81.81% Apex System / Chapter 53: Free Exp Points

Chapter 53: Free Exp Points

*Swoosh* *Swoosh*

A distance from Tian Long's group, shadows dashed towards their direction rapidly without even hiding their aura or their obviously bad intentions.

Jian Chen, Lin Hui Yin, and the others turned around as they used their divine sense and eyes to peer through the distance.

Tian Long had a smirk on his face as he also turned around.

His captivating, soul-stirring eyes flashed a golden light as he activated the {Fiery Eyes Golden Vision}.

He didn't even use his monstrous divine sense to 'see' those shadowy figures far in the distance.

One, two, three... there were a total of 7 people in the distance that was running full speed ahead. Their group consisted of five men and two women and they all had a cultivation of Emperor Transformation Realm.

With Tian Long's current soul power, divine sense, and abilities, it was a simple matter for him to see from hundreds of miles away with a clear vision.

"Obviously, some people would still try to kill and rob us even though they know our background." said Lin Hui Yin calmly.

"Our sect's reputation is still unknown to most people. Even though they know our background, the world is infinitely large with an incalculable number of people, they wouldn't get deterred so simply." said Chu Feng calmly with his hands behind his back.

Jian Chen, Long Wang, Long Xue, and Zhuang Yan nodded their heads, agreeing with his words.

'How generous are these people...giving me free experience points after it seemed forever.' thought Tian Long as he thanked them from the bottom of his heart.

Although they were all in the Emperor Transformation Realm, Tian Long didn't care at all. Relying on his physical body alone, he could utterly destroy an Emperor realm cultivator without even breaking a sweat. Since this group wanted to send him free experience points for free then Tian Long would gladly accept it.

It didn't take long before the group of cultivators reached Tian Long and the others.

Now everyone saw clearly what the group consisted of. There were two young men and women along with three middle-aged men. The young men were handsome and wore expensive clothing, clearly coming from a considerably good background. Their heads were held high as they exuded an arrogant air around them, clearly looking at Tian Long and his group in disdain. They radiated a tyrannical and domineering aura as they stared at Tian Long's group.

The leader of the group was a young woman that seemed to be around 30 years old, she was beautiful and had a great figure, however, the expression on her face was different. Her face was filled with disdain and arrogance as she held a King grade sword in her hand that was filled with killing intent. She was akin to a rose that was full of thorns as she stepped forward in an overbearing fashion.

On the other hand, the three middle-aged men had no expression on their faces at all as they remained indifferent to what was happening. Clearly, they held no regards towards this new 'victim' of theirs because of their Emperor realm cultivation level.

The beautiful woman opened her mouth and said to Tian Long with a towering arrogance. "I've heard that you happen to have a lot of great treasures with you. I'll be straightforward to y'all, take all of your things out and leave them here, or else."

The two young men and the other woman behind her all laughed coldly as they eyed Tian Long's group akin to a predator watching its prey.

Within Tian Long's group, Lin Hui Yin and Jian Chen had already armed themselves, taking out their sword respectively, with the intent to fight. Chu Feng remained indifferent as usual, not even placing these bandits in his eyes. The Long Twins and Zhuang Yan had a serious expression on their faces as it was their first time encountering a hostile party with a cultivation of Emperor Transformation realm.

Tian Long only laughed and shook his head when he heard the woman's words. 'What an arrogant and idiotic woman!' he thought.

Seeing Tian Long shake his head, the woman was infuriated. She raised her sword and slashed towards Tian Long's throat.

A sharp and piercing energy came towards Tian Long with the intent to kill as the King grade sword overbearingly reached towards his neck.

Tian Long only smiled and opened his hand, grabbing out towards her sword.


The sword couldn't even resist as it was shattered to bits of pieces in front of the woman's dumbfounded eyes. The group behind her was also shocked as they wondered what the just happened.

Tian Long didn't stop as he grabbed towards the woman's head. Although she was surprised, the woman was, after all, a genius at the early Emperor Transformation realm so she was immediately got a hold of herself and tried to get away.

However, Tian Long didn't give her a chance as his hand shot towards the woman and grasped her head. The woman opened her mouth and tried to speak however she couldn't even say anything before her head was crushed by Tian Long's hand.

[ Ding! The host has obtained: 50,000 experience points, 2,000 apex points, and a storage ring. ]

'Ah, finally, those familiar words.' Tian Long laughed when he heard the system's message. It had been a while since he heard those words from the system.

While Tian Long was relishing the exp points and the apex points that he received, the woman's group had a shocked expression on their face as they stared at their leader's corpse.

A genius and strong Emperor Realm cultivator had died like that?!

The group couldn't believe what they had seen and tried to process everything that just happened, however, they didn't have time as Tian Long turned his attention towards them.

Tian Long laughed as he released his 50% of his dragon force, immobilizing all of them.

Finding out that they couldn't move even a tiny bit, the emperor realm bandits had pale faces that were akin to a piece of paper. Despair filled them as they looked at the masked young man that was slowly approaching them.

The masked man was akin to a heavenly dragon as his aura towered up to the heavens, leaving them in both awe and fear for their lives.

Even Tian Long's disciples couldn't help but be surprised at their master's lofty and imposing might.

*Badum* Badum*

Each of the man's steps was akin to a world-splitting earthquake or ravaging storm as it resounded in their ears. They couldn't even say a word due to the suppression and can only look at the masked man with pitiful eyes, begging for forgiveness.

Tian Long simply smiled at the walking bag of exp points that was in front of him.

A few seconds later...

[ Ding! The host has obtained: 50,000 experience points, 2,000 apex points, and a storage ring. ]

[ Ding! The host has obtained: 55,000 experience points, 2,000 apex points, and a storage ring. ]

[ Ding! The host has obtained: 50,000 experience points, 2,000 apex points... ]

[ Ding! The host has obtained: 50,000 exp... ]

[ Ding... ]

[ ... ]

KingoftheWorld KingoftheWorld

Hey, everyone, I'm back. Actually, although I returned at Saturday night, I actually only "got home" earlier today so I was only able to start writing the chapter now...

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