85.71% Acting Superstar / Chapter 6: Street Race? Sure!

Chapter 6: Street Race? Sure!

*Ding* Providing Host with Racing Driver experience...

*Ding* Completed!

James's mind was once again charged with experience. His shakiness disappeared and was now replaced by a certain assurance that top drivers exuded. James's driving was more flexible now and he swerved in and out between cars with ease. Gradually, James started heading towards the turbulent areas in the city. This wasn't on purpose, as he had no intention of heading there and was only looking for pleasure out of his joy ride.

Sounds of skidding tires could be heard as two cars firmly blocked James's way down a barren and murky street. Not too long after, an overbearing man along with two clear lackeys came out one of the cars whilst a calm and mysterious woman out the other.

"Damn! Nice car" The overbearing man said, whistling at the car through the process.

"Thanks! Do you need anything?" James asked with his eyebrows tilted downwards and his eyes narrowed to a slit. These two clearly weren't the average citizen and came here to seek trouble.

"Hmm. Do I need anything?" The man said "I need a lot of things and one of 'em is a better car. For example, that one there" He pointed at James's car with a sly grin.

"How about this. You and Scarlet race. Whoever wins gets the others car. You'll race from here to there. That's the finishing line" The overbearing man said boldly, pointing to the girl on his left. He then pointed to the traffic light that was about a 3/4 of a mile away. The two lackeys quickly drove the other car down to the finishing line.

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Reward: 3 SP and 2 AP

"Street Race? Sure! But no nitrous can be used" James responded back seeing the obviously modified car Scarlet was using and replied with the same audacity the overbearing man had shown. The overbearing man simply nodded whilst silently, the girl called Scarlet got into her car and waited expressionlessly.

The two lackeys drove the other car down to the finishing line James did the same and the two lined up their cars side by side. It was a sight to behold, on the right, a heavily modified navy blue and black Nissan GT, resembling a panther ready to pounce on its prey. On the left, a new Aston Martin, matching a tiger, eager to devour anything on its way. Revving noises could be heard as they geared each over up.

"3...2...1...GO" Shouted the overbearing man carelessly. He thought Scarlet had already won, after all, she wasn't called the Queen of Street Racing for no reason. He vigorously rubbed his hands as he blessed the heavens for the chance to meet such a gullible and wealthy man on the streets around this area.

Sounds of roaring engines could be heard as James and Scarlet were neck and neck at the start. James swiftly switched gears and sped up, slightly overtaking Scarlet. Shortly after, she also sped up and not only that, she also slightly passed James. Smirking, James quickly switched gears at the perfect time and watched as the gap between him and Scarlet grew. A slight frown appeared on Scarlet's face, no matter how hard she tried, the gap didn't close. In fact, it grew further and it only proved to be a testimony to James's superior driving ability.

The two lackeys, following their boss's footsteps, were also haughty. Both of them were lazing around in their car, thinking that Scarlet would easily win but what the truth astounded them. The car speeding towards the finishing line wasn't Scarlet's but James's Aston Martin. James didn't slow down and planned to scare these two to death. At the point where he was about to collide with them, James drifted 90 degrees and perfectly slotted into the gap between the Lackeys' Car and the finishing line.

*Ding* Congratulations Host! You have completed the Quest!

Reward: 3 SP and 2 AP

At the same time, Scarlet's Nissan was also made it. She jumped out of the car and walked towards James.

"Nice driving! How would-" Before she could finish speaking, James drove off into the distance leaving all of them behind. Scarlet felt annoyed at being ignored. Who would ignore her? She was famous in the street driving world and earned a lot of money on bets and the like. The only reason she was hanging around with the overbearing man was that he was experienced with cars and very good at modifying. Sighing, she let it go and wandered back to her car.

James chuckled as he remembered the two lackey's pale faces. That entire event allowed him to blow off some steam as he was nervous about meeting up with his family in person. He reached his apartment complex and parked his new car in its spacious parking spaces before heading to his house for a good nights sleep

At the local coffee shop in the early afternoon. James was with Kay, chatting endlessly about the upcoming movie he was about to be in with a peaceful and open atmosphere. One trait that these to shared was boldness. Not in a bad way and more in the sense of not believing something would mess up on you and come back to bite you and rather that things will go their way.

"Hold on," James respectfully said to Kay as he pulled out his phone to see who called him.

"Ah, Mr Li! I'm Arthur, the man who spoke to you last time. I'm calling you to inform you that you have gotten the role of 'Andrew Anderson'! Congratulations!" Arthur said before sending his gratitudes and hanging up.

James's mouth shot upwards for a bit before quickly dropping back down. This news wasn't that much of a shock to him as he'd prepared beforehand and had known how big of a gap there was between his performance and Noel's. How could the Judges foolishly think about picking Noel?

"Guessing you got the part?" Kay said casually as she sipped her coffee's last bit of liquid,


"Treat me to a Latte then," Kay asked eagerly, sighing as she looked at her empty Latte cup.

"No way you coffee addict! You bought money for one to restrict yourself so why are you asking me?" James returned, laughing in the process.

Kay had a mild coffee addiction and drank it quite a lot when she was on the job. He examined the time and noted that it was only about Three hours away before he met up with his rowdy Family.

James bid Kay goodbye before heading back home to get dressed and ready for the up and coming meeting. Who knew that one could be more anxious meeting Family than a work-related meeting?

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