16.43% Descending Of The Lost Star / Chapter 23: Enlin City - 0

Chapter 23: Enlin City - 0

The mansion was huge and while every part of the house was furnished , most of the room were unoccupied. As Kathrina led the group to a nice dinner and settled everyone in their own room , she sat with her cousin and Naire in a private desk room surrounded by bookshelves that were filled with books. "First , tell me about the main reason you are here." Kathrina knew that Luru had to ask her mom to attend the school with Ali , so her first impression was that the little girl herself did not know that her parents were going to leave her with the aunty.

"I found it." Hearing those words , Kathrina did not bother to inquire any further because she knew what it meant for the entire family. "Good.. I am sure you will succeed and become a ultimate warrior... You'll be the youngest one from the southern lands.. or maybe the current one in this continent during in era at least." The husband smiled as he was complimented but was quickly shot down afterwards. "If Lati comes back with even a scratch , I will turn you into ice sculpting and put it in my garden as decoration!" Lati chuckled as she held her cousin hand. "Thank you Kathrina.. you are always good to me." "Lati , I told you to call me your elder sister hmmp. Go on with your husband and don't worry about Luru , she is more important than my old life." The couple laughed and cheered a toast with the old teach who was just 28 years old.

"So.. what about Nodus and the group of elves?" The couple began to tell the whole stories starting from the elves and their group who felt for a trap and that a guild worker was most likely involved in it. They explained that Ali was Luru only friend , followed by Nodus who came from the sky and him taming the Snow Cloud Leopard."He felt with a star from the sky...? Could it be he is an angel?" Kathrina was in deep thought as she looked at the couple. " I am not sure ,but Luru and Ali wouldn't lie." The angel was one of the many race from the legends that lived in the moons. " Well it ok.. Nodus is adorable , I wish I could keep him forever ahh." The blue haired woman sighed and coughed to wake up her cousin from her dream land. "Cou-.. Sister.. Will you take care of the child?" Kathrina nodded as she explained that the group of elves could do what ever they wanted while she teaches Ali and Mimi about magic. Since Mimi was from a poor elven village , she did not had the chance to attend any classes while all she did was helping out her sister by pickup herbs as her sister crafted potions. "Ah I forgot , Nodus said the he already set up a foundation , I am not sur-" Kathrina cut off her cousin. "Don't worry , leave that cuti-..child to me." " Ah and one more thing , that human artifact and carriages , were all from Nodus , he is very mystical." Kathrina abruptly stood up as her eyes sparkled with stars. "I will get the best cultivation technique for him! And of course Luru already has yours so she is perfectly fine already." The teacher love for researched began to ignite as she wanted to ask Nodus many question tomorrow about his artifact. Knowing her cousin so well , she knew that sooner or later Kathrina would question about the mysterious artifact and carriage.

In a big bed , Nodus woke up early and meditated his foundation for any new discoveries. He realized whenever he thought of this world energy , his galaxy would rotate faster and grind an invisible energy into a droplet of water that felt into the grail. The liquid was transparent and felt like it was lacking in energy so Nodus tried to get rid of it without any result. Hmm.. It seems like I have to actually use it but how.. Bringing out the silver ball from his pocket , Nodus clench it harder and it suddenly began to glow in a dim light. "Never , Do you know how to use mana?" Within the dimensional ball , the blue dragon was laying down in a vast green field with many beautiful flowers beside a river filled with fishes. Hearing the young man voice , he stared at the sky in front of him. "No commander , I can just command the ice element since I was born with a ice heart." "Hmm you are pretty useless then , what rank are you considered here?" The dragon cried a little bit on the inside as he spoke carefully."If I unleash all of my spells , I would be considered as a early supreme magician." With his innate talents with ice element , he could surely beat anyone underneath the supreme rank. The young man decided to sleep for the rest of the night.

Waking up as soon he felt the sun light on his face while Shishi as usual was still asleep on his chest. "Shishi , let's go." Nodus wanted to learn about the city before he set up any kind of business. As he walk by the hall , the maids that were already up doing their early task were giving the young man alot of attention."Oh my god , is that a girl or a boy?!" "I don't know but the cat on his head...so cute.."

It's alright.. is just like the training camp..

