68.51% Since When Was I a God? / Chapter 37: The Black 2018 Lincoln Navigator

Chapter 37: The Black 2018 Lincoln Navigator

"You're gonna take down Ebony?" Yuka brought her hand to her mouth in surprise.

"That's the plan. The police aren't doing anything so who better for the task than a group of overpowered teenagers?" Waze grinned.

"Don't worry, we'll stay safe. We don't have nay definite plans yet, since we've yet to find a strong lead as to how we're going to find Ebony. Anyway, for now, is there anything you saw when you and Katie were attacked that could help us?" Alec was taking the whole mission very seriously.

"Anything I saw...?"

"A face, a tattoo, a car? Anything, really," Waze said.

"Oh! I saw the car." Yuka looked excited to be of some help.

"What did it look like?" Alec readied his pencil to jot down whatever Yuka said.

"It was a black 2018 Lincoln Navigator."

"A 2018...what...?" Waze looked at Yuka in surprise. If there was one thing Waze knew absolutely nothing about, it was cars.

"A 2018 Lincoln Navigator. They're a luxury SUV that came out only a few months ago. My father sells them, that's how I know about them. Hold on let me show you a picture." Yuka pulled out her phone and typed on it for a bit before showing Alec and Waze a photo of the SUV. "Here."

"Oh! Yeah, I totally saw that parked at the store before we were attacked!" Waze nodded enthusiastically. "This is huge. You said they're a brand new luxury SUV, right? There probably aren't that many around town, we just need to track it down." Waze looked at Alec who was deep in thought.

"Easier said than done. Not many people pay attention to every car they see, it'd be like finding a needle in a hay stack. If we could somehow see everyone who purchased one this year, we could cross reference that list with the names I'm having the others dig up right now."

"Names?" Waze tilted her head at Alec in confusion.

"I'm having most of the others focus on getting names and descriptions of people who could be involved in Ebony. There's a possibility that one of those people owns a black 2018 Lincoln Navigator, but I don't know how we can figure that out." Alec frowned.

"If I had a list compiled of the people who purchased a Navigator this year, would that be helpful?" Yuka said it as if it was the easiest task.

"It would be invaluable! Can you actually do that?" Alec looked up at Yuka with wide eyes.

"I'll have my father do it. He has connections at almost every dealership in town. I'm sure I can get it done. Would names and photos be enough?"

"More than enough." Alec grinned. "Alright, we can do it. I'll make a list of the names the others have and we can cross reference it with the names of the owners of the SUV. Worst case scenario if nothing comes up, you two and Cassidy can go through the pictures and see if you recognize anyone." Alec looked up at the confused Yuka. "Oh, Cassidy is the girl that was with Waze when they were attacked.

"Oh, okay." Yuka nodded. "I'll have that list sent to you as soon as possible." Waze sat back with a smile. They could definitely do this.

After exchanging email information, they bid Yuka goodbye and made their way to their next destination. It was 10:23, and it would take them about a half hour on the bus to get there. That gave them about 45 minutes at their next destination before they'd have to get back to the park.

They didn't have much luck at the place they had gone, and hoped the others were doing better. They got a few vague answers like 'yeah I've seen them around there' and 'about a week ago people like that were here' but nothing definite. At least they knew that Ebony was definitely active on this side of town. Eventually, they ended up back at the park where a few pairs had already made their way back.

They chatted about what they had found, but saved important details until everyone was in attendance. Eventually, all the groups were there, so Alec stood up and cleared his throat.

"Waze and I got a very valuable lead today. We went and talked to another girl who was attacked by Ebony. She told us the model of the car that the attackers had, and is drafting a list of the people who have purchased the car in this area since it's a new model."

There was a variety of grins and cheerful exclamations from the group.

"Now, the list is still going to be pretty long, so I want to cross reference it with the names you guys have collected today. I mean, you guys did get some names right?" Most of the group nodded and glanced down at their notebooks.

"Ok, let's compile our information. Everyone share what they found out so we're all informed. We'll start with, uh... Duke and Michelle."

They went around for a while and shared everything they had found out. They had a variety of names, descriptions, and places where Ebony members seemed to frequent. After discussing for a while, the group split up and headed home for the day.

The next day, Alec texted the group chat that he had received the list from Yuka. Waze met him up at the bookstore, since Alec had decided they didn't really all need to come.

"Alright, lets run this." Yuka had given them the data in a Word document with pictures attached so that they could look up the names easier. They searched for a while but came up empty handed.

"What if we just run the last names?" Waze asked.

"Oh, that could work! Let's try."

Finally, one came up.

"Ella Vondrasek. I mean, there's no way there happens to be an Ella Vondrasek that owns the exact car we're looking for." Waze looked carefully at the woman's picture. She certainly looked intimidating.

"A wife maybe?"

"Oh! Look on her neckline, that looks like the top of the E tattoo!" Waze pointed to the small photograph they had.

"It does! I think we found our girl." Alec sat back and sighed with a smile. Waze grinned.

"I'm coming for you, Ebony."

miles_across miles_across

i know absolutely nothing about how anything works so sorry if this is unrealistic. anyway, i tried. yay for yuka, am I right? theres gonna be some action coming up pretty soon. stay tuned :) Updates 2:00pm and 9:00pm Pacific Standard Time

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