92.3% Apocalypse Emperor / Chapter 12: C City (Part 1)

Chapter 12: C City (Part 1)

I look up at the man who called me out and find out it was the person who I pick pocketed.

He came back to look for me after finding out that everything on him was stolen.

I look at him and smile.

"Hey mister pickpocket, Want to try again?"


I take out his phone and accidentally drop it onto the floor.

The screen cracks and slithers across the floor.

I then take a watch out of my pocket and throw it at him.


Only to litter gears and pieces of metals onto the floor after throwing it.

"YOU! You little bastard!"

I look at him, then look away and look at everyone else.

"What are you all looking at?"


I stand up and walk toward the pregnant lady and with a push push the pregnant lady out of the subway doors and tell her.

"Good luck giving birth of a balloon."

The doors slowly shut behind me and the pickpocket tries to grab me.

Just when he has almost grabbed me I turn to the side and stick my foot out tripping the pickpocket letting him fall out of the subway just before the doors closed landing on the balloon lady. Popping the balloon.

I slowly walk back to my seat and sit down.

I shut my eyes and wait for the train the take me to City C.

Terrorist? No just a bit of extra cash.

[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]*ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ) [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]


Upon reaching city C I get off the subway and just call a Bike Carriage.

These are a sort of transportation that you can see almost anywhere in china. There basically carriages that move using bikes instead of horses. While sitting on them you can see the view of the outside and feel the breeze of the wind. They aren't exactly the fastest form of transport but I don't really need the fastest one just one that has someone that knows the area and can get me there. While asking the old driver for the various famous tour spots in city C I finally get off at the street with a bunch of high class shops.

I walk into a shop that sells clothes and walk right in.

The moment I walked into this shop I felt multiple people placing there eyes on me as if observing prey. Naturally these were the eyes of the beautiful shop assistants. After looking at me for a couple seconds they immediately turned there eyes away and started looking forward to the next customer that was to come.

I was obviously not put in there eyes for multiple reasons.

1 I am a child.

2 my clothes look really normal, no branded clothing unless Nike shoes counted.

3 how much money could a person who just brought a backpack possibly have with him.

For these reasons non of the top tier shop assistants put me in there eyes. As they were focused on the more rich looking men that came into the shop. Obviously looking for a good sugar daddy so that they don't need to work for life. In modern society, money can buy you almost anything. It's what makes the world turn.

After waiting a minute and seeing that no one was coming forward I walked into the kids clothing section and just took a couple of clothes that felt good. I walked up toward the front desk and tell the lady up buy the front.

"Just this."

After looking at me for a moment, the cashier asks me.

"Your alone? Where is your mother?"

"I'm buying and paying. My mother is at home. How much?"

"... Well the total is 5,000 for the pair of Shirts 8,000 for the pair of Jeans a total of 13,000."


"... Of course you can call your Family first and ask for-"

I took out my backpack and dumped it on the counter and say.


I unzip my back pack and grab 13 stacks of bills and place them neatly on the counter.

Everyone's eyes where suddenly on me.

Everyone was probably thinking who is this kid, what kind of background does he have to be able to take out 13,000 without even blinking.

The cashier is stunned but only for a couple of seconds and immediately put on her professional face and helps to package everything up and sends me out with a professional smile.

I walk out carrying my clothes and immediately peoples eyes are glued onto me due to the high class clothes that I am wearing.

I walk to the next shop and buy a laptop, and carry on my with my shopping.

In modern society you require and need electronics and money to survive due to how advanced the society is.

Only until the world's laws change and beings from Earth under go a mutation does the this requirement change.

Although electronics will still work in the apocalypse they won't be usable within 50 years of the apocalypse of course with the exception of certain electronics. This is because the apocalypse will mess up the magnetic waves on Earth and electronics on at the time of the apocalypse will either have there circuit board fried or it might explode the device. All the satellites in space won't be affected and will still be active and able to work. But most people wouldn't be able to get connected to these electronics because most of them would be to busy looking for food and seeking protection.

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  • Ancent


    I know right... I can hardly pay for my college... If only I could throw out 13K like that...

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    Thanks for the chapter

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