34.88% Masters of Faith Medieval / Chapter 29: Chase

Chapter 29: Chase

Within the wide plain between the Soaring Falcon Kingdom and the Nether Forest.

Lu Fan is having a great time with the two ogre bosses.

He had been on the edge earlier on the battle, but after getting the hang of it at the mid fight, He is like a soaring eagle aiming his talon at the prey.

-750 HP!

-920 HP!

"Titanic Smash!"

-1833 HP!



Boom! Bang!

-19,490 HP!

-22,120 HP!

Lu Fan kept using the forces of the two ogres to deal with the both of them.

If he actually tried to solo these two, he might take a whole day, but luckily, the ally of his enemy is his friend too.

Lu Fan kept smiling as he finally saw their HP dropped tremendously after an hour's fight.

-222 HP!

-390 HP!

-910 HP!

Bugal (Silver Boss)

Level: 56

HP: 42,320/230,240

MP: None.

Bagul (Silver Boss)

Level: 56

HP: 62,319/230,240

MP: None.

It would definitely end in a few more clashes.

Although these ogre bosses are strong, they are really dumb as they kept falling from the same trick again and again.

Then, he remembered something as he opened his screen.

The recording option has always been up, but the live stream has been automatically cut off after ten hours of continues work.

The player then can play it again, but only if he chooses to.

Lu Fan pondered for a bit as he thought.

'Maybe I can sell it later, or just take a few cash from it.'

After thinking, he saw the Ogres charging at him again, Lu Fan slashed the eyes of the ogres as he evaded the two bosses.

-920 HP!

-799 HP!

Bang! Bang!

-21,480 HP!

-19,240 HP!

Then, after the clash, both of the ogres roared as they went into a power-up.

Their whole bodies were wrapped in flames as a black aura surrounded the ogres.

Lu Fan looked at them as he smiled and spoke: "You've gone berserk! Last clash then!"

Lu Fan waited for their attacks to be made by the Ogre Bosses as he prepared himself to avoid them.

The two Ogre Bosses rushed towards Lu Fan, but this time, it is different, they kept waving their weapons all around as they approached him.

Lu Fan looked at them alternately as they came closer and closer.

Lu Fan tried to calm himself down as he saw a very tiny way to dodge the both of them until they crashed into each other.

Seeing no opening, Lu Fan as he tried to predict their attacks.

Then out of a sudden, he saw a gap in between the two Ogre boss' pattern, Lu Fan smiled as he jumped to the air, squishing himself in the gap between the two maces of the bosses' attack.

Brang! Brang!

A very loud and ear piercing sound vibrated as the two maces striked Bugal and Bagul.

-72,820 HP!

-62,920 HP!

Bagam! Bagam!

Two heavy bodies slammed into the ground as they slowly vanished from the ground, leaving only the Drops on the floor.

34,840 Exp gained.

34,840 Exp gained.

Level up!

Level up!

Level up!

Lu Fan smiled as he had finally reached level 35, only a few more thousand experience to level up one more time, he then went there and picked up the drops, but the smile on his face vanished after he saw the first boss's drop.

Ogre Loincloth

Ogre Worn out slippers

Ogre broken belt


All sorts of miscillenious trashes can be found, Lu Fan sighed as he couldn't even sell those in the NPC, much less to players.

Lu Fan then proceeded to the next boss, his Smile returned as he saw two pieces of valuable things.

Demon Bat Skull Ring Lv 39 (silver)

A chance to deal damage per second (15% of P.atk)

Str: +43

Agi: +24

Inscripted Ogre Belt Lv 39 (silver)

3% Chance to block physical damage.

Sta: +55

Str: +22

Lu Fan smiled as he gained a little benefit from the Ogre bosses.

He then looked at the Nether Forest and rushed, he wanted to at least catch that slowpoke before it reaches the Forest, there are definitely strong opponents inside of it.


After a while, Lu Fan stopped as he saw a woman in white clothes with a lot of embroideries in her uniform dashing as she passed Lu Fan extremely fast.

The Woman took a glance at Lu Fan for just a second before dashing forward, completely ignoring his existence.

"That's definitely an NPC, is that NPC part of the story?"

