100% Saiyan System in the Immortal World / Chapter 39: Power Struggle

Chapter 39: Power Struggle

"Still no signs, huh?"

Caol kept muttering to himself. He had been travelling with Charlotte for quite a while now, 13 days to be exact, however, they still haven't found any land along the way to the Land of the Titans.

With Charlotte's speed, they would have arrived by now. They were not sure if they were lost and was just traversing a different direction, but the both of them kept getting impatient.

Along the way, they were looking for any sign of Emily and Karn, as they knew how to get to the Land of the Titans, but, they too were missing. Caol was also worried for the both of them as they didn't have high cultivation bases, and traversing the ocean is dangerous.

During their travel, Caol tried to converse with Charlotte. The monstrous creature acted as if it could understand Caol's words through nodding and shaking its big head, but that was it. That is why Caol only asked simple questions as there was no way for Charlotte to speak the same language as him.

It was almost dark and this was a dangerous time for people to be in the ocean, yet there was no problem as Charlotte usually almost deterred any creature from disturbing them.

On some occasions, Caol had to act too. On the fifth day, they encountered a school of piranha-like fishes. An individual fish was about a foot in length. Their sharp teeth felt like it would tear through anything. Even though Charlotte was massive and stronger, it was a bit helpless as there were just too many of the carnivorous creatures. To get rid of their predicament, Caol baited them out by the multitudes.

He would start by dripping off some blood away from Charlotte to get the creatures to follow him. As Caol didn't really have any sort of technique to deal with this efficiently, he tried to gather them in a spot and fire a Qi Blast at them.

The blasts evaporated the creatures with the water around them, and heated the surrounding water to a fearful point. Caol felt like this was not a very smart move as he had to expend a lot of energy, that's why he decided he needed to learn more graceful techniques for this type of thing. It took a while, but most of the creatures were annihilated, while some escaped.

That was not all, as just the very next afternoon, they went into an area with a lot of whirlpools. Most of the whirlpools were about 10 to 20 meters in diameter, while some were smaller. They did not notice it until the last minute. The both of them were about to get sucked in, but Caol activated his Kaio-ken until he could lift Charlotte into the air and escape.

The huge creature weighed a lot and was heavy enough to be a small island, but Caol had an enormous amount of physical strength and was combined with his qi, that's why he was able to lift the leviathan.


After two days, Caol was still sitting on the back of Charlotte while it was going forward in a direction with a very fast speed.

The weather was great and the ocean was calm, yet Caol felt something unusual that day. He couldn't grasp what and just told Charlotte to be vigilant, to which it nodded a lot of times.

'Something's not right.'

Caol felt very uneasy and just couldn't figure out what's wrong.

Their journey went on, and it felt like eternity. Finally, on the 27th day since Caol travelled with Charlotte, a huge land mass was in sight.

Thanks to Caol's improved eyesight, he could see a part of it. There was only sand and trees as far as he could see. It seemed like it was free from human pollution.

"Charlotte, go faster! I can see it!"

Charlotte felt indignant as Caol was riding on her the whole time and they travelled with almost no rest, and now, Caol was commanding her to go beyond its forbearance.

It didn't say a thing and just obeyed Caol.

As soon as they landed, Caol inhaled deeply, before exhaling.


Once Caol did these things, the trees around him were affected. As Caol has developed his body to the extremes and went beyond superhuman, just him inhaling and exhaling were capable of producing winds strong enough to affect the environment, although not to a certain extent.

Caol looked back at Charlotte and told her, "You can go back now. You're free." Caol smiled as he allowed Charlotte to go back to its habitat. This creature was a great help throughout his journey, and if it weren't for her, Caol would've spent more time and exhausted himself.

Charlotte was reluctant to part with Caol, as it already acknowledged him as its master. Charlotte knew that its old master has departed from this world and she was no longer bound to him.

"Go on. The next phase of the trip will be very dangerous. I will call upon you again for our next adventure."

Caol could not let Charlotte follow him as it will be very dangerous for the gentle creature.

Seeing Caol's resolution, Charlotte finally heeded his words. The creature glanced at Caol once again, before turning back and submerging into the ocean, only to resurface once its master calls for it.

Caol sighed. He had a lot of things in his mind. Caol left a lot during his journey, and some parts of it clung onto his psyche, making him worry all the time. He shook his head gently, and tossed these things to the back of his head.

