80% Begin Again / Chapter 12: A Familiar Face

Chapter 12: A Familiar Face

After the conversation between Ying Yue and Mr. Su, the meeting went quite smoothly. No accidents were held and new friendships were formed. The initially tired Ying Yue became even more exhausted with the continuous talking. Her energy had reached the very limit. Although the meeting was supposed to be brief, some members decided to make it hard for her, making it much much much much much much much much longer than needed.

The meeting lasted 11 hours! Oh, how cruel that is. Her body wouldn't last in that kind of routine every day. The building was already empty. Her assistant already bade goodbye as she was packing up her things. Only a few lights were on. Maybe the janitor was still here?

She sighed and walked out of the building and into the bustling street. The breeze was already cold, making her involuntarily shudder. The trees that were bald reminded her of a time when her mother got angry at her for being late to the family dinner. Although their mother was a bit overprotective, it was undeniable that she did dearly love her children. Ying Yue was the living proof of that. Her clumsiness and forgetfulness couldn't help but make one worry for her own well-being.

She slowly came to a halt in front of the bus stop. She forgot to bring back her car from their house, and because she was frantic this morning, she had no energy left to continue walking down to her apartment. She was afraid that she might pass out. And besides, the bus stop was only a few meters away from her apartment.

She sat on the bench and quietly waited for the bus to come. But before she could count the minutes before the bus came, she had fallen asleep.


The street was now silent. No more cars were to be seen and only a few guards lingered around. Nobody had bothered to wake up the woman that was quietly sleeping inside the bus stop shelter. She looked so peaceful while sleeping that no one dared to disturb her sleep.

It was already 11:14. Ying Yue slowly awoke and rubbed the sleep off her eyes before stretching her tired limbs. She glanced at her watch and saw the time. "What!?"

"Well, sh*t"

The last bus had already passed her. It was too late to ride anything. Her eyes widened and she immediately pulled out her phone from her pocket. 17 missed calls. From her mother. Oh, hells! She gulped. Because she fell asleep, she forgot to call her mother. Now she was gonna get another from her while unknowingly causing her worry. Fudge my life.

Since there was no bus coming and no one to pick her up, she decided to just walk home. Also, the weather was perfect for it. There was just something about clear nights that helped her clear her mind. She started to think about the various people in her life. Her best friend, mother, father, her two brothers, and that man she had met yesterday night. What was his name again? Ah right, Su Qing Shan was it?

Now that she thought about it, Mr. Su also has the same surname written in the same character. Maybe they're related? It wasn't too far-fetched since Qing Shan also looked very classy and had a noble vibe that made one respect him. Also, judging by Mr. Su's description of his own son, their personalities were very similar. Maybe they are indeed related. Although it had nothing to do with her.

She deeply sighed. The stars tonight were scarce. Instead of seeing a starry sky, only a few dots could be seen, only the large moon made up for the almost empty sky.

As she continued to walk, a loud honk was heard, startling her out of reverie. She stared at the unfamiliar car that stopped beside her. The windows were tinted so she couldn't see the inside. She was about to resume her walk and ignore the car when the windows rolled down and revealed a familiar face.


Su Qing Shan's work today could be described in one word he never thought he'd ever say. Peaceful.

No father that caused neverending troubles and no workers that pestered him nonstop about documents. Also, no piled up paperwork on his desk. It was the first time in his life since taking up the CEO's position that he just sat back and relaxed in his chair.

Although he indeed had nothing to do, he still checked the reports of the employees, while he held a meeting to corner the market [1]. His routine today had helped him loosen up and also keep in touch with his employees. After all, a good boss equals a good employee.

It was already nearing 11. He waited until all the staff went home before closing up his office. The underground parking lot had few cars left, including his. He quickly strode to his car and got inside. He buckled in his seatbelt and left the scene.

While driving home, he remembered that her office was just around the block. Ever since yesterday night, he had decided to investigate her background in an effort to win her heart. Albeit unfair, he knew that she always kept an open mind about a lot of things. Including the accident.

Since he was more or less free tonight, he decided to turn around and peek at her building, hoping to at least get a glimpse of her. The weather was getting colder as the days go by, making the cold Qing Shan be even colder.

Turning around the corner, he spotted a familiar figure walking quietly on the sidewalk. Her raven hair swayed slightly in the cold. She was dressed in casual clothes with a light blue scarf wrapped around her neck.

The cold and serious facade that he put up during work melted into a smile. His eyes crinkling with joy. He had never expected to actually be able to meet her today. It looks like God really does help those that help themselves.

Author's Thoughts

Kizika Kizika

[1] corner the market - to dominate a particular market

*unedited chapter*

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