43.93% Apex System / Chapter 28: Emerging Geniuses

Chapter 28: Emerging Geniuses

Having reached this step with a mere Tempered Body cultivation level, they could be really considered as the top geniuses of the Endless Forces Continent.

They stood proudly with their heads held high as the masses and the spectators looked at them in awe.

"So these young ones are the representatives of the Endless Forces. Reaching this step would definitely benefit their future cultivation speed and foundation." sighed a top expert.

"Sect-master Tian is such an amazing person to have such a godly artifact that could temper one's will, talent and physique at the same time! He definitely came from a peak powerhouse influence from the Divine Continent." said an Emperor realm cultivator with awe and reverence.

"Indeed, the Eternal Glory Sect is bound to rise eventually." commented a young man respectfully.


Tian Long smiled as he looked at the 10 remaining young geniuses. Since he already checked the status page of Chu Feng, Long Wang, and Long Xue, he then checked the status page of the 7 others



Name: Li Kang

Age: 13

Cultivation: Tempered Body Level 8


Name: Shi Hong

Age: 12

Cultivation: Tempered Body Level 8


Name: Han Gang

Age: 13

Cultivation: Tempered Body Level 9


Name: Su Xinyue

Age: 13

Cultivation: Tempered Body Level 9


Name: Yao Ya

Age: 14

Cultivation: Tempered Body Level 9


Name: Xiao Ning

Age: 12

Cultivation: Tempered Body Level 8


Other than these six, a young lad caught Tian Long's eye as he checked his status page.

"This is actually possible?" muttered Tian Long in surprise.



Name: Zhuang Yan

Age: 13

Cultivation: Tempered Body Level 7

Description: With the lowest kind of innate talent and physique, he is able to reach this cultivation level through his sheer will, tempered heart, and numerous dangerous encounters at a young age.

Talent Grades:

Innate Talent: Mortal Grade

Physique: Mortal Grade

Comprehension: 3

Will: 9

Luck: 4


"How amazing is this! He actually has 9 points in Will?! He's still able to reach Tempered Body Level 7 with such low talent, comprehension, and luck?." said Tian Long as he wondered.

"Let's see how far up you can go then." he smiled.


290th step...

294th step...

296th step...

299th step...

300th step - 10 participants.

Tian Long smiled.

The crowd held their breath as they watched the 10 young geniuses with tension, shock, and awe.

Since the 290th step, all 10 of the participants refused to go down as they mustered and squeezed out all the strength inside their body to keep climbing up.

Some in the crowd were shocked senseless, some were envious, some were crying with tears of joy. However, one thing is certain was that they all felt pride as they stared at those 10.

They are the proud geniuses of the Endless Forces Continent! They are the elites of the elites of the elites! They are standing at the apex of this generation and had incalculable potential. They aren't inferior to those from the other continents and maybe even better!

They all thought this at the same time.

Tian Long couldn't help but nod his head as he watched those 10 participants that are almost dying as they forced themselves to stand up.


*Whoosh* *Whoooosh* *POP*

Sounds of breakthroughs started resounding.

Chu Feng, Zhuang Yan and the participants were sent in a daze as they felt a profound and boundless energy fill up every inch of their body.

At first, they were startled and worried that they might explode due to the excess amount of energy but then they found out that the energy wasn't overbearing or tyrannical at all. It wasn't very soft either, it was just about right as they felt their strength increase as their cultivation level was raised.


Chu Feng was startled as he felt the purest heavenly energy he's ever felt in both of his lives enter his body, dantian, meridians, and acupoints. He could feel his cultivation level was being raised by the pure heavenly energy.

He muttered. "Such pure heavenly energy! This Glorious Celestial Stairway is such a marvelous creation! I can't believe that such a wondrous godly artifact exists in this world."

He never saw such a treasure in his past life, even at his peak, so the Celestial Stairway was simply a wonder for him.

"For the Eternal Glory Sect to possess such a treasure... This sect is really a variable... I wonder why I haven't heard of it before." Chu Feng wondered.

He should've known or even heard of rumors about such an amazing sect in his past life since the Eternal Glory Sect was just too great.

However, there was simply nothing.

'Still nothing.' thought Chu Feng as he racked his memories as he tried to find even the slightest of a clue about the Eternal Glory Sect.

"I really wonder where this sect came from..."

He clenched his fist as he felt the pure heavenly energy within him tear away the barrier to the Energy Refining Realm as his cultivation advanced towards it.

His heart couldn't help but have an admiration towards the sect master of the Eternal Glory Sect as he finally reached Energy Refining Realm.

The heavenly energy still didn't stop and it kept giving a surge of power within him as his cultivation kept increasing.

Energy Refining Level 1... Energy Refining Level...2... Energy Refining Level 3!

Chu Feng was flabbergasted as he was sent into a daze.

Reaching Energy Refining Realm Level 3 that quickly was simply monstrous! It was the first time he's ever known and experience of such a thing.

As Chu Feng broke through, Long Wang, Long Xue, Zhuang Yan, and the other participants were having the same experience.

They were ecstatic as they felt the impossibly pure heavenly energy enter their body and raise their cultivation level.

And the best thing about it was that it even helped them consolidate their cultivation, improving their foundation. This will help them increase their cultivation faster in the future without having to worry about an unstable foundation since a weak and unstable foundation would simply be a hinder in the future.

Even if you advanced in cultivation, it just wouldn't be worth it unless you plan to spend a longer and harder time to improve your foundation in the future which would simply be incredibly difficult.


"Their cultivation increased by a major realm!!!" yelled someone loudly.

"What is going on?! All of them have reached Energy Refining Realm within such a short amount of time! What sorcery is this?!" shouted an old cultivator.

"For such a thing to happen..."

"God, I wish that it happened to me instead."


As the crowd was in an uproar, watching the dense amount of heavenly energy gather towards the 10 participants, a clear and calm voice resounded.

"Consider this increase in cultivation as my gift to you all for reaching this far up in the Celestial Stairway. I honestly wasn't expecting for the 10 of you to reach this far up, therefore, you have all impressed me and will get additional rewards for this feat."

Of course, the one that spoke was Tian Long as he appeared in front of the 10 participants.

He was honestly impressed by the achievement of the 10 participants since it was totally unexpected for Tempered Body cultivators, and young ones at that, to reach the 300th step of the Celestial Stairway.

Zhuang Yan, Long Wang, Chu Feng, and the others were very grateful towards this reward from Tian Long as they bowed their heads in thankfulness and respect.

The spectators were sent into a further frenzy when they heard Tian Long's words.

A gift! He gifted them a huge leap in their cultivation just like that! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS!!!

Tian Long ignored the crowd as he continued.

"You will all get the additional rewards later, now it's time for me to pick the 4 disciples that will enter the Eternal Glory Sect."

When Tian Long finished his words, everything suddenly went silent.

The spectators stopped talking as a tensive atmosphere filled the air.

The families of the 10 participants were watching in both excitement and anxiety as they wondered which ones would get picked.

Everyone held their breath and awaited the following words.

Tian Long smiled and opened his mouth.

"The 4 participants that will be accepted into the Eternal Glory Sect are..."

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