71.42% Acting Superstar / Chapter 5: Outclassed

Chapter 5: Outclassed


James had his eyes shut and his arms shielding his face. Who'd want to lose such a precious face? 'Damn Hell sure feels the same' James thought as he slowly opened his eyes.

' Holy sh**! How'd the car manage to swerve off course into a parked car at the last second? Is my Luck really this good?' James felt like dancing out of joy as he'd escaped his potential death due to his high Luck. What if his fate could've been decided by the difference of a single luck point... The consequences made James shiver.

He looked at his surroundings, and other then the sheer destruction, he saw onlookers watching the entire scene with their moves gaped wide open. In fact, some of them had even filmed the whole process. It really shows what we've become in this society, he thought.

Unsurprisingly, Not too long after, wailing Police Cars and Ambulances turned up. The Police calmly surveyed the scene and asked any necessary questions whilst the Paramedics rushed against time to save the Drunken Man. Really shows the contrasts of their jobs in these situations, doesn't it?

"Hello, Sir! We heard that the car nearly crashed into you before swerving off. Are there any details you would like to note?" A Policewoman asked.

"Nope," James replied coolly.

' You just survived a near-death experience and you're this calm?' The Policewoman thought, shocked at his casual approach to the entire matter. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Alright, Sir! Take care. We may be in touch with you later" She said before walking away

'That's enough action I need today' James said yawning whilst sauntered back to his apartment. The entire thing replayed over and over on his mind.

The next morning, James had a lengthy chat with Kay before getting dressed up for the interview. 'This is quite tiring' James thought as he got to the building the interview was held at via public transport and walking. He took deep breaths and then entered the building

Tap Tap Tap

Other then the noise of someone's shoes walking across the floor, no other sound could be heard. Everyone in the office, stopped, stared and held their breath. Their eyes were all focusing on James. His looks today were comparable to that of a spoilt young master from a hugely wealthy family. His dirty blonde hair was neatly styled to the side and his ice blue eyes were deep and intriguing to one's gaze. James donned an expensive suit for the day, taking this interview with utmost importance

"Ah, Mr Li! Please come this way" Not too long after James entered the building, a women came and greeted him and lead him to the interviewing room.

The room that he was going to be interviewed in wasn't any average room. It was spacious, had stylish & comfy office furniture and even had a door that connected it to a small private stage. In the corner of his eyes, James saw Noel staring daggers at him. He clearly wasn't happy with having his role threatened by some unknown kid.

"Hello, Mr Corrigan and Mr Li I am Emelia Holt. If you would please take a seat and our interview can commence" This was said by a professional and kind looking woman but if she was leading this interview then she was anything but kind. Any sign of weakness and she would pounce on it.

Emelia then proceeded to ask all sorts of questions based on their thoughts about the movie and how they portrayed 'Andrew Anderson'. This part of the interview wasn't really important and could be considered a warm-up for the real test.

Once this part of the interview came to an end, James and Noel were led to the private stage in order to test their compatibility with the character 'Andrew Anderson'. They were being judged by two judges and both had matching expressions, stern.

Noel went first, he performed important scenes from the movie that required a great number of skills and he did what was expected of him as an actor of his status. The judges liked what they saw and wrote down all key points and everything that stood out about his performance together with noting their opinions and evaluation.

As James walked up the stairs onto the stage he passed by Noel as he made his way down, their eyes met. Noel sent a mocking smile and James replied with a small little smile, like a teacher responding to an achievement of one of their students.

"Well then, Mr Li please begin"

James instantly went into his performance after hearing the system provided him with experience. Once again, the Judges were amazed at his calm and natural movements when he performed. It looked as if he had practised this scene constantly beforehand. Noel's cheeky smile quickly flipped over and his confidence started spiking downwards. From the first scene, where Andrew predicts the Robbers intentions, to the last scene performed with the help of another actor, where Andrew chases & tackles a robber trying to escape, were done to a state of near-perfection. Noel's confidence gradually fell bit by, until he practically had nothing left.

