60.86% Living With Another Soul / Chapter 14: Enrollment

Chapter 14: Enrollment

We arrived at a hotel. It is located near a mall in city center. The car was stopped for inspection. Miss Ann shows her ID card. After a quick inspection, we are allowed to go inside. Miss Ann parked her car at parking lot near the lobby.

"Let's get out, I'll guide you." Miss Ann said that and get off the car. I followed behind her. In lobby, I saw a man, He noticed us. He came to us and greet us with a smile.

"Good evening, Ann, and you too, young boy." Said him.

"Good evening, J." said Miss Ann.

"Good evening, sir." I politely greet back.

"Who are this young boy, Ann ?"

"This is a new candidate for agent. I scouted him."

"It's a surprise. It's been a long time after last candidate." said him with surprise.

"Are you sure he can fulfill all the requirements ? I hope he will not fail like the others." he added.

"Nope. I'm confident with his skill."

"It's good. I have a matter to attend. I'll treat you a lunch later." He bid a farewell to us. What a nice senior. He is kind. Full of smile. I hope he will treat me kindly in this headquarter.

"Who is he, Miss ?" I asked Miss Ann out of curiosity.

"He is one of the chiefs of special agent department, John Barrel. We usually call him J. He handles the matter in the field. Like your principal's incident, he was the one who handles it."

I was surprised. I don't think he was one of the chiefs. I think all the chiefs will have a scary features or auras.

"Now follow me. I'll take you to examination place." She said to me. She walk toward information desk. I followed quietly behind her.

"Excuse me. I want to ask about Mr. Thomas. Is he in his office ?" Asked her.

"Yes, he is. Do you want me to make an appointment ?" one of the officer answered her.

"Yes, please. I'm Ann Kazuya, from Unit 7."

"Okay, Miss." She make a call. Not long after she spoke to Miss Ann.

"Miss, Mr. Thomas will waiting for you at his office."

"Thank you." She gestured me to follow her. She walk toward a lift. She press the button of B3.

"Miss, is this building have underground facilities ?" I asked her because I saw her press a button with B attached.

"Yes. In upperground, we have around 16 floors. In underground, we have around 5 floors. Upperground was made for a meeting with government, cafetaria, entertainment, and residence for us special agent. As for underground, it was made for our activities, such as training, monitoring, and recruiting."

"I see." I nodded my head. I don't think this building have such arrangements.


"Let's go." I follow her. We quickly arrive at one of office.


"Sir, this is Ann Kazuya from unit 7." Miss Ann said respectfully.

"Come in." a voice came from behind the door. Miss Ann opened the door and enter the office. I follow her nervously.

"I came to report that I scouted a new candidate, Sir."

"Hmm ? Are you sure ? I don't think he is qualified." Mr. Thomas said it while looking at me. It's hurts me when he said I was unqualified.

"If you judge from his looking, then yes. But for his combat skills, It was at perfect stage. I witnessed it myself." She said seriously.

"What ??! You said his combat skill at perfect stage ?!" He said with eyes wide open.

"Yes. Despite his lack of body training, His skill and techniques was at perfect stage."

"Hmm" Mr. Thomas start to see me from head to toe. Soon after that, he press a button at his telephone.

"Tell Eddy to came here ASAP."

Not long after that, someone knocked the door.

"Sir, I came to report."

"Come in."

A man, with a body a bit taller than mine came in.

"What orders you have for me, Sir ?"

"Follow me to private training hall." With that Mr. Thomas walked out of his office. We followed behind him.

After we arrived at training hall, Mr. Thomas talk to Eddy.

"Ed, I need you to a spar with that boy."

Surprise, Eddy looked at me.

"Can I know your reason, Sir ?"

"Just have a spar with him. And use around 75% of your power. No less."

"Yes, Sir."

"Ann, come with me. We'll watch it by sideline." with that he and Miss Ann walk toward sideline.

In field, we stood facing each other.

[Hey shadow. Help me.] I asked shadow.

[Hmm ? What is this ? Why are you have a fight with a man stronger than yesterday's bodyguard ?]

[I have a spar with one of special agent. It was one of requirement for me to got enrolled special agent. Maybe.]


"Eddy Tye, from Unit 5." When I was talking with shadow, Eddy bowed to me. It was a a bow that people usually give to his sparring partner.

"Ryan Smith, candidate." I bowed to him too.

With that bow, our spar officially begin.

AdrianzN AdrianzN

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Enjoy It :)

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