60% How To Melt An Ice Cube / Chapter 42: Just A Dream

Chapter 42: Just A Dream

Qin Junjie thought it was ridiculous that he had to sneak around his own manor in order to keep Zumi safe from the guard that had put so much fear on her face. He had seen her stand proud in front of the Emperor and to see her shrink in on herself caused his heart to break.

Qin Junjie Choose an inn that was close to the next step in there plan. A step both Zheng Li and Qin Junjie had decided to keep a secret from Mai. They weren't certain that she would follow through with it if she was aware what was happening and if she could act the part.

The inn was in a shabby part of town, made with worn out wood that had taken a beating from the elements of the years. The rough had small patches of holes but beyond that it was a typical two story inn. With a common room on the ground level and the rooms up top. Assuming that it followed the same rules as other inns than no one beyond the actual guest were aloud to go to the top level and Qin Junjie had paid for all the rooms in advance under a pretence.

This was the biggest risk he was willing to take to ensure Mai's safety but even he didn't like it. He couldn't watch over the Inn all day and night and had to post guards that looked like beggars around the streets.

Mai watched as her father took the last few steps out of the room that she had chosen in the Inn. The room had smaller windows than the others and Mai didn't want to take the chance of a random person recognizing her through one.

Mai spent the day trying to think about what would happen tomorrow and why they were so afraid to tell her about it. She didn't like being in the dark about a matter that would at this point determine her life or death. Mai squinted her eyes as she had to remember that woman had a different temperament in this time period and she was a huge outlier. The thought did nothing to comfort how uncomfortable she was.

With the little amount of sleep that she had acquired last night and the amount of energy she would probably require Mai decided that sleeping the day away would be a good idea.

In her dreams Han Bing appeared. He still retained his serious face but a older version, his appearance looked as though it had gained 10 years. Han Bings eyes had a light in them that was currently misses, especially when he looked into her eyes. You could see the undying devotion in them as he stared at her.

Mai was surprised to find that in her dreams Han Bing easily whispered "I love you"while she was wrapped in his arms.

Mais felt her heart shudder as Han Bing looked at her with his gaze. Feeling the most intense butterflies that didn't just stop at her stomach but went further down. Feeling a burning desire start to swell between her legs as her man stared at her. With each moment that passed the desire only grew. Han Bing growled at her with a burning desire in his eyes and said "Wife, I will take care of all your needs."

Mai let out a little moan as Han Bing was about to take her in his mouth and ravish her needingly between her thighs. Just as he was about to suck on her the dream shifted. Mai cursed her bad luck, her body was still desperate for his much needed touch.

While in Han Bing embrace a tear fell from his left eye as he stared at her. Dragging her closer towards him and deepening his embrace as he held her tightly. While Mai was about to wrap her arms around him to hug him back her hands met with a liquid substance that covered the back of his robes. Not thinking to much of it she held him just as close as he did her.

Han Bing looked to be growing weaker and weaker each second that went by and whispered in her ear "I love you my Mai flower, in this lifetime and the next." Mai was about to wipe away Han Bings tear when she noticed that the sticky liquid was blood.

"Noooo, Han Bing! You can't leave me" Mai cried as she grasped him even closer to herself.

Han Bing never stopped looking at Mai with nothing but love in his eyes as he said "Mai, you must do your best not just for yourself but also our child. I am sorry that I failed you" cough "Please promise me you wont go for revenge, Please Mai." The urgency in his voice scared her as she whispered "I Promise." As soon as Han Bing had heard those words he collapsed in front of her.

Mai bolted awake, her heart pounding in her chest. The skies had turned dark while her hands still felt the blood from in the dream. "That was just a dream right?!? Nothing like that will happen right?" Mai thought to herself. she was starting to feel scared about this world that she knew so little about. "I don't want this to happen at all. I just want to live out the rest of my life happily with him." Mai struggled to think of what to do.

His words at the end of the dream hit her like a drum "did he say child?" Mai asked herself. Mai was attempting to not hyperventilate with all the information that she had just gotten. The dream had felt so real that she had forgotten that it was just a dream.

In the corner of the room in a pitch black corner stood a man that Mai had yet to discover. He watched her as she went along in her dream to jumping awake on top of her bed. He had no idea what the second part of the dream contained but the first part had made him hard as he heard her lewd noises. Flicking his tongue over his lips thinking about the delicious morsel that he was going to ruin.

"Good evening, Mai" the man purred out.

Taahlaa Taahlaa

Finally back home but unfortunately ran out of my stock pile of chapters :'( I was supposed to write in the car but didn't realize how car sick I was going to get from that. Might have to take a day or two break a bit later this week as I catch up with everything.

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  • Crystal_Aris


    Spoiling guess..... . . . . . . . . . . The previous owner of the body couldn’t have been raped (or died from fright) from this imperial D.... could she since she didn’t bleed (but all virgins don’t bleed and they had slow ***) so it didn’t bleed right?

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    EEEEeeeekkkKKK! Who's the creeper?!

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