70.12% Once Human, Now a Parasite / Chapter 220: Chapter 176.1 : All out (1)

Chapter 220: Chapter 176.1 : All out (1)

Arthur was waiting for their God Spirits to emerge but none of that happened, only their aura multiplied and the pressure they emanated felt several times heavier and it was pressing down Arthur's body, slowing his movements by a little bit.

Since they seemed wary and afraid of his Dark Magic, Arthur decided to mainly use that so gain an advantage, he activated his Dark Anguish technique to its maximum, pulling the pulsating dark talisman from his Dantian and forcing it outside.

The talisman landed on his chest, emitting strange dark light and an ominous aura, then Arthur's body transformed into a flaming figure. He was covered from head to toe with Dark flames and every fraction of his movements caused space to crack yet not completely shatter.

Makaze was similarly covered in flames, they were in harmony with Dark Magic so Arthur's didn't want to waste this opportunity to attack them.

He rushed at the three of them, who chose to stick together, with several three meter long dark spears flying at them nonstop and Makaze slashing at the young man, this gave them more trouble than expected.

Nevertheless, they too, were strengthened and much stronger than earlier, one of the two women stretched her hand and created an illuminating blob of light that acted like a shield, stopping the penetrating dark spears. By this time, Arthur had already arrived close to the young man, who was also protected by that blob of light so Arthur decided to not waste this chance to use normal attacks, he held Makaze and concentrated his Nether Energy, activating [Heavenly Slash].

Different from the original one, [Heavenly Slash] wasn't in the form of a dark arc this time, it was actually a creepy looking skull that opened its mouth, ready to devour the three of them whole.

The skull's size was pretty big and its appearance had a bit of similarity to the one engraved on Zodiak's robe. The distance separating them when he used [Heavenly Slash] wasn't big, to begin with, and the speed of the skull was even faster than its caster so it instantly reached the trio and crashed on the blob of light, devouring it as if it was nothing then continuing its way towards its original targets.

Alerted and flabbergasted by the dark skeleton, the trio used their weapons to meet with the skeleton, each using their strongest techniques. The two spears swept forth towards the skeleton, transforming into two white snakes, one with red eyes and the other with blue eyes, as for the young man, he was panicking and lagged behind, unable to react in time to resist the skeleton. He recklessly swung his weapon to meet the terrifying skeleton but it was futile as his saber showed signs of destruction.

The two women were smart enough to back away when they saw that the snakes conjured from their spears were able to resist the skeleton for sometime before dispersing due to the overwhelming power of the skeleton. The young man, however, was in a tighter spot, he watched as the skeleton opened its mouth, ready to devour him whole and in a fit of desperation and panic, he shouted in fear and thrust his saber in an attempt to stop the death that was coming right at him.

Arthur didn't know what the youth used but a bright golden light emanated from inside the dark skull after it had devoured the target, this caused it to halt and shake violently before it exploded, causing winds to howl and dust to fly, a bloody figure was seen falling down only to be caught by the two women.

The youth was in a terrible state, he had blade wounds all over and some of his veins were dark in color, making him look unhealthy. He was urgently fed recovery pills and their effect should've been immediate, however, no change was seen. In fact, his state seemed to be worsening, blood was gushing out of an ugly wound on his abdomen, even both could be seen, and this bones were actually jet black as if infected with a deadly poison or a strange disease.

'This is not a normal Dark Magic user.'

The old man looked over to the young man, focusing on the black veins and strange bones then he switched his focus to Arthur, who was still covered in dark flames, you could only see flames, no clothes nor armors or even skin.

Although Arthur backed off, it didn't mean he was done. While the others were busy taking care of the injured young man, he used made use of the Dark Cloud, which transformed into a figure exactly similar to his current appearance then he instantly bent Space and charged at the three of them, intending to the these three God, this was his only rule, finish every enemy he meets, even if they were incapable of fighting!

For the first second, the old man didn't notice anything strange, but after he focused for a bit, his expression had a drastic change. He shouted loudly at the three Gods

"Get away, he's a Spatial Master!"

Unfortunately, it was too late as Arthur appeared from thin air, exactly behind one of the two women, Makaze was thrust at her back, with no chance to resist such a sudden attack, the woman's face turned pale and in a desperate struggle, she used her hidden Holy wings to defend against the dark blade.

The Holy Wings are a sacred thing for people serving the Holy Order and if any person loses them or they are cut, then that person is heavily punished if not imprisoned for eternity.

Arthur had already predicted that killing the woman from such an attack is rather unlikely even if it were by surprise, after all, his opponent is Peak Gods and not the usual weaklings.

At the last split second, right before Makaze touches the wings, [Fasther Than Death] was used, he teleported above the injured youth, enough for the blade to stab right through his head, killing him on the spot and frightening the woman.

This time, the old man interfered and Arthur felt as if he was hit by a mountain when a large white hand struck his body and sent him flying all the way to the edges of the dark cube, he even crashed on its walls but the cube wasn't the least bit damaged.

Although it seemed like a normal attack without any terrifying might, it took more than 40m Health from Arthur, resulting in a few broken ribs and minor wounds. He coughed some blood then gulped a Health Potion and a Nether Energy Recovery Pill. To create this dark cube, he used more than half his pool of Nether Energy, which is a lot but he was confident in its defense, even a Sovereign like the old man might not be able to destroy it within a short period of time.

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