He has something else to do!

Caol walked along the coast, and was heading to the massive city he saw before going here. Caol didn't want anyone to know about Charlotte, and that was the only reason he landed on another part of the coast about 20 miles away from the city.

A huge being such as Charlotte would terrify the citizens of the city and would garner some attention from the powerful individuals in this land.

This amount of distance was not worth anything to Caol. He took his time walking, but he still arrived in less than half an hour. Each of Caol's stride was about 10 meters, and he would have beaten the modern Olympic record, while walking.

Finally, Caol was before the city. The city before him was a bit different from the other cities in this world. It had no walls.

Caol had not seen a city with no walls before in this world. It would have been the usual if it was on Earth, as there are only few walled cities on Earth.

However, this was the Immortal World. Wars were prevalent. As humans gained more and more power, surpassing the common authority, then they feel like they are above the law. Walls were essential as not only were these just made of bricks and stone, they are also combined with runes and inscribed formations to strengthen the defenses and repel the attackers.

That was why Caol was a bit surprised to see this city that was open to the masses.

As Caol was merging with the crowd, he saw some peculiar sights. This city harbored more than a dozen different races.

Back in the Dragon Continent, all the people looked like they were of Chinese descent, but in this city, all kinds of human races were seen. It was kind of cool as there was no division or distinction with the people here.

There were also demi-human and non-human races roaming around the streets. When Caol was walking around, he saw some lizardmen. They were similar to the Argonian race he played in a certain game back on Earth.

'They must be good at stealth!'

Caol's eyes gleamed as he saw huge bears walking around with maces on their backs. They were in a group of some sort.

A tiny being caught Caol's attention. It was about a meter and a half tall, with long, pointy ears. Its skin was kind of purplish-pale and it was standing on the corner of a post.

When their eyes made contact, the tiny being nodded at Caol and gestured for Caol to follow him.

Caol did not feel any danger, or anyone in the city that could endanger him, so he followed the being.

The tiny being led the way and walked into a deserted alleyway. There was no outlet to go out from, except the entrance.

Caol stopped in front of the being and waited for it to speak first.

The being peeked over Caol's back to ensure that no one was around before it opened its mouth.

"Heey boss, this is the first time I have seen you around these parts. Are you new here?"

Caol didn't answer, while the tiny being gave a wider smile.

"Hehe, my name is Tammy. I am the information broker of this city, Sealance City. If you need to know about anything, you can just ask me. Of course, for a price. Hehehe."

The look on the tiny being's face was a bit off when it mentioned money. It kept rubbing its palms back and forth, itching to get some gold from this new and potential customer.

Caol looked at him for a bit, and took a pouch containing about 30 gold. Once Caol's hand held the pouch, Tammy's eyes were shining. Gold, silver, diamonds, and everything shiny was its weakness. It loved money.

"Tell me about this city and its recent events, then you will have this pouch. If I'm satisfied, well, let's just say I have quite a few more questions and pouches."

He was very straightforward with this tiny being. Caol needed to know the ins and outs to scope out his future plans as it can be very essential to his survivability here in the Land of the Titans.

"Sire, I can tell you everything about this city!"

Tammy was getting a little bit excited as he hooked on to a big fish.

"This Sealance City is a small sized city, stretching only about 2 miles. There are quite a few factions here and there, with the two strongest ones battling each other for the city's domination."

Tammy purposely took a rest to excite Caol a bit, but when he saw the latter's indifferent face, he coughed and continued.

"The two factions are called the Titan Knights and the Divine Army, with the first one being on top. The Titan Knights is the direct force under the highest ruling power of the Land of the Titans, while the Divine Army is a group under the Sanctuary, a religious faction that brain-washes the citizens of this Continent."

Caol felt like the power struggle here in the Land of the Titans is kind of messed up too.

kielreniel kielreniel

Hi guys! Just to let you know, this novel HAS NOT been dropped yet. A lot of stuff is going on and I couldn't concentrate on just writing, as I have a job too!

Anyways, I'll try my very best to write and post. I'm not doing this for the votes, lol, as I'm doing this purely for enjoyment and for you guys to enjoy (atleast I hope so!)

Thank you guys for reading my novel!

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