42.38% Once Human, Now a Parasite / Chapter 139: Chapter 136 : Paying Back A Favor

Chapter 139: Chapter 136 : Paying Back A Favor

About three hours after he began possessing like crazy, Arthur ran out of corpses and his stats still didn't reach a limit. With no other choice but to leave his new home and go find some, his only destination is his one and only provider.

He forgot to talk to Anastassia about Robin and ask about her location, it's been a while since they met so he was not sure if she is still amassing corpses for him but he sure hoped so.

In the clear blue sky, Arthur whistled through the air, creating lightning sounds as he was in his lightning form. All that could be seen was a white line that would appear and vanish every split second. As he was focusing on flying at top speed while adding the bonus Agility he got from all those previous corpses, his speed increased yet by another level.

He was heading to the Itas Continent first as the Headquarters of E-clips Company is there. A trip that takes a month or even more was finished in an hour by Arthur, who relied on his lightning form and Agility.

In no time, Arthur appeared outside of the main building of the E-clips Company.

"End all connections with the Yan Clan! I don't want to get involved with their stupid wars!"

Robin, who had drastically grown from the last time he met her, was currently sitting on a desk and ordering a few subordinates. Her grandfather was nowhere to be seen and she seemed to be another person, if not for the appraisal, Arthur would not have recognized her.

She wore glasses now and she seemed more mature. Arthur decided to enter normally and not just appear out of nowhere like the old fashion way.

'Knock knock!

"What is it, Nelson.... I told you to not bother me until you finished the tasks I assigned you with."

The person wasn't the one Robin expected, it took her a moment to recognize Arthur. Unlike any time they met, she didn't yell at him or complain, she just stared back at him and remained silent.

"I see that a lot of things.... have changed."

Glancing back at the empty room and the new Robin, Arthur frowned for a second before he guessed something.

"It's been a while... Sir Arthur."

"Indeed it has. The small girl has matured into a responsible lady it seems.... Where is Belic?"

Hearing him, Robin's eye sharpened and her eyes turned a bit cold. She was calm on the outside but her feelings were in total disarray inside.

With a resolute and deadpan face, Robin lifted her head and stared back at Arthur, who welcomed himself and sat in the seat opposite of her.

"My Grandfather has unfortunately died."

'So I was right.'

Their relationship was merely built on business but the old man was respectful to Arthur and helped him a lot, he doesn't mind taking revenge if he was killed by an enemy.

"How did he die?"

"Sir Arthur, we are business partners, I would like you to refrain from interfering in personal matters."

Not minding what she said the least bit, Arthur stared back at her with an even colder look and repeated


"Sir Ar-"

"If you are not going to tell me, I'll learn from another one, so why not spill the beans right now."

Robin had no choice but to answer, as if not wanting to remember what happened, she kept it brief but Arthur noticed that she clenched her fists so tightly to the point that her nails dug deep into her flesh, making blood flow from them. She hid them under the desk but with his sense, nothing can escape from him. It was as clear that his death was unfair but she somehow overcame it and became a responsible person to take care of his company. Just by the fact that she didn't go back to her clan and managed everything by her own prooves it.

"I-it was a simple trip to the Demon Continent to deliver an item but w-we were ambushed by a Black Mage and his troops, he killed everyone but m-my grandfather t-teleported me away..."

Robin couldn't even finish the sentence before starting to silently cry. That event was an emotional scar that she could not forget yet she repressed it deep into her mind, now that it resurfaced, she couldn't keep her emotions in check.

"Do you want vengeance? For it is the only thing I can offer as an old friend."

Arthur speaking made Robin realize that she was not alone in the room, she rubbed the tears away and looked at Arthur with a strange look.

"W-Why would you help me?"

"Help? I'm paying back a favor. Nothing less, nothing more."

Yes, he was helping her but he didn't say it out loud. She was putting up a cold front yet she was emotionally weak, if he said he was helping her, she may not have accepted it and would even have considered it as pity.

"Now then, what is your reply?"

Arthur patiently waited for Robin, who kept staring back at him seemingly lost in thought. After an unknown amount of time passed, she snapped out of her daze and said

"It can't be helped! Since you're paying back a favor then I cannot refuse, However! I must accompany you."

There was a hint of happiness and relief in her tone. As if a huge burden has been lifted when she said that. She struggled over whether to accept or not but in the end, she decided to yield to her emotions.

"Alright, we will depart immediately."

Arthur got up from his seat and was going to take Robin and fly to the Demon Continent was but he was stopped by Robin.

"Wait! We cannot just go blindly! That Black Mage is strong and we don't know where he is right now. We need to investigate first."

Her serious demeanor returned and the glasses were pulled back in a classy manner. In some way or another, she liked being a bit bossy, even towards Arthur.

"That's futile. I'll find him quickly, you need not worry, just stay back and watch."

Robin expected him to say that so she retorted while snorting

"Hmpf! Alright but I need to make some preparation, the trip is long to the Demon Continent after."

"That is also unnecessary, we'll arrive in an hour, more or less and we'll come back after a day at most so no need to prepare anything."

Robin was prepared to retort again but she choked on the words when she heard him, she stared at him as if he was a clown. Clearly, she didn't believe what he said, while putting her hands on waist and glaring back at him, she tsk'ed and said

"It's not because I accept your offer that you can mock me. I'm not the little girl from before."

'You clearly are but whatever....'

Arthur could only sigh and nod at Robin. He left the room after he told Robin to hurry up but he was relieved when she told him that everything will be done in five hours at most.

So, with nothing to do, Arthur strolled around the Elven village and contemplated the buildings and people. From boredom, he went to the public park and sat near the fountain to relax and enjoy some fresh air.

Kids were playing as usual and couples or easy-going people were lingering here and there. With nothing to do, he laid on the grass and looked to the sky only to see several thick branches high up in the air. His vision soon shifted to the gigantic tree not far away.

'Isn't that....'

The tree he was looking at was the World Tree, the same tree that sent him flying miles away when he tried getting close to it to possess it. A mysterious voice rang in his ears last time and he didn't dare go back as the blow from the tree was by no means a simple blow, it was a fatal and deadly one. It spared his life but nonetheless, he was injured.

He had a bit of confidence now that he was way stronger than the past him who got beaten by the tree but he was still hesitating on whether to approach it or not.

His thoughts were urging him to do it but an alerting feeling kept stopping him and pulling him back.

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