vision} and used a soul-attack on everyone at the arena.





Screams resounded in the hall as the young masters in the arena fell one by one with a face full of pain.


In a mere 10 seconds, all 45 of the geniuses fell one by one with just two of them remaining. They were obviously Bai Feng and Long Zhong and they had a pale and frightened face as they looked at Tian Long who was walking towards them.

The people watching were horrified when they saw what just took place. They definitely won't forget this moment for the rest of their lives., forever etched in their memories.

Even Lin Hui Yin and Jian Chen were shocked at what just happened. He only released his aura and those proud sons of the heaven were reduced to a mere pile of dung.

'How strong is he really?' Thought everyone present.

Suddenly, Tian Long's body emitted a light that shone bright and then he disappeared, only to appear right in front of Long Zhong and Bai Feng. They stepped back in fright and tried to muster up their courage to fight him.

Using the {Luminous Flash Art} with Dragon Force, no one with a cultivation below the Life and Death Realm could see how he appeared and disappeared instantly, they wondered what kind of movement technique it was to display such speed. Well, the technique was lost for thousands of years already so it was a given that not many people would recognize the technique.

"Suppress." spoke Tian Long with an imposing might like an emperor.


Both Bai Feng and Long Zhong instantly fell down on their knees. They clenched their teeth using all the strength in their body to try to stand yet they failed.

"Ignorance is bliss indeed. You think that yourself a genius but I only see a frog in a well with no idea of the immensity of the heavens." said Tian Long indifferently.

"I could crush you all within a blink of an eye to show you how weak you all are. Let this be a lesson to all of you that there will always be a sky beyond the sky and a heaven beyond the heavens."

All his words were like needles piercing all their hearts. It was especially so for Bai Feng and Long Zhong because, in their whole life, they moved unhindered because of their background and talent.

It was laughable how they acted so arrogant and overbearing to others all the time yet now they were being oppressed like ants by someone in the same age as them.

Tian Long didn't dare take things further as he knew that their families were still around. His cultivation was still insufficient to stand against them, however, he knew that it would only be a matter of time.

He then flicked his sleeve and walked away with a carefree and indifferent aura. It was miles away from his imposing and godly aura that he emitted earlier.

After walking down the arena, he then smiled at Jian Chen and Lin Hui Yin and walked towards them.

KingoftheWorld KingoftheWorld

Sorry for the delay but here it is. You guys can expect a stable release from now on!

Also, I wrote a new novel called Infinity World Online which is obviously a VRMMO, it already has a chapter out so check it out and if possible, give me your responses in the review section or the comment section :D

That's all for now. Peace out!

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