Walking down the steps , Nodus noticed through the big doors that Naire was practicing his swing outside on the field. Seeing the young man coming down , Naire waved at him."Nodus! Come train! It will make you more manly!!" He was not going to bother with the middle aged man but as soon he heard the last word , Nodus halted his steps and looked toward Naire. You asked for it. Upon walking through the big doors of the mansion , the young man disappeared from his original position , leaving a dent on the dirt ground. The sudden wind picked up and with a sense of alarm , Naire twisted his blade and blocked the incoming strike from the young man. The middle aged man slid backward as his boots left a trail on the grassy field. So strong!! Before Nodus could make his move , Naire shouted " Wait! You are a warrior right? where is your weapon!" The young man in his pajamas threw a black chip onto the ground. Poooof , He laid down Shishi and walked toward the locker. "Go to your mother , we will explore the city after this."

The cub ran back to Sasha who was relaxing underneath a tree in the corner of the field.

A spatial artifact?... Seeing that the weird looking metal rectangle appeared out of no where , The teacher who was about to jump down and beat the idiot man for picking on Nodus was watching through the window of her bed room. After opening the locker , Nodus took out his personal melee weapon. Putting away the locker , the young man was holding a thin black sword that was twice the length of his arm. The blade on the black sword had dozen spikes on each side that stopped right along the sharp edges that stop right before the tip. It would hurt if someone got cut by that.. Said Naire as he held his weapon with two hands. Although he wasn't serious at first but after getting pushed back by the 16 years old , he knew that Nodus was the real deal.

The young man revealed a smirk and folded his palm as if he was taunting a old man to attack first . "Come." Boom , Naire dashed toward Nodus , lifting his great sword , he slashed sideways. "If this old man don't get serious and teach you a lesson the-" Before he could finish , Nodus threw his sword to his left hand and stopped the great sword strike with a pinch of his fingers. "You are too weak to teach anything." Naire busted a vein as he channeled his qi. His fingers started shaking and as he noticed he couldn't hold onto the sword anymore , the young man jumped backward with a smile on his face. "That's more like it..weakling.." Naire disappeared , leaving a cloud of dirt , he appeared behind Nodus as he thrust his blade forward. Nodus blocked the strike on his back without even turning around and was sent flying forward. While he was in mid air , Nodus was evaluating his prowess compared to the middle aged man. Hmm , so this is a advance warrior who is a step away from being a ultimate warrior..

Seeing that the young man landed safely , Naire released a sigh of relief , only to be sent flying by a drop kick from the teacher. Puu "What are you doing using ur qi against a cute child like that!" Kathrina was satisfied with just a kick as she walked and stomped on the warrior. "Ah sorry! Kath- Elder sister! Nodus didn't even use his qi yet! Help me young boy!!" Nodus lost interest as he achieved his goal , the black blade slowly retracted into the hilt , the young man put the handle into his big pajamas pocket. 'Yawn' With his mouth covered , Nodus threw out the black chip again , stripping down to his boxer and switched to his uniform. Before he could press the button to revert his locker back into a chip , the teacher gave him a hug from the back as she wrap her arms around his neck. "Little Nodus , what is that? A spatial artifact?" The young man nodded and pressed the button while the teacher was puzzled. " Why not use a spatial ring instead? " The young man turned around and was right in front of her face. "The concept of space is different." Kathrina rubbed her face against his as she held him tightly "Ahhh your serious face is so adorable!"

Totally forgetting about his answer , the teacher wanted to bring the young man back inside for breakfast but Nodus refused."I am not hungry , I want to explore the city." The teacher pouted as she pinched his cheeks. " Fine but you have to eat a little bit first and I will bring you out to play!" With a sigh , the young man could only nod. The teacher happily hopped back into the mansion and ordered the maids to set up the table outside. When the picnic table was set up and filled with food , the rest of the group began to wake up and slowly made their way outside. "It smells delicious!" Said Mimi as she held her sister hand while walking down the stairs while Lati was waiting for everyone in the lobby , Nodus brought Sasha and Shishi to the table. "Let's eat!" The teacher shouted when everyone sat on their seats and everyone begun to eat the delicious food prepared by the maids.

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