James once again looked back in his direction, this time seeing a contorted expression plastered on his face. Noel, who had spaced out, met James's gaze to see him with that same smile.

"Thank you, Gentlemen. Both of you had exceptional performances and we are going to have to discuss this a bit before making our decision" One of the Judges said. They had to give some face to Noel considering his status.

'Pfft. There was only one exceptional performance and that was mine. No decisions are needed because I completely outclassed him!' James thought whilst he listened to their speech.

*Ding* *Ding*

He brought his phone out of his pocket to check who texted him. It a text from his Mother asked him if he was coming over this week and that his Brother and Sister will also be there. He replied with a simple "Yes". If he didn't have the System and hadn't known he would be getting the role, there was no way he would be going over. James had his Parents and his older Sister & Brother to face and with his continuous failures, he avoided them like the plague.

This year though, there was something to show them. His older siblings truly did set a high example, with his Older Brother being following his Mothers footsteps into the Technology world and his Older Sister being a famous Model.

When they were younger, if one looked closely, they would be able to point out characteristics they had that led them to their current careers.

His brother, Darien Li, had always been intrigued by Mecha anime and you could call him a huge otaku. His interest gradually shifted to gaming and from their on to programming and graphics designing. People around him felt like they could rely on him and trust him in which they could without worries.

His sister, Layla Li, was the proud and upright type of girl, always leading her peers around with her. Wherever she went she attracted eyes and not only because of her outstanding looks but also because of her Charm and Manner. She made you feel like you were in the presence of a monarch of some sort.

James watched his breath under the coldness of the winter. His family consisted of very enthusiastic people with James being the only aloof type.

Due to his need for a car, James made a detour to the Car Dealership. Previously, he felt no need to buy a car and he quite liked walking over driving a car as he wasn't the car crazy type but now he saw no harm in doing so and thought 'Might as well'.

"Hello, Sir! Welcome to our Exotic and Luxury Cars Dealership! What sort of car are you looking to buy?" The Salesman said, showing the warmest smile he could muster. He could tell that James had a lot of money from the suit he was wearing and the feeling he gave off. This feeling of whos Wealthy and whos not was honed from his constant years of being a Salesman.

Whilst the Salesman spouting his self-promotion nonsense, he led James to the area with the most expensive and best-looking cars. Among these cars, top brands could easily be spotted like pigeons out in the open. James liked what he saw and could, of course, buy most of these cars. Amon the cars there, the sleekness and simplicity look of one of them caught his eye.

"Sir that is the Aston Martin Db11 V8! Its price is £150,000. Although the engine may be smaller then the Volante's and V12's it still a high spec car." The Salesman said spotting the direction of his gaze and then proceeded to explain all the in and outs of the car in detail.

"I'll take it," James said, handing over his credit card. He didn't really mind the details and what not, just that the look and price had to suit him.

"Alright! One moment Sir!" The Salesman replied, speedily heading towards the Receptionist. It didn't take too long for James to get the car and the entire process was completed in less than a minute. After it was confirmed that he could pay the price and his insurance and everything was sorted out, James finally owned the car.

Looking at a car you owned was different from examining it when it wasn't yours. The beauty of the car mesmerized him now that he fully examined its details. The Aston Martin was space grey in colour and the light reflecting off it made it look even better.

The roar of the engine attracted eyes and gasps of admiration and envy. He never knew that driving a car could be so thrilling as he sped down the motorway. Other cars quickly dodged out of the way seeing the car approaching as if there was some sort of hierarchy among car models.

CaughtYa CaughtYa

Maybe in a few years, I'd own such a car...

Edit: *( I removed 'New years' as it doesn't fit in with the storyline)*

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  • GRoy


    Yo.... in the 2nd ch, if I remember well, u said that the MC has dirty blond hair and deep black eyes... and now he has deep icy blue eyes.... wich one is it? Of course, blue eyes with blonde hair is a better combination

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