27.27% Black Tea for the Boss / Chapter 3: Naughty Behavior

Chapter 3: Naughty Behavior

With caution and annoyance, Huian approached the pretty boy. She frowned when she noticed his features were a lot more feminine than expected. The pretty boy was a pretty doll.

His face seemed to be sculpted like the Sculpture of David by Michelangelo. Except a lot more feminine. His looks made Huian frown as he looked more womanly than she'd ever be with her sharp features. Not that she minded. She didn't want sissy features anyways.

But his sissy face completely contradicted with his suit that probably cost more than Huian's annual allowance from her parents. It seemed like it was made from expensive material and an even more expensive brand.

Huian wanted to sell it online to make some money, but she realized that asking him to strip off his clothes in public so she could sell them wouldn't be the wisest of things to do. She'd probably go to the Chinese version of juvie... Huian silently laughed. Once in America was enough. Repeating it in China seemed a bit excessive for her style.

She walked near the bench and the man seemed to have sensed her because he suddenly lifted his somewhat slouched shoulders and Huian stared into a pair of eyes as dark as midnight. The same eyes that would be her fate. She studied his eyes a bit and noticed that they were swollen and puffy like he had been crying. She raised a brow and sat down next to him, ignoring his puzzled and scrutinizing eyes.

While she grabbed her messenger bag and searched it for her phone, the man studied her with curiosity. Kang Lee couldn't help but analyze the gorgeous girl in front of him. Her platinum blond hair streaked with pink and mischievous blue eyes were a startling difference than what he normally saw. Sure in foreign countries, that would be the norm, especially in Europe or America, but to see such an appearance in Shanghai and so casual about it was interesting.

She was the same girl he had seen beating the gang of hoodlums earlier. He had coincidentally walked by the park when she was beating up men that were three times the size of her small frame with ease. Her features were twisted into mock and amusement as the men cowered before her. She was like a haughty queen glancing at insignificant peasants. Such a person shocked Kang Lee as he was the complete opposite of her in terms of behavior, and that bothered his family the most.

His family was a family on the very top of the nobility pyramid in Asia. Wealth, power, status, they lacked none. They had ties in the military and ties with the mafia, but the public didn't know either. All the public knew was that they only managed the company business which was named Kang Enterprises that made billions of yuan in their headquarters in China, and made a somewhat similar amount in other branches in Asia. In fact, his family had been considering opening a branch in America to expand the Kang name.

Unfortunately, they never had the chance as his older brother, Kang Sin, had an accident with his fiancée. His fiancée passed away, but his brother was comatose and the doctors didn't know for how long. Which passed the responsibilities of the Kang Enterprises to Kang Lee, the much more inferior male in the family. Of course, his family made sure to remind Kang Lee of his incompetence as often as they could, especially with their stocks decreasing and assets becoming less valuable.

Today had marked the one-year anniversary of his brother, Kang Sin, being in a coma. Kang Lee has wanted to go to the hospital to check up on his brother, but his uncle and mother had forbid him to teach him a lesson.

Of course, since the entire Kang assets and properties were under his uncle, Kang Huang, he had no choice but to obey. Kang Lee's father, Kang Ming, had long passed away due to a sudden incident that nobody in the family knew about except for Kang Huang, his uncle, and Xian Mei, his mother.

"Hey!" the mysterious girl interrupted his thoughts, "I'm missing a few bucks... Did you steal my money?"

Kang Lee was astonished. Was this girl really accusing him of stealing her money? How desperate did she think he was? He may have looked tired and worn out, and if a day comes that he needed money, he would never resort to thievery.

That was a low blow and line that he would never cross.

Huian noticed shocked look and internally giggled. She twisted her features menacingly and strode forward, stationing herself on his lap. The man turned bright red as he felt her firm butt stationed on his thighs. If anyone else saw the scene, they'd assume something scandalous was happening.

Only the duo themselves knew about what was truly going on at the moment. Huian gripped his collar and raised a mock fist, "You dare steal my money?"

Kang Lee closed his eyes as he was going to accept the blow, but it never happened. All he heard was a girl bursting out in hysterical laughter.

He opened one of his eyes and peeked to see what was going on. To his surprise, the girl was chuckling while still straddling his lap. Her pearly-white teeth were gleaming under the sunlight and he felt his heart skip a beat.

Huian noticed his dumbfounded look and smirked as she stood up from his lap that she shamelessly straddled.

She pointed at Kang Lee and said, "Hey, that outta distract you from turning such a public place into such a depressing disaster with your constant sniffing and frowning. Man up."

With that, she turned around and left Kang Lee alone with his thoughts.

silentscarlettt silentscarlettt

So first off, I'm sorry for going on such a long hiatus without notice. I have been very busy, plus I didn't have any motivation to write on any of the platforms I'm available at. I promise that updates for this book will be very frequent and consistent! Plus this book will be a long journey of our MC & ML realizing their love for each other, despite the constant interference of third parties!

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  • Tolerance


    This is an intriging story. Please for the sake of my sanity and entertainment, please continue to write.😎

  • Vots


    Thanks for the chapter plz more updates on the story and

  • 13Crossfire


    I like the personalities good going!

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