42.98% Once Human, Now a Parasite / Chapter 141: Chapter 138 : Mysterious Green Hands

Chapter 141: Chapter 138 : Mysterious Green Hands

'Did it give up?'

Still cautious, Arthur slowed down and sensed the surroundings with his sense and glanced at the World Tree while activating the special eyes but nothing was too strange.

At this point, no force waves were attacking him but it didn't make Arthur feel safe, on the contrary, he was feeling unease and confusion. Getting close to the target, whatever or whoever is attacking him should attack more not just suddenly give up.

The two wide flaming wings wrapped around him and the horn started vibrating more intensely. Arthur strengthened his Dark Barrier and advanced.

Unfortunately, the second he resumed advancing he was met with something that made feel a shiver down his spine. It wasn't a chilling or ominous aura of any sort, in case, the attacks were made of pure Mana but the alarming thing is what was coming towards him.

For the first time since he started this fight, he felt a bit of killing intent from the incoming attack. It was a force wave like another one yet way bigger and faster, by the time he reacted, it had already struck him and sent his body crashing to the ground.


Trees were razed and a crater was formed, some plants and grass were burned due to the collateral damage caused by the ancient flames.

He couldn't even react in time to teleport, the Barrier didn't even slow it down and was practically shattered in an instant.

Fortunately, his wings reduced the damage by quite a bit so he wasn't heavily injured. Some of the black bones shattered but it's not his body so no problem.

With his wings still wrapped around him, Arthur slowly floated up only to be struck again by the same force, crashing him into the ground creating a bigger crater.

His Health was reduced by the benefit of possessing a corpse is that dying inside it won't kill him, he'll be forcefully pushed out of the body he was possessing with 20% of his Health and his stats would be halved for a day. So yeah, dying inside Griffin's body won't necessarily kill him a bit it'll greatly weaken him. There was the option of transferring to another body before his current one is dead but the effect would be multiplied by 4 times, it really wasn't worth it.

'It's playing with me.... motherfucker!'

Arthur erupted in fury as every time he got up and tried to fight back, the strong force wave would flatten him to the ground, not letting him a chance retaliate.

'Bzzz bzzzz'

Arthur teleported high up in the air and spat 4 Void Orbs which instantly transformed to innumerable small mouths. The largemouth of Griffin opened again and this time, a Fireball ten times his size was created, the heat was so strong that the plants on the ground showed signs of withering.

That was not all, [Transmutation] was activated and the Griffin grew double its original size and Natural Lightning covered its body.

'Let's see if you can block this'

Arthur followed after the big fireball which struck the force wave and exploded, creating a rain for flame, burning the ground and setting fire to the green forest. The mouths kept doing their job and ate bits and bits of the force wave yet it didn't seem it was weakened by even one bit.


The Griffin became a streak of lightning which charged at the force wave, just before he struck it, The Griffin's body suddenly teleported to the back but all of that was not just an act, but to buy a couple of seconds, confusing the one doing this and perhaps cover whatever is whistling behind him.

When he teleported behind, a Heavenly Arrow half of the size of the original was whistling in the air and rushing at the Force Wave.

The smallmouths seemed to realize something and all flew to the Heavenly Arrow and merged with it, making it bigger and faster.

Just like any other case, the Heavenly Arrow was unstoppable, the Force Wave was eaten in a second but that didn't stop the Arrow from advancing toward the World Tree.

Wave after Wave appeared to block the Heavenly Arrow but they were devoured in a few seconds. Arthur grinned as he watched them being absorbed as if they were nothing. After all, there was nothing that could stop the Void, not even Pure Mana, or so Arthur thought.

For 200 hundred meters, the Heavenly Arrow was an unbreakable existence, its only purpose is to strike the World Tree.

Arthur followed after it slowly but was astonished when he saw an illusory blue hand appear in front of the arrow. The hand was double the size of the arrow and surprisingly, the Void couldn't eat the hand.

The Heavenly struck the palm of that hand and at the moment of the impact, the small space between the tip of the arrow and the palm, the space shattered and a gray starry sky appeared from the other side. It was repaired in a split second but such a thing was noticed by Arthur, who gasped and retreated as he felt an absorbing power far stronger than the arrow come out from that small shattered space.

