40.51% Fantasy System / Chapter 108: The Experiments Are a Failure?!

Chapter 108: The Experiments Are a Failure?!

Ed activated the strongest ability of the Mangekyo Sharingan, the Susanoo. This ability as only accessible to those who were able to activate the Mangekyo Sharingan in both eyes. It was basically an avatar made from the user's energy and was able to fight for them. "This is my stand!" Ed couldn't help but make a remark, one that no one present would understand while taking an embarrassing pose.

The Susanoo was a Japanese mythological deity, also known as the tempestuous god of valor. Ed only activated one of its less developed forms. A ribcage and two arms appeared around Ed, surrounding him. Ed's Susanoo had a bright yellow color, only comparable to the light of the sun. As soon as the arms were completely formed, Ed, targeted the turtle. Feeling danger, the turtle tried to run away from the arms. Although it was supposed to be proud of its defense, Ed broke its shell.

However, Ed could still move in this state, and the Susanoo followed him as he moved. Ed's speed could easily overshadow the turtle's. Sensing that retreat was not an option, the turtle hid back inside of its damaged shell. It seemed like it was going to use the same skill as earlier as a last resort. Yet, before it could even spin, Susanoo's arms got a hold of it, pinning it down.

The shell's head opening was now facing Ed. A water laser shot out of it. It was an attempt made by the turtle to end Ed's life, but it could only feel helpless. The ribcage of the Susanoo was enough to block the attack without sustaining any damage. "I even used Armament Haki to enforce it. Apparently, there was no need," Ed spoke while looking in the hole where the head was. Even though the turtle knew Ed couldn't see it, it felt as if his eyes were looking directly at it. It was now beyond frightened.

"Let's finish," The arms of the Susanoo increased the pressure they put on the shell. Crackling sounds started resounding, starting from the crack Ed caused on the shell. Not even ten seconds later, the shell was completely shattered. The 'Black Warrior's' pride, its defense, was broken by Ed. After losing its signature ability, the turtle was now a sitting duck. A single swing from Ed's sword was capable of killing it instantly.


Acquired 150.000 Exp.

Acquired Gacha ticketx1.

Acquired Water magic (Level 1)

Ed was more than happy from the drops. This was only the second time he got something to drop other than Exp and Gacha tickets. As Ed de-activated his Susanoo, the teleportation light surrounded his body instead. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a place filled with fog. He could only see a few meters in front of him, as the area was dimly lit. 'I didn't get teleported to silent hill now did I…' Ed was spooked out from the atmosphere of this floor. He was never good with horror movies or games. And this floor reminded him exactly of some of those movies he hated.

Ed snapped out of his thoughts due to the severe pain he felt. The wounds he got from the turtle along with the pain that results from using Susanoo assaulted him at once. Using Susanoo was said to be as if every single cell in the user's body was being stung by a needle. This was due to the massive amount of energy it needed to be sustained. Ed was sure he would be able to overcome the pain as time goes on. He withdrew a potion from his Inventory, drinking it immediately. His wounds were almost instantly healed. Even the pain he felt was almost non-existent now.

After drinking the potion, Ed let out a long sigh. "To think my experiments would fail…" Ed felt that his experiments were not up to par. According to him, Observation Haki, being in its early stages, needed Ryūsui Seikūken and Sharingan to be able to produce spectacular results. Relying on it alone against a strong enemy would be a stupid decision.

Armament Haki was the same. Ed couldn't use a massive amount of it. As proof, when he used it earlier with the Susanoo, it didn't change to the iconic black color. Ed could only layer a small amount of it on things, meaning he couldn't achieve the greatest result.

Finally, with Susanoo, it simply sucked Ed's energy dry. Even though he didn't even use its complete form, he still felt a massive amount of his KI being siphoned away by it. However, he felt that its battle prowess was well worth the trouble.

In the end, Ed could only come up with one solution. Training. More and more training. Ed needed to increase his reserves of KI at any cost. He used many skills and abilities, and each one of them required more KI than the other. Ed planned on layering one on top of one to achieve unparalleled results.

Ed rested for a while before opening a portal dimension. He was tired due to his fight with the turtle, so he decided not to train for the rest of the day. After entering, Ed crushed the new magic card he got and could feel himself learning how to use the Water magic. Wanting to put it to test, he created a bathtub and used the new Water magic to fill it up. After using Fire magic to heat it up, Ed jumped into the bathtub with his companions. He could feel the tiredness leaving his worn-out body.

After leaving the bath, Ed created a couple of beds and went to sleep. He didn't bother with anything else. Luckily for him, ever since upgrading his Mangekyo Sharingan, he didn't have to worry about a good night's sleep. Now, he was able to take hot baths and sleep on luxurious beds every day. If anyone on the tower knew about the kind of life Ed was having, they would bite their nails in envy.

Ed woke up to thunder-like rumbling sound. It was his stomach. He didn't eat in a long time, so his stomach was demanding attention. Ed cooked up a hearty meal for him and his companions, and they all ate to their fill. It was now time to hunt. Ed got out of the dimension and canceled it. He started walking around the fog, and after a while, he stumbled upon a human figure. Ed was finally going to meet a human on the tower.

Shigun Shigun

Hello everyone! Hope you enjoy the chapter. Remember to leave a comment to let me know how you feel about the chapters, and if anything needs to be improved!

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    I think you need to improve the release rate! more!! Hahaha

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    Don't copy too much of the anime skills, keep adding your own twist to keep us on the edge

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    His susano wil have 3 swords i bet lol

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