Lu Fan with this thought rushed as he followed the Woman's lead.

But after a few seconds, the woman vanished from his vision as he sighed, he continued at the same direction for him to at least see that Giant Ogre Boss again.


When Lu Fan was about to give up on the chase, Lu Fan saw the Giant Ogre and the woman before fighting it.

Lu Fan smiled as he dashed yet again.

When Lu Fan reached them, the Woman looked at him as she spoke.

"Return the prophet to the Kingdom! Immediately!"

Lu Fan was shocked at first, but he shook his head as he dashed forward, he checked the Stats of the boss, making him go and ignore the NPC and the boss.

Budul (Legendary)

Lv: 122

HP: ???????/???????

MP: ?????/?????

Lu Fan tried to go and catched the Prophet, then Budul waved his mace towards him, making Lu Fan evade instead of getting the Prophet.

Budul then frowned as he thought it would instantly kill the player, he took a lot of massive damage from the Woman just to kill Lu Fan but it had failed.

He then roared so loud that Lu Fan, even the woman had to hold their hands on their ears to lessen the noise.

A monster appeared in the Sky as it landed on the ground.

Budul looked at the Harpy as he spoke: "Take the Prophet! I`ll handle the rest!"

The Harpy immediately tried to get the Prophet, seeing this, the woman frowned as she spoke.

"I won't let you!"

The woman dashed as she run through the win, air walk!

Lu Fan was astounded, those skills will only be available once they had reached level 100.

Budul saw this and immediately swung his sword upward, creating a wave of black energy out as it halted the woman.


Budul smiled as he spoke: "Little cutey, where are you going, we are not yet done here."

The woman ignored Budul as she looked at Lu Fan and spoke.

"I`m Agatha, please help me retrieve that woman, I`ll handle this fatso."

Lu Fan nodded as he rushed forward.

Budul saw this and immediately tried to wave his mace towards Lu Fan.

Agatha smiled as she blocked it with her two short sword and spoke.

"Hey Ugly, I`m your enemy, where do you think you are waving your Mace at?"

Budul glared at Agatha as Agatha snickered at him.

Lu Fan seeing that Agatha is providing him cover immediately gave chase to the Harpy.


Author's note.

I`ll go on a hiatus, writing my novels on this website is too heartbreaking, informing us that Original Authors are trying their best to provide daily chapters even though we're sick, etc etc..

Yeah, we were touched... but reading the following shiits, I give up on this website.

Out of all the Original Authors there, they only deemed the four people they had a contract with as an Author, which makes us look like shiity people, trying to do our best.

We're not getting paid to post here, nor getting any spirit stones, powerstones, etc, jsut free writing as WN benefits from views and stuffs..

Well, that's just my bottom line, At least, they could've given us some inspiration, All I saw is, "Congrats to our Original Author, the Four of them deserves a Break, while the others are stupid, so let them rot there to die, Okay, let us support these four contracted authors! Banzai!"

Now... I Give up, I`ll try to find another website where they would actually appreciate our hardwork.

Thanks for the continuous support every... I`m done...

Well, I might write some chapters depending on my mood, but not as inspired as before.

Thank you for your continues support everyone, I sincerely appreciated it.

OmnipotentDad OmnipotentDad

I won't delete my novels here, and won't post the website I`ll be going into...

I appreciated those that had supported me throughout the months that I had writen.

Ti`ll you see my novel again, on another website.

Comments (83)

  • Nick1mname


    Thanks for everything you've written for us so far... I wish you the best of luck in finding a site that appreciates your work (Maybe Wuxiaworld? RoyalRoadLegends? Gravity? Who knows ._.) Make sure to keep us up to date when that does happen though! (Many of us don't frequent some of these sites) With best wishes; thank you, and see ya ^^

  • OmnipotentDad


    Not yet decided, but I`ll post a chapter about where I`ll do the transfer. thanks :D

  • HeartlessJustice


    To the author... Im sorry to see you go, I look forward to tracking you down on one of the other sites... To the hating ****s. Have some respect, the man feels this site isn't working for him and instead of supporting him you bash him... You guys make me sick... Your not worth insulting...since your ignorance is showing.

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