67.64% The Primordial Throne / Chapter 22: Fish

Chapter 22: Fish

After a few moments, Feng Tian once again appeared in his room at the inn. Xia Chen was still asleep -- heartbroken, probably.

As Feng Tian swept his Divine Sense over the two rooms; he saw Xia RuYu in meditation, while Xia Wei'er was sleeping like a little kitten.

Straining his body, Feng Tian laid on the bed and went to sleep.

After another hour, Xia Chen woke up. His eyes were red, while his mood was down. As he looked towards the sleeping Feng Tian, he had a malevolent glint in his eyes.

[This bastard destroyed my cultivation and is sleeping with such an ecstatic expression. Heh, so what if I can't beat you, I will ruin your pretty sleep. Bastard, I must have my revenge.]

With these thoughts, Xia Chen went out of the room.

After half an hour, a cute little Xia Chen, with a bucket full of water in his hands entered the room.

Standing beside Feng Tian's bed, a smile appeared on his face.

Just at that time, Xia RuYu and Xia Wei'er also came at the door.

Looking at the mischievous Xia Chen, Xia Wei'er was going to speak up and stop him, when Xia RuYu stopped her, putting her hand on her little mouth.

Xia Chen looked towards the two of them, to which, Xia RuYu gave him thumbs up -- showing her approval. A smile bloomed on both their faces.

Xia Wei'er, on the other hand, felt sorry for her Master.

With all his might, the little boy raised the bucket and,

"Eyhaaa. SPLASH!"

A wretched scream, akin to pigs getting slaughtered, and the sound of water splashing came.

"Hah, wh... wh..."



In the next moment, the entire room filled with boisterous laughter and sweet giggles. Even little Wei'er was smiling.

In front of Xia RuYu and Xia Wei'er, on the bed, stood Feng Tian, laughing boisterously; with a bucket in his hands.

Before him, on the ground, stood a cute little boy, soaked thoroughly in water, like a fished out fish. Filled with water, or maybe tears — his eyes had an expression of being wronged.

He felt so wronged.

Just when he was about to splash the water on that bastard; that bastard woke up, screamed wretchedly, and with an unbelievable speed -- took the bucket from his hands and splashed all the water on him.

That was not the worst part of it all; the worst was that wretched scream. It almost gave the little Xia Chen a big scare, freezing him on the spot, making him want to question life itself.

And just when he came back to his senses, he heard that bastards boisterous laughter together with his mother's sweet giggles; it sprinkled salt over his wounds.

[Why the heck he screamed like a pig getting slaughtered? Damn. Hehehe.]

Xja RuYu thought.

[Wicked, this man is so wicked; what if my little Chen'er starts to cry.]

Thinking up to here, Xia RuYu instantly went ahead and hugged the little boy; comforting him over his loss.

Xia Wei'er also went forward and started to comfort her cute little brother.

"Chen'er, don't worry. Mother is here for you. We will get revenge on this big, bad wolf."

"Okay. My Chen'er is the bravest boy. He won't suffer a setback from this."

"Don't worry, okay. Mother will not let him get off easy."

"Chen'er, you have to be brave. Next time, I will also help you play a prank on Master. We definitely will succeed."

As for Feng Tian, he still stood on his bed. Looking towards little Xia Chen, he said with schadenfreude on his face,

"Brat, you are still too tender to play tricks on me. Haha. Today can be co..."

But before he could finish his words, he saw Xia RuYu's malevolent stare and shut his mouth.

"Cough! Cough! I will go out and have a look around the city. You all should get along."

Saying this, Feng Tian ran outside the room.


A few hours later.


On the business streets of White Cloud City, a dying fish, no, no, a handsome youth with a bright countenance, bread colored eyes, shoulder-length blonde hair, and a lean body, covered in ordinary white Taoist robes, could be seen running.

The youth could be seen gasping for breath, flooded entirely within sweat. The ordinary robes were sticking to the youth's body, dust all over them.

The youth's appearance was very haggard, making it seem as if the boy had escaped from the clutches of Satan.

With great difficulty, he entered one of the luxury inn's and collapsed onto a table. Still gasping for breath, he said to a waiter.

"Hah hah, waiter, hah, in your inn, hah, there is a Senior, hah, named, hah hah, Fe... Feng Tian. Can you, hah, call them here."

The waiter was irritated by this man who was continuously gasping for breath and was about to tell him to leave; when suddenly the man threw a gold coin over to him and asked him to find someone.

Taking the gold coin, the waiter became very happy, immediately going to check the register to find Feng Tian's name and room number.

As the waiter was checking the register, from the stairs, a voice filled with surprise floated into the hall.

"Not bad, not bad. Little Bastard, you are good. There is still half-an-hour until the 6 hours are up. You have not disappointed me."

From the stairs, Feng Tian was coming down, with praise on his face. Xia RuYu, Xia Wei'er, and the wronged Xia Chen followed behind.

This brat had not disappointed him. The moment he came into the vicinity of the inn, Feng Tian had felt his existence and came down.

"Hah, hah, thanks, hah, Great Ancestor."

Zhen Hui felt proud of himself. A smug smile appeared on his face. To arrive here on time, he had run all the way from the Rainbow Mountain.

On the way, he only took one horse when he was exhausted. The rest of the way, he utilized his Cultivation to cover all the distance.

After all, at the end of the day; Dantian Opening Stage Cultivators had more stamina and ran faster than ordinary horses.

But still, after covering such a long distance, he felt his entire body ache. It was excruciating, and this was the first for him.

"Heh, you sure are smug. Get a room and rest for a few hours. After that, eat something and come to find me. At that time, I will give you your first mission."

Looking at Zhen Hui, Feng Tian felt that the brat deserved to rest.

He had run about 600 miles to get here. He was certainly not lacking in resolve -- a good seedling he was.

With that, Feng Tian gave a gold coin to the same waiter and had him deliver Zhen Hui to another new room. Paying the inn's fees, Feng Tian sat around a table with the other three.

"Master, who was that person? Why was he so haggard?"

Sitting left to Feng Tian, Xia Wei'er was the first to speak.

"Oh, he. He was my new errand-boy. With his addition, I now have two errand-boys."

Saying this, Feng Tian looked towards Xia Chen. But then, he felt his waist being clamped and twisted.


Though it had no pain, his face still grimaced. I should put on an act, he thought.

"Master, what's wrong? Are you not feeling well? Do you want to go back and rest?"

Looking at his grimacing expression, the innocent Xia Wei'er got worried and started asking questions.

And as expected, the clamped flesh was released. With that, Feng Tian looked towards his right, where Xia RuYu was also putting on a concerned expression.

"Senior, what happened? Are you alright?"

[Such a great actor. Damnit.]

thought Feng Tian.

In her eyes, he could see a sly smile,

[Humph, you dare call my son an errand-boy? See, how I take care of you.]

was what she was saying, thought Feng Tian.

[This woman. I can't imagine how my Wei'er was able to stay so innocent with a mother like her? I must protect my Wei'er from her influence.]

He rejoiced in his heart.

[If Wei'er was also like her, then...]

He didn't dare imagine any further. At that time, his life would be hard, very hard.

As for Xia Chen, he was still brooding over the matter in the morning, so he paid no attention to them.

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