Moments turned into minutes but the Heavenly Arrow couldn't penetrate the palm neither could the hand extinguish the arrow, it's basically a stalemate.

When Arthur was ready to act, three extra hands appeared, they each took a side and started pressing the arrow, trying to crush it or suppress it.

When the process started, the hands turned green and a thin green line appeared between them. Half a minute after they appeared, the arrow was suppressed and a bright green light flashed the area before it disappeared, leaving only the four hands.

Soon, the hands dissipated too leaving only a strong force wave rushing at Arthur, who was not the least bit worried. Since it took it a lot of time to get rid of that Heavenly Arrow then what about the real one? Or the empowered one with Lucy's help?

One thing was for sure, this thing wasn't invincible. Whilst grinning, Arthur used his lightning form and started flying in a circle with an insane speed. In just a few seconds, before the force wave struck him, a towering lightning tornado was formed but that was only the beginning.

Streaks of white lightning descended on the ground, creating pits and destroying trees. The tornado was getting bigger by the second and when the force wave finally struck it, it was stopped by a creepy looking hand that came out from a dark book. The hand was made from rotten flesh and it had a very ominous aura around it, nonetheless, it easily stopped force wave.

[Lightning Golem]!*

Arthur had left the Griffin's body and was currently standing on the Golem's shoulder. The Golem was 10 meters tall and had a special armor made from White Lightning, a large hammer made from Natural Lightning and a shield in its left hand made from condensed Thunder.

"Let's see if you can stop my ultimate living creation!"

Arthur proudly said that then jumped back from the Golem's shoulder and let ordered it to attack. The creature followed its master's will and roared while it advanced toward an illusory blue hand that was clenched into a fist.


Being reinforced by the Lightning, the golem was fast albeit its size. With a loud roar, it swung its hammer at the blue fist, which caused an ear-deafening and created Godly Thunder that struck the hand from the high-above.

The Golem was like a moving fortress, it was meant for defense by with Arthur's help, it was like having a God for a puppet.

The green hammer struck the blue hand, again and again, creating strong and fast vibrations inside its target and decreasing the size of hand by each strike.

Like last time, having no choice but to suppress the Heavenly Arrow, the thing that was fighting Arthur had to use four hands. This time, now that it saw the strength of the Golem, three extra hands appeared and in just a second the four linked and glowed with green light.

"Ain't gonna work."

Arthur smirked and folded his arms to watch the show. He knew the Golem capabilities and he wouldn't just send it to its death, after the reinforcement of the lightning, it wouldn't be suppressed easily.

Soon, the four hands were linked again and each palm pressed one of the Golem's side. In response, the Golem raised its Thunder shield to the air and roared. When the glowing yellow shield faced the sky, a thunderous sound resounded in the surroundings and a rain of thunder descended from above.

Countless thick streaks of thunder descended, striking the four glowing hands endlessly. The Golem followed with a powerful swing of his hammer, which had twirling wind around it.


It only struck one hand but the strike was so strong that the link was disrupted and the thin green line vanished. Although it started materializing again just after it vanished, the Golem was not as going to sit around and watch it reconstruct again.

The Golem let go of the shield which kept floating above it and sending Thunder at the four hands, then it used both of its hands to hold the large hammer and spun 360 degrees whilst holding the hammer....

TheCrow TheCrow

Thanks for reading.

If you like my story, I would appreciate a good review or a review with constructive criticism \o/

Comments (20)

  • TheCrow


    By power level, do you mean the Realms? It's Mortal Realm (Lv1=>999)then Spirit Realm (No lvl)=>Heavenly Realm=>Deity Realm=>Immortal Realm(1st grade=>9th grade)=>Divine Realm(1st Grade=>9th grade)=>God Realm(1st Grade=>9th Grade).

  • Yashashva


    I'm really liking the story development. I'm also wondering when Arthur and Lucy are going to meet...

  • Nostradamus


    Arthur possessing the world tree is